Saturday, March 15, 2008

Getting Lapped by Elvis

At the moment it happened, I knew it would be the headline...actually, I knew several miles before that moment. It crossed my mind at about mile four when I noticed that each time Elvis was headed toward me, I was just a little bit farther away from the turn-around point. Then at mile six I thought, “Sweet Jesus (as opposed to Dear Jesus) I think he’s gonna lap me.”

But it was as I headed toward the mile 8 turn-around when Elvis, in his shiny white, sequined, and very sweaty Elvis-in-Vegas style running suit, lapped me. And that is when “I got Lapped by Elvis” flashed in my mind as the perfect headline for me this week’s post. Of course, I also got lapped (twice) by the 6 minute mile guy in the orange San Diego Track Club suit...and there were others, but it was when Elvis passed me, I began to wonder how he could possibly run in a wig and sequins. It looked so incredibly uncomfortable, and I also began to consider the possibilities as we begin to think about what we should wear as our marathon “uniform.”

So, that was part of the scene this morning when BBJ, Alberta and I ran for two hours on the San Diego riverbed (back and forth 5 1/2 times for me, almost 6 for Alberta...I have no idea how far BBJ ran...he was long gone by the time I finished).

The least painful part of the run was when we ran away from hospitality point, with the wind at our back, and the sun overhead... In all honesty, the first 6 miles felt pretty good.

A more painful part, for me, began with miles 7 & 8 when we were running toward the ocean, into the wind, which seemed especially cold at that point.

But the really painful part was
that last mile (again, toward the ocean and into the wind)...when I found myself, having run 2 hours (2:04 to be honest) at the 11 mile point, with still a mile more to go to get back to Hospitality Point. I guess everyone else had already turned around because for the most part I was all alone! Where did everyone go?

I didn’t see the virtue in going all the way back to Hospitality Point, then turning around and walking back to my car, so I decided to walk straight to my car.

I figured an 11 miles in 2 hours (ok, ok 2 hours and 4 minutes) run, followed by a 3/4 mile walk was enough.

I wonder what the most painful part of the run was for BBJ. He admitted to being pretty hung-over following Friday’s HTA event, which he stayed at until the free food and beverages were no longer offered. Both Alberta and I (again, discussing our digestive issues) agreed that fried food before a long run was a very bad idea.

I may have annoyed Paul (who makes a difference in our lives, and who we love). I think he was trying to be encouraging at the six mile turnaround point. He was shouting something - through the bullhorn - as I ran by like, “YOU SHOULD BE FEELING REALLY STRONG AT THIS POINT...YOU’RE JUST GETTING STARTED!” To which I responded with a sort of involuntary combination snort/laugh. Which he heard, looked me straight in the eye, and said (off the bullhorn, thank God), “seriously, you’re just starting.”

Yeah, I’m with you Paul in spirit and know you’re being a good track coach...but I didn’t feel so encouraged, just distressed, because while I felt OK at that point, I, in no way, felt like I WAS JUST STARTING TO RUN!

Running six miles still feels like a long way to me. And while I’m hopeful that since we started training in January and I’m now able to run 11 miles, that by June I’ll be able to run a marathon, Saturday’s run made me feel less confident about this if after the first 6 miles I should feel as if I’m JUST STARTING!

I don’t know if I’ll ever feel like I’ve just started running after I’ve run 6 miles.

Ah well...

ANYWAY, hope all of you injured, vacationing and otherwise missing RnRers check in soon and that you’re having a fabulous spring break in NYC or Cancun or wherever you are. I’ll be skiing at Mammoth the first part of this week, so I won’t be at Tuesday night’s track workout, but I’ll be at Tideland’s Park on Saturday. Hope to see you then.

Take care,



  1. I have decided the most painful part of running on Saturday mornings (Beside getting out of bed), is when I think of you all telling me I need to smile for the camera. So I am running along and realize it is coming, then with everything I have I pretend to smile. THAT'S FOR YOU GUYS! I new we were ok because every time I saw Jim we gave eachother a high five and the last time I saw Cindi we were still smiling at eachother... I had dreaded this run and when I left ther eyesterday I actually felt helpful. My time at the 15k point was 10 minutes faster then it was a couple of weeks ago when I thought I was going to die. I almost finished the 12 mile mark in 2 hours and as for BBJ I think he almost had 14! Seeing you guys along the way really does keep me going. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE! If your lucky I will let you touch my bumper since we are all BUILT LIKE A RACE CAR! HAPPY BREAK! Hope to see someone on Tuesday.

  2. Great comments - I was with you in spirit : ) I can feel the pain of going 6 miles and just getting started - OMG, that's when it should be over, and going for pancakes! We've got to meet this Elvis...but to see ya'll smiling makes me happy. I love you guys! I've been back at the gym doing the non-pounding stuff on machines to recover from hip stress. I'll be there on Tuesday - warming back up. Enjoy the spring break....I'll be at work!

  3. BBJ chiming in from our balcony overlooking the multi-colored ocean in Cancun. Too many Blue Moons at the HTA Dave and Buster's happy hour. I reached the 13 mile mark at exactly 2 hours, and then I turned back to the beginning where about 4/5 of the people we eating a pot luck while I was fighting the wind to reach 14 miles in 2:08. No real pain issues until Sunday morning and the "active recovery" workout. Yeah, right? I actively recovered in a jacuzzi for about an hour.

    Crossing paths with Jaime and Mrs. Harris really helped keep my focus off of Elvis/Fast SD Track guy/ and other fast guys saying"good job" as they run past you. Music really helped with this run. I may have to share my BBJ "LIST" the group for some "bumpin" tunes.

    I won't be there the next two Saturdays due to Cancun and the NCAA BASKETBALL tournament in Phoenix. I have the workouts for the training, and I guess I'll just have to run along the beaches in Cancun.


  4. From Mammoth

    I definitely think BBJ should share his play-list when he gets back! I need some new tunes to run to.

    Does three days of skiing count as a track workout? I don't think it does, but after day 1, my quads are burning...maybe it counts as strength training. There are two treadmills and two eliptical's in the workout room at the lodge we're staying at (Juniper Springs...BBJ has been here before!). Not sure if I'll get there or not, so Saturday's run should be interesting.

  5. Okay Alice, how did we not coordinate on Mammoth? I just left there at noon today! (been there since Thurs) Hell yes, skiing counts as a workout! I actually tried boarding one day (tried and one day being the very operative words) back to skis for me! I miss all of you and didn't make it tonight as I was on my drive home, but I will see you all on Saturday. And I'm with spring break for me...I'm back to work tomorrow. See y'all soon!