Friday, November 4, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Decision ONE
Well...I went and did it.

About a week ago...or sometime between the last post and now. I decided to register for the Carlsbad Half Marathon despite the fact that neither Betty, nor Elsie, nor Mik will run with me (disclaimer...Alberta is also registered...but as much as I love her like a little sister, let's be honest, she's way more into punching people in the face right now than she is into logging miles).

I'll admit...I just can't get enough of Alberta, the boxing home ec teacher,  knocking this girl down about 40 seconds into the video. I don't even LIKE boxing and I LOVED this!

In any event, I suspect my the majority of my training miles will be on my own. So part of the challenge will be to see if I can train for an event on my own. Even so, I'm excited about running Carlsbad. Last time I ran the Carlsbad Half was in 2009 when I'd pretty seriously pulled my ITB, but I ran anyway, feeling like someone was beating on my thigh with a bat., lying on the sidewalk, stretching my ITB at Carlsbad in 2009...really, it' didn't help much.  Such class...
Running Carlsbad with ITB issues and some serious massage, led to this hip bruise and a 9 month battle with Plantar Fasciitis...something I still deal with to this day.  Take it from me...if you're hurt, rest! (yeah...I never take my own good advice either).
Anyway, Carlsbad is known to be a flat, fast, course. I've really wanted to run it and not be hurt. This year is my chance...I just have to train for it....solo. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I want to finish in under 2:20.

Decision TWO
After a fair amount of discussion, The Herd has decided to do a century ride this winter or spring. We think it'll either be this one in Solvang in March, or this one in Palm Springs in February. So, come January, for the first time in four years, we I may not be doing the RnR training program with the San Diego Track least I won't be doing the long runs in January or February. 
Lest you think we are not serious about this bike riding thing...we had a cycling jersey logo done a few years ago...nice, huh?
Instead, The Herd will be doing some long rides with the local Trek store's Century Training Program. The problem with doing both the RnR training program AND the Trek Century program is that both the long ride and the long run are on Saturday mornings, so I'd have to choose. Also, I would be running more miles in January than the track club runs. (January runs lead up to the SuperRun on Superbowl Sunday weekend...a 10K).

It's a tough decision. 

I'm still going to renew my membership in the track club so that I can continue to do the Tuesday night track workouts, and I'll miss the camaraderie of the RnR training program.

In the meantime, Elsie decided to buy a road bike to train for the century. So after we ran last Saturday, I went with her to ensure that she spent enough money on a bike, so we are committed to the effort now.
Elsie getting fitted...SUHWEEET RIDE! YES? Elsie promised to practice clipping in and out of her pedals for the remainder of the weekend.
Decision THREE
This is a decision I haven't made yet, and I hesitate to even write about it, but since very few people who I work with actually read my blog, and since the ones who do read my blog, already know about THE BIG DECISION, I'll just briefly say that I'm currently trying to make a big real-world-professional-life-decision this coming week, and that I'll write more about THAT decision later. (how incredibly vague and obtuse could I possibly be?)

Quite frankly, it'd be easier to just run 13 miles....or ride 100.


  1. "If you're injured-rest".....yeah, I don't listen to that either!
    Congrats on doing the 1/2-you'll be fine going solo!
    Century ride!!!! Love 'em! They are a blast-either alone or with someone, done 'em both ways!!

  2. Maybe to balance this out I should sign up for a race as part of a herd, and train with them. I can count the number of times I've gone for a swim, bike, or run with someone else on my fingers. Races not included of course.

  3. YAY for Carlsbad!!! You knew I was coming out and running the full, right? I'm staying with Meg again so let's try to get a little pasta party together pre-race day! Some other bloggers coming out with me, too, for the half.

    My training's been pretty sucky and I ache everywhere so I may be crawling the last 10 miles...I hope I can make my 8pm flight out of SD!!!

    I did a century in June and it was really fun...but not sure I'd ever do it again. Maybe. I'm just a sucky cyclist. It's hard to pick which to do, just follow your heart!

    Excited to hear about the big job news!!!! :)

  4. Can't wait to hear about Decision THREE. Training for a century is going to be a lot of fun. You can always pick up the RnR training when it ends, provided it isn't sold out.

  5. I'm with you... doing the long runs are way easier than big life decisions! Your vague-obtuse-ness is intriguing! :-)

  6. Hmm. Solvang - wineries. Palm Springs - ???