Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The tag goes in the front...I mean the back...

Just some helpful advise for those who have difficulty getting dressed. Unlike Edith’s earlier attempt to woo a guy with her creative sweatshirt wearing, Tuesday night, Betty’s challenge was getting her shorts on the right way (as opposed to that one time, on the wall, at Saints...when it was just a matter of getting her shorts back on...oh, wait, was I not supposed to tell that story?).

For future reference people, the tag goes in the back, and the shorts tie in the front...but it sure was fun watching Betty change shorts on the field while Paul encouraged the Kinks by telling us how much he loves us...and Alberta shouted “who’s got a camera? who’s got a camera?”

After that, running the 7 800s was a piece of cake...

In other running news this week...Edith went to her first Team in Training meeting (penance for not knowing how to spell my name) Tuesday night instead of the track workout. She needs to raise $3,300, so she’ll be hitting us all up soon for goes to a good cause and all (the one about curing cancer...not just allowing Edith to run in the NIke Women’s 1/2). She’s going to just look fabulous in all that purple. I’m sure she’ll get more date requests that way.

In non-running/testing news and other all know what Spanx are, right? If not, it is this decades answer to the girdle...and I will admit to having worn one (and looking great in it)...For some reason, they have been a reoccurring topic of conversation in this term’s Literacy meetings. I think it’s mostly because the men in the group are amazed that women wear a product called Spanx.

I did get one science teacher to blush the other day when I informed him that there were also “full body Spanx.”

These science teachers...they have the dirtiest minds...I was talking about a girdle for pete’s sake!

16 miles on Saturday! Another 4.9 on Sunday for those of us who are doing the Race for Literacy.

Here’s Saturday’s route. It’s similar to one I did a few weeks ago...a really nice run to La Jolla and back...mostly least there’s nothing like Point Loma Nazarene!

Have a great week!


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Umm... with the whole Spanx discussion and dirty minds, i'm surprised that Alice didn't mentioned a couple of other school related discussions. Evidently we are going to be "trained" on our new IP phones. As was evident in the crude drawing at this morning's "staff" meeting, these IP phones look a lot like a penis phone- i'm just sayin'. Bring on the 60 minutes of training!

oh and then there are these bad">boys Do you think the science teachers know about these? :)
Wednesday, April 30, 2008 - 10:17 PM
Hey - after Tuesday - I was happy to simply have shorts on! I crapped in them so bad - it is amazing I made it to the workout. Although, no matter how crappy your day has been when you get to track practice, it always improves once you see friends and laugh a little.

Looking forward to the run this weekend
Thursday, May 1, 2008 - 06:53 AM
That is such a nice sweet comment coming from Betty who on that day kept yelling at me to get out of there and run ahead. I feel so loved at track thanks to Paul. I think she was just trying to look at my bumper.
Thursday, May 1, 2008 - 08:30 AM

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