Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh Geez...not THAT again

Yep, it's my foot.


Damnit, Janet...

After a very light week of not-really-running because we had HARRY POTTER PREMIERE SHOW plans* and because the lil' sis in the OC needed some tech support for a new computer she recently purchased, and because I am here to serve and all, and because I went to the OC to assist my lil'sis, which lead to not getting to run on Saturday, which was fine since it poured rain all day anyway, and  EVEN MIK, who is a complete DIE HARD ATHLETE decided to run on Friday afternoon and not Saturday, and who avoided the rain, despite ALL OF THIS, I finally got onto a dreadmill on Sunday and what happens? (Damn Faulkner would be PROUD!)

All I know now is that my achilles tendon is relatively swollen and I don't like what THAT means.






So, I guess the somewhat good news is that, at least, I don't have a 1/2 Mary looming on the near horizon, so I guess I have some time to ease off and recover.

But still...WTF is up with the feet?


So, in the interest of posting something on this blog, yet having no heffer-stories or running tales to regale with, I'm left with this bullet-post of quickies of other sampling (that's what SHE said) of other shiz in my life...

  • I logged an unimpressive 7 miles last week.
  • Walter and I (and DramaGirl and Turbo) waited several hours to to see the premiere show of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at midnight on Thursday. This effort pretty much EXHAUSTED ME for the remainder of the weekend.
The Line for HP. We were actually near the front of it. 
Several electronic devices (and plenty of sugar and caffeine) were required to stay awake to the START of the midnight show
Me and DramaGirl...I'm thinking I look the most tired
  • The SoCal sky, after a rainstorm is beautiful.
I think I see a Snoopy dog and a flower in those clouds.

  • In a rainstorm, I can cross the San Diego river in my SUV. Yes, Virginia, there is a San Diego River, and yes, it rises every time it rains.

After I saw a Honda Civic cross the river at Fashion Valley, I figured I could do it in my Honda Pilot...
  • I walked into my office this morning, only to discover that someone else had been in there over the weekend and had walked away with my keyboard and mouse, which left my computer functionless.
  • I have LOADS of shopping to do for the Turkeyfest on Thursday and haven't started THAT yet
  • Christumkkah starts in 8 days and I've done NOTHING for that holiday yet either.
  • We went to a Himalayan restaurant for my BILs bday last night. This was dessert. Milk Balls. They were delicious.
OK. I admit it, I took the first bite.
I will, no doubt, be posting sporadically for the next few weeks until the semester is over and until the first part of Hanukkah has passed. For fun, you could play in the family, "how many Latkes will she fry" contest. Pick a number between 100 and 200... I think you'll be close.


  1. Sorry to hear about your foot. I suffer from chronic foot issues myself (gout, Achilles tendon, etc). Rest up, ice, and take some NSAID's. Hopefully it will get better soon!

  2. Simple: Just use the other foot. That's why we have two.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Betty says,

    I've got a dollar on 151 Latkes. And another dollar on 37 falling to the ground. Happy Thanksgiving Alice, Walter, Drama Girl, and Turbo!

  4. Ugh. I hope it's not more than a little tendonitis. Take it easy and get better!

    Those milk balls are typical in Indian restaurants too!

  5. Milkballs? Now there's a conversation starter!

    So sorry to hear your foot is in pain though - have you seen someone about it - I mean someone who can help with it? (I sound like I'm telling you to go share with a psychiatrist.. which I'm not. Not that you can't.)

    What a week? I went to HP last Friday morning with 2 10 year olds. Was scared witless but they weren't..

  6. Nice milk balls.
    I think there is something related to the planets, our president, the change in weather AND our feet. Everyone is having foot ISSUES, it's very strange.
    I think you'll be able to pull this whole holiday thing together AND smile AND keep running because that's what you do and you do it so well!

    Um, I don't think you're supposed to drive through rivers when it's raining. I think I read that some where. Be careful!

    Happy Holidays, cute pix of you and drama girl, you should frame that one! Have you EVER taken a lame picture?!?!

  7. Argh on the foot - I totally can relate to your frustration!! Hoping it calms down very soon for you and you're back running more miles soon (btw, I was one mile up on you last week with 8. Go me!). I'm not sure what milkballs are, but if they had sugar in them, I'd eat them just fine. Happy Thanksgiving - oh..but first, good luck geting that shopping done!

  8. A swollen achilles tendon is not a good sign. It means you need to take a long rest, and that includes cycling because it's tough on that tendon and didn't you say you had PF, which takes months to actually heal? I feel your frustration, I do I do. But you don't want to end up with a rupture, which is what happens when you don't let an injury like that fully heal. I know - trust me, I know.

  9. I "caved" in and agreed to watch the first Harry Potter movie with the boys-I have to say that I really enjoyed it!! It was a pleasant surprise, I'm not really into those kinds of movies, but I liked this one. Now it's time to get watch all the rest!
    Good luck with the foot!!

  10. I guess it's a good time for a brief running hiatus? I'm bummed for you, but get yourself better so we can hit the pavement in January with the club.

    Now I'm curious about milk balls. Must Google.

    Happy Thanksgiving!