Saturday, March 29, 2008

Smells of San Diego

This is what one does after running 14 miles. 

I’d have had a beer with me, but I was alone (well, Cori was with me. She took the picture), and I really don’t like drinking alone (especially at noon on a Saturday. It seems rather desperate).

I also took some really excellent pictures of Cori eating some oranges off our tree. These are juice oranges...really yummy, and one series of photos which show her just getting frustrated with me and the iPhone camera...I love have a pre-teen daughter to harass and entertain :-)

Of course, I’ve also put the obligatory link to today’s course Yes, I know you can look at almost the same thing at the RnR site, but it makes me happy to map out the run. I will say that while the RnR called it the “Wind and Sea Run,” I wanted to call it the “Smells of San Diego Run”...lots of funky drainage, sewer, sea water, bacon, ocean smells as we ran today, some not as pleasant as the others.

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I have to say that I’m pretty darn surprised at myself, this running 14 miles thing. I had moments today during the run (listening to my own Nano, thank you very much) when I thought, “yes, I can see how, in two months, I will be able to run 26.2.” Of course, I had other moments when I thought “I don’t think I’ll be able to run 26.2...EVER!” Where are my legs....ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Betty will appreciate this after my walk uphill of mile 11 of the AFC last August (and my refusal to do any hill training whatsoever before the run)...I even ran the hills today! Nothing like running up 6th street, although I think I’ll be able to run it this summer...geez, I’ve become a monster haven’t I? What am I doing? Thinking of running a 1/2 marathon in August and I haven’t gotten through this next little event yet...Who AM I?

I also sincerely told all of the guys at the last two water stations that I loved them and that they were definitely making a difference in my life! Gu and Gukinade never tasted so good!

Since I once again ran without benefit of my companions, I had time to compose my top 10 list of things I miss about running with you all.
  1. Pancakes at World Famous (ran by it today - twice - and nearly cried).
  2. Did I mention mimosas?
  3. Picking up Betty at 6:22 and exchanging the “Tell me again why we are doing this?” look
  4. Hearing Elsie flirt and make other random comments
  5. High-five-ing BBJ on the out and back loops
  6. Sharing digestive issue stories w/Alberta and Edith
  7. Not being able to tell Clarence that I know who the lady who runs like Pheobe is now (she almost ran into a random sign-post today).
  8. And that I’ve also had a conversation with the guy in black tights (that’s what it’s come to...)
  9. Listening to Betty’s monologues on the way to and from the run
  10. A complete dearth of new-funny stories to share next weekend, we get to take the train from Solana Beach to somewhere. Paul was explaining it, but I was looking for Alberta, who is probably still suffering from Bronchitis, so I missed which way the train was headed, but I think we end up going North to some point, then run the 16 miles back to the train station at Solana Beach...who wants to carpool?

Both Betty and Elsie promise me they’ll be at track practice starts for us on Monday. June 1 is about 2 months out...Then summer. Now THAT makes me happy!

Oh...and check your bank statements. I see a $100 charge from I think that’s the Nike Women’s Marathon...I’m pretty sure that means we’re in!


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I'm so proud of you!!!!! I'm jealous also!!!!
I can't believe how great everyone is doing. I think it is only 63 days till the big day.... I'm hoping I can get prepared in 60 days.

Cindi - I don't think it is desperate to drink alone.. is it? Shit - I'm in big trouble! I think I want a pix of you and your guy in black tights running together!
Saturday, March 29, 2008 - 08:13 PM
I am so proud of you Cindi... you have no idea. I am also very jealous. I actually wish I was running with you all. However, now that my heel spurs have healed it seems that what ailed me in Tahoe is once again visiting me, and has been with me all 2 weeks of break. Yesterday and today were good days. I was able to get into a car and go somewhere and not feel light headed or panicked! :) It's the little things. I have a Dr's apt. Tuesday, but I think I need to see a nutritionist- there is something off balanced going on- and no, I'm not pregnant!

See everyone Monday! Miss you guys.
Saturday, March 29, 2008 - 09:22 PM
Does 5 hours of shopping count as "active recovery?"

Spent $80.00 today on new running clothes (because I don't have enough of them from the last sale) at Road Runner...also exchanged shoes for 1/2 size larger...Jaime, you were right. My new shoes were too small. I love that Road Runner will exchange new shoes.
Sunday, March 30, 2008 - 08:33 PM

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