Friday, June 7, 2013

Boot Camp Month - Week 1

I'm toward the end of week 1 of boot camp and this is what I've done so far

June Workouts
June 1 - 7 mile run/10:06 pace
June 2 - 3.5 mile run/11:00 pace (hills) and 90 minute CorePower Yoga 2 at CorePower
June 4 - Bootcamp at SWEAT
June 6 - Bootcamp at SWEAT & Run at Lake BP 3 miles
June 7 - 2 hour ride (later today w/Mik, Betty, and Seven. The crew rides AGAIN!)

June Weight
June 1  - 163.5
June 7 - 166

Here's what I've learned so far:
  1. I am sore. Adding in the bootcamp element is a completely necessary part of bootcamp month. I haven't done any weight/resistance training since I stopped working out with Kelly a couple months ago. I'm glad I'm doing it again.
  2. Doing yoga for the last two months is saving my ASS as far as the bootcamp workouts go. Nobody is more surprised that I like Hot or Corepower Yoga more than I am. You no doubt remember back to all my bitching and whining about haaaaaaaaaaating the heeeeeeeeet. I don't complain like that ONLY on the blog. I'm a real joy to be around in the heat in person as well.
  3. I did not do nearly enough cardio this week. Not enough cardio = not enough calories burned.
  4. Also related to #3 above - substituting crackers and chips for wine will NOT result in weight loss. I'd be better off consuming 100 "empty" calories drinking wine than consuming 500 "empty" calories by polishing off a bag of Cheez-its. 
So that's it for now. Now for a two hour ride... I haven't been on my bike in months. This should be interesting!


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