Thursday, May 27, 2010

Three Signs

There is no rhyme or reason to this post other than I really, really, really needed to take a break from grading final exams, exams which make it painfully clear that my students really never mastered basic notions about where in a sentence a modifier goes that don't study...(see? I created a completely misplaced or dangling modifier, and it a has verb agreement error to boot...that don't study clearly is describing my students, however since it is nearest to the word "modifier" it makes it sound like the modifier doesn't study...which might be accurate, I mean, parts of speech don't study, right? But if that were true, then we have an agreement error... not that ANY of that would be noted by too many of my students even though this doesn't even make any sense...I mean, clearly, why would a modifier study?)

It really doesn't make sense! But then again, neither do other dangling or misplaced modifiers. However, I do think the above parenthetical may hold the record for the longest parenthetical of all time, or at lease of this blog.

I know; I know; I should have a grammar blog for these kinds of grammar outbursts and not bore you with them here.

Feel free to commence with the comments about things left dangling or that are misplaced...g'head.

DramaGirl-GLEE update -  Also, you should g'head and ask me how many GLEE inspired days of gratefulness and agreeableness I got from DramaGirl before "The Attitude" returned.

Answer: 'bout a day and a the post-GLEE glow ended abruptly and we are back to our regularly scheduled program. Here's why...observe the map.
A = roughly where we live. B = roughly where DramaGirl wanted to go over Memorial Day with another family for four nights on a camping trip. Yes, to me, the overprotective mother (and I'm not even that overprotective), this is FAR, but more significantly, I've heard many, many, many wild stories about camping on "The River" over Memorial Day weekend,  so I said, "no, you can't go this time" and have, thusly, ruined her life FOREVER! 

Running update - I ran two days in a row this week on Monday (3 miles on the 'mill) and Tuesday (4x800 repeats with the track club) which means that my knee has been a little twitchy. I am settling into the tapering thing. Today, I'm going to the gym for some time on the elliptical an some light weights.

Which leads me, with an extraordinary lack of a clever transition, to this, which at one point yesterday I thought would be the main point (if there ever was one) to this post...

Random signs that have made me laugh this week.
Margarita Man - I don't know why I took this, but that there is a local business in which a man delivers margaritas I think is a sign of a recovering economy.
Then, on Wednesday night as I was leaving Trader Joe's, I saw this...
I think someone wants to be a heffer (this is not my licensee plate, nor does it belong to any of the heffers) 
Then, Turbo was quite amused because I ran back into TJs to take a picture of this...
Gotta love Trader Joe's for their continuing attempt to educate the populace. That first bullet point says: On average, every American enjoys 2.48 gallons of wine per year. Gosh, I hope that statistic includes children because I'm pretty sure I drank that much wine in the last two weeks!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous week. I'm giving two more finals today...grading them tomorrow...and I'm DONE for the SUMMER! WOOT!


  1. You don't mention what age these kids are. I attribute their lack of writing skills to their lack of reading skills. If all you ever read is the equivilent of a comic book it can hardly be surprising that's how you write. Pity you can't fail them, but then, you'd be stuck with them again.

    And the guy delivering the drinks might be a sign things are getting worse. People so desparate for a drink they call for order out.

    Does Turbo know about the Girls Gone Wild videos? Show her those and tell her that's what you are afraid of. I often wonder what later life is like for people that have had their life released on youtube.

  2. Oh the joys of teen drama. This is why you need wine.

  3. To satisfy your grammarian needs, check out:

    I'm still stuck on Margarita Man. Wonder where he's going next?

    You have kids, therefore you need a glass of wine. ;)

    Are you running with the track club on Saturday?

  4. will the Margarita man deliver up here????? Wouldn't that be Fan-frickin-tastic!

    I cant believe you got a day and a

  5. I would expect a license plate like that here in Wisconsin!

  6. Man! Now I really wish you were my mom. You would have let me go camping at Parker/Lake Havasu? I used to do tht in college becuase it was (a) inexpensive, and (b) drinking age in Arizona was 19.

    A grammar blog would be pretty enertaining - that's for sure....

  7. Oh, I drink way more wine than that as well. Although I was dismayed to find that my tastes were so... common... I am a merlot girl all the way... But apparently so is everyone else!

  8. My mom ruined my life forever too for not getting to go to that party back in the 8th grade where all the 10th grade boys were going to be. I've never forgiven her for that;) My life would be so much more fulfilled if I just got to go...