Friday, October 17, 2008

Tales of Margaritaville...

Hooray. Elsie, Alberta, and I have made it to SF for the Nike Women's 1/2 marathon (I think Edith is probably, here but I haven't seen her yet)... So far, I can tell you that there are waaaaayyyyy too many people here--mostly wearing green and purple, and I've already spent waaaaayyyyyy too much money at Niketown on running apparel that I didn't know I wanted or needed (but the new sunglasses I bought are HAWT!!! I'll have pix later).

I'll write more tomorrow about our adventures in The City. For now, we're settled into our hotel rooms. Apparently, the hotel overbooked double rooms (go figure...ya got about 20,000 women coming into town, and we all want our own beds), so Elsie and I are doubling up tonight. COZY!

In addition, the hotel employees are "empowered to tend to our every need..."

Nice that the Assistant Rooms Executive has given me his cell phone and says that he is available to make sure I am "extremely satisfied" (he says it twice)...heck I don't get that kind of attention at home. Still...he slipped this under EVERY WOMAN'S DOOR... I think he's a player...

So, here we are, but I can't lie to you... it was a tough trip up here following last night's Jimmy Buffett concert.

Walter and I have some traditions with Buffett...I make some completely Kick-ass Gumbo, we drink waaaayyyy too many margaritas, and it typically takes two days to recover (these may also be Buffet lyrics BTW). This year, since I was/am planning to run a little 1/2 marathon this weekend, I tried to take it easy....

For those who are not Parrotheads, or for those who have not been to a Buffett concert, there are no words that describe instead, I will share some trashy photos that sorta sum it up.

The people next to us set up a bar...yes, we made friends with them.
The bar was crowded once it opened.

Random woman with a blender on her head.

I'm thinking he was bottle fed...just a guess.

The reason we go with friends who own a motorhome...lines for the porta-potty or...

There are always the hills...

Our seats (not as bad as it looks...but we were pretty far away)


Finally, Shosh tagged me last week, so here are 6 random facts about me. I think that I'll make them thematic...and make them all about being a Parrothead...I'll be out and about tagging as I can this weekend.

  1. I am a Parrothead.
  2. I've lost count of how many Buffett concerts I've been to, somewhere between 15 & 20 I think...
  3. My first Buffett concert was at the Hollywood Bowl in 1985.
  4. My favorite Buffett concert tune is "Fins." For some reason, I never tire of watching an arena full of people pretending to be sharks.
  5. Close second has gotta be "Come Monday" because Walter sings it to me. (everyone say awwwww).
  6. I was a little disappointed last night when Jimmy didn't sing "God's Own Drunk" which isn't a very well known tune, but I'd heard he might sing it since it was on the playlist from some of his other stops on this tour. Ah well.
Good luck to Shosh, Alissa, and The Running Knitter (who are here somewhere), Yas and everyone else racing this weekend. I'm sure I'll have more news as the weekend continues and a nice race-report sometime Sunday afternoon or Monday.


  1. hehe~he is a player!
    Concert pics were great.
    Fins~I can picture that in my mind makes me crack up..
    Have fun at the race.

  2. I'm so jealous and happy for you that you are in San Fran running the Nike Women's Half! I so wanted to do it! Maybe next year I'll get in!!!! Have a greta time! ENjoy yourself and pamper yourself! San Fran is AWESOME!!!!

  3. WHOO HOO!!

    Ok, I have been totally MIA, but I am coming up tomorrow to cheer you all on, so I need to have description/pictures/ of what you all are wearing and some projected times.

    I have a friend running the full that I need to see and run with (shhh!) at 17 ish, but I want to catch you all on the half and I am certainly not opposed to lunch in the city. I don't have to race to want post-race food!

    So exciting!!! Go Heffers Go!

  4. Good luck with the race this weekend, and the Buffett concert looks awesome!

  5. I hear it's going to get cooler by Sunday and there will be some fog. I hope so! It was hot yesterday! Good luck to you! What are you going to be wearing so I can keep my eyes peeled for you? I'll be the one in the purple TNT shirt! LOL, now that should make me easy to spot! Serioulsy though, the shirt says Alissa on the front of it. GOOD LUCK!

  6. I soooooo wish I were there, too, but I suppose I could be there in spirit! Have fun and enjoy the journey!

  7. I miss you girls and am so proud of you! Have a great weekend and kick some butt! I'm sorry I can't be there to share all the laughs and fun! Lots of love! p.a.

  8. I figure everything happens for a reason. If I had got into the NW1/2M I wouldn't be leaving for NZ that next day. But I'm still jealous. And now, even more so, when I see you have a gentleman at your beck and call!

    Have a great race!

  9. Thanks for your facts you Parrothead. Glad you're enjoying SF sorry for the doubling up. :-)

    Good luck tomorrow and I am more excited about your bling than mine this weekend.


  10. Here, Here!! Stay hydrated, GU up, smile for the cameras, and enjoy your accomplishment.

    B.T.W. I reenlisted for R&R Training in '09. Marathon? We'll see.

  11. I am so jealous and excited for you! Have a great 1/2!!

  12. Hi and good luck tomorrow! I'm running the Nike Marathon tomorrow, too. Found your blog through Run Bitch Run!


    OMFG HAHAHAHAHHAHAA I *heart* those pics. Looks like my kind of event. I think I need to be a Parrothead LOL

  14. Good luck!

    Excellent idea to go with motorhome people!