Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good Shiz/Bad Shiz

I am busier than shizzle right now... so here's a quick little update, with the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Also, so that you know...I'm writing as fast as I can, so this post will be deplete of my usual attention to transitions and other clever maneuvers that at least make it appear that my stream of conscious ramblings are somehow a coherent idea.

I've got no time for such efforts today.

The Good Shiz
I RAN YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! (well, kinda-in-a-way-sorta-running). The PT recommended that I wait to start running at least a week...then to start slow by walking 10 minutes, jog (WTF is a jog?) 10 minutes, walk 10 minutes. So that's what I did on the dreadmill. While I believe that running on the dreadmill is pretty boring, walking on the day-um thing...beyond boring. But I endured, in the name of recovery. I'm supposed to run only three times a week, and every time I run, I can up the time by 2 minutes 12/12/12, 14/14/14, 16/16/ get it. 

When I get to 20/20/20, I can start decreasing the walk time and increasing the run time to 18/24/18, 16/28/16, 14/32/14, and so on until I am up to an hour of continuous running. 

At that rate it'll be about a month until I'm back at it with the track club.

So HOORAY. I RAN!!!!!! No pain in the hip before, during, or (maybe most importantly) after the run (do you think I could use a few more ellipses or parenthesis in this blessed post?). I swear, I walked around like a giddy kid for the rest of the evening.

The Bad Shiz - Part I
Maybe as a result of the Carlsbad 1/2, or of favoring my right leg these past weeks, or non-activity, or who knows what...I've got some relatively painful Plantar Fasciitis action going in my right foot now! GAH! 

Sweet Geez-US it hurts. Clarence dealt with this last year and it caused her to stop running, which of course freaks me out a great deal. As if the hip issue weren't enough. To tell you the truth, the foot pain trumps the hip pain by a long shot. It hurts so bad today that between every class I've been hobbling back to my office to put my foot on the bag of peas I have stored in my mini-fridge...which gives me some I've got to trek about 1/2 mile to my car...GAH!

So, while the run last night caused me no pain in my left hip, my right foot is ON FIRE right now.

What is it that is causing me to just fall apart (sob, sob, sob)...

The BS - Part II had her surgery on Monday (another reason why I'm not stalking you all as I usually do) and the surgeon removed part of her lung. I wasn't there for it, but my two sisters were. I feel beyond guilty about this, but the rational part of me says that it is the right decision to go to Vegas this coming weekend and hang out with mom and dad then, rather than be one more person sitting around waiting for my mom to come out of surgery. My sisters did an excellent job of keeping me in the loop. But I still feel bad about not being there. I'm flying to Vegas tomorrow, after my last class ends.

Oh...and since I should be more focused on my mom, and not me and my guilt, I should include that mom came through the surgery very nicely. That being said, it appears that removing part of a lung is the easy part. Breathing again afterward is a much more difficult task. But she's a trooper and I know she's going to be OK. Again, I am glad I decided to go there this weekend. My goal is (of course) to provide comic relief and some encouragement to both the 'rents.

The Ugggg - LEEEE
I have some other bee-otching and moaning I could do about how busy I am at school and about how I have these two or three other projects that I work on and how when other people who also work on these projects were having babies or dealing with sick relatives, that I was there for them, and I picked up the slack, and took care of tasks when I knew they didn't have the time, or even the inclination to take care of them, cuz that's just how I roll...I try to take care of things, and of people, and how it would be REALLY NICE if that sort of attitude were turned in my direction right now.  But apparently, I don't work with people who think that way. (sigh)

So I've got to go now and take care of some more shiz, because even though I won't be around this weekend, apparently I am still the only one who can order AV equipment for a teacher workshop...or print up certificates of completion, or deliver materials.

Yeah...I know that last part didn't make much sense AT ALL, but it made me feel better to vent a little...thanks, as always for letting me vent.

Now, if only I could walk...What's the best cure for PF? I've been icing and massaging and stretching it like a mad-woman (not to the point of bruising, I promise)


  1. Glad to hear you were able to get on the dreadmill... even if it was day-um boring!

  2. First, I hope your mom continues to do well. I am glad she had a successful surgery.

    Your coworkers sound like mine....that sucks.

    Plantar Fasciitis is something I have been dealing with for over a year. Here is what I found that helped me:
    Tennis ball massages
    Ice (freeze a bottle of water and roll)
    BioFreeze and massage
    orthotics for my shoes
    Brace (I just bought it so I hope it helps)

    I hope it gets better for you!

  3. I'm glad to hear you ran!

    I've heard that your brain can only process on pain at a time, which is probably why you don't notice your hip any more. So sorry to hear about the PF! I'll second Carly's last suggestion of booze. I'm down with that. ;) If you want, I can help in that department... Take care and I hope someone you work with shows you some kindness in return.

    I'm glad to hear your mom is doing well. That's great news!

  4. wow, you've got a lot going on. Glad your mom pulled through strong on the surgery, hope recovery goes well. Glad about the hip, but sucks about the PF... never had it, but i also don't wish it upon anyone. I know you're excited to run... but pls listen to your body and be careful... I like Carly's suggestion of booze :D

  5. I hope your mom is well and recovering as quickly as possible. I'm sure she will be thrilled to see you this weekend!!!! Please don't feel guilty-easier said than done!!! But she knows you love her and were with her in spirit!!!

    Now what is up with your foot woman!!! If it is PF-yuck!!! Get one of those socks.....

    I hope you have a good time in Vegas!!

  6. I didn't know removing part of a lung was even an option. I hope your mom recovers quickly. Sorry, no help with the PF from me. Have a safe trip. ENJOY your time with your parents.

  7. I love it when I'm indispensable. You know, when your boss needs your personal cell number so he can call you when you're on your vacation to ask you how to do things.

    Glad your mom's surgery went well.

    I'm happy you get to run!

  8. That last part totally makes sense...sorry to hear no one seems to want to pull their weight.

    Congrats on the running, that's fantastic!

  9. I hope you and your mom recover quickly and resume enjoying only the GOOD SHIZ!!!

  10. You do have lots of shiz going on. Glad the hip is better, sorry the foot hurts. Hope you're mom has a smooth recovery, enjoy your time in Vegas and don't feel guilty about not being there for the surgery. I'm sure she'll enjoy having you there now.

  11. Glad to hear you're running again.

    I hope your mom heals quickly. My dad had part of a lung removed a couple of years ago. My sis, bro and I were all there. Later, my dad told my mom that he wished he had talked to us more when we were there. Ummmm, he talked more than I have EVER heard him talk. The moral of the story: Your mom will appreciate your presence later more than she will whilst in recovery. Don't feel guilty about it.

  12. Glad the surgery went well and I'm sure you'll be glad once you see her in person to confirm those results.

    Plantar Fasciitis is serious. Doesn't respond to the RICE like IT Band issues, where one week you're down and two or three weeks later you're up. Carly's recommendations are sound. It takes time to heal.

  13. Hope you have a good weekend with your family. Glad your mom is recovering. Take care of that foot.

  14. Glad to hear your mom came out of surgery okay!

    Good luck taking care of everything you have going on and good luck dealing with the PF!

  15. Sorry you are having a hard time. All the more reason to thank you for signing up for the Freakizly Flizable Fiz Kiz. Or something like that. Keep on keeping on.