Sunday, May 15, 2011

You know you've overindulged when...

...even though you ran almost 11 miles on Friday with Irene, and you burned, according to Daily Mile, about 1400 calories that day and 2600 calories last week, your stretch pants are just a TAD BIT TIGHT this morning because you've spent way too much time in the past two weeks enjoying family, friends, mother's day brunches and dinners.

This weekend's festivities started off with a long run on Friday morning instead of Saturday. I was kinda bummed about missing the SDTC long run on Saturday because the marathoners ran 20 to 22 miles this weekend, and I'd have loved to have cheered them on. I would have run 12 to 14 miles since I'm doing the 1/2 Marathon this year, but I remember this run well from a couple years ago. Also, selfishly, I miss the aid/water stations when I do long runs on my own. I don't like running with water. I have a belt, but I use it only if I really have NO. OTHER. CHOICE. Many of the places we run in SoCal have drinking fountains, but I can never get enough water from a fountain. All things being equal, I don't really enjoy doing a long run by myself and if left to my own, I'm entirely likely to cut a run short.

Then I got an email from Irene which ended with "see you Tuesday..." and I quickly remembered her saying something about having to work on three texts and an email or two later, and we'd made plans to run together Friday morning instead.

And to add to the benefit of running with someone else, Walter offered to meet us with water if we ran near his office, which is near the bay. SUHWEET!!!! 

Friday morning had perfect running weather (sigh...if only the May Gray and June Gloom would continue until June 5, but I've been teased by this before...May Gray for the whole month, only to have race day be sunny and clear by 9am...NOT helpful to me). We met at Harbor Island and set out along the bay. Our plan was to be at the Broadway Pier at 10:15 to meet Walter.
Yup...May Gray, pea soup.
Our route...
We were running at a pretty good pace, with both of us commenting on how had the other one not been there, neither one of us would have run as far or as fast. We ran past the Broadway Pier*, around The Embarcadero & Marina Parks to the end of the convention center and as we started to head back, I realized that we'd be at the Pier right around 10am, and not 10:15. I texted Walter to not worry about meeting us because we were ahead of schedule. Then as we neared the Pier, I noticed some guy running down the middle of the street with a grocery bag.

First thought..."Who is that NUT running down the middle of the street?"

Second thought (verbalized to Irene)..."Hey Look! There's Walter!"
Our own personal water station! When I first saw him, he was hauling down the center meridian to get ahead of us with our "aid"
Walter had brought us some Vitamin Water (I drank down 1/2 of it...clearly I needed some fluids...water fountains are just never enough).
My spastic picture of the Vitamin Water
What a great guy! We'd run about 7 miles at that point, and the water was definitely needed and I, for one, was grateful. It made the last four miles much easier.
Irene and I at our last "water fountain" stop
We ran back to Harbor Island and our cars. My Garmin said 10.75 miles. Irene's said something like strange is that? I think we should go with mine.

We topped off the morning with breakfast/lunch at Panera, before heading off home to do laundry (well, maybe Irene got to hers; I took a nap).

That night, I went to see Anna Devere Smith's one woman show Let Me Down Easy, which was absolutely fabulous, but of course, that was preceded by an awesome dinner at a downtown restaurant Dobson's. I had a really yummy mussel bisque soup en croute that must of been pure cream. Then yesterday we headed up to OC for my neice's first communion, which was of course followed by more food and drinks.

Thus, the tight pants this morning...all well worth it, but definitely necessitating a week of calming the heck down and lots of veggies!
* The Broadway Pier is the narrowest rectangular pier on the map...the second one from the top.


  1. You say tight stretch pants like it's a bad thing. That photo of Walter is totally bad ass! In that pose, he looks exactly like a Terminator on a mission. In this case, a mission of mercy.

  2. Girl, you are STILL having all the fun. I'd love to see that show!!
    By the way, can you do the Scripps Ranch 10k? Maybe that's a race we can all run and get together!!

  3. Walter is da man! Gotta love a personal water station. :-)

  4. I was invited to see that one-woman play but had a conflict. Everyone's said it's great. Glad you agree. That Vitamin Water will weigh you down every time :-)!

  5. I knew I had to follow this blog when I saw the name. I grew up on a ranch and me and my friends always referred to ourselves as heifers. Nice water stop by the way!

  6. Sounds like a fun run! Sure wish I could get some of that May gray around here!

  7. Yeah, we'll go with your time AND distance. *wink*

    Walter running down the median of that busy street will always be etched in my head! It was like something you see on one of those action-packed chase scenes from a movie.

    We need to do that again. :)

  8. Girl, yes. I can out eat my workouts any day of the week. I mean, if I didn't control myself. Heh!

  9. Hmmm...I have tight pants this week too. Muchas fiestas y mucha comida. Oh well, we must live, right?!!
    Glad you're having lots of un AND running!!
    Hey, just noticed I already commented. Oh well...