Wednesday, April 9, 2008

“We can hear you in there...”

I LOVE this ad this from New Balance (Edith sent me the link)...There are several, including one where a guy is breaking up with running, but I liked this one too...could relate to the giving up partying to run (although I’m not sure I’ve gained a 1/2 step on anything or anyone).

We still don’t know who is hanging “do not disturb” type New Balance signs on Cheryl’s fence... (there was one about being hot and sweaty from running) But that’s another story...

Edith made a new friend Nick (below) ...a random guy who we accosted and then asked to take our picture) so we returned the favor and told him it was going on the blog...

I learned that maybe the problem I thought I was having with my shoes, wasn’t really my shoes at all. It was me (big surprise) and the fact that I probably hadn’t laced my shoes tight enough...which I did last night and my legs/feet hurt a lot less today.

Here’s my list of things that have made me happy in the last two days:

  1. Five of us at track practice on a Tuesday night.
  2. Both Betty and Elsie are running on Saturday.
  3. The guy who was checking out every woman’s breasts (spotted at Track practice last night).
  4. Betty’s description of a certain fellow administrator who continues to use Doug’s office restroom during admin meetings, even though he knows that everyone can hear him...just so that he doesn’t miss a minute-detail...and how Betty’s planning on seeking her revenge (it involves going into the same restroom and grunting). “You know, we can hear you in there....”
  5. Whatever Betty, Elsie and I were talking about in the car on the way to track practice last night. I can’t remember what it was, but I know that I almost crashed the car because it made me laugh. (I think it was the pee-story from well as some other continued reminiscing about running and tripping over the crappy streets in Leukadia).
  6. There’s another Heffer in charge of something around here (because we don’t do enough of that!) Congrats Julie!
  7. Because I was up to my ears in test documents, and because we were on a different Wednesday schedule, and because I was in the library and not in my office where Judy reminds me every Wednesday to go to advisory, I did completely forget to go to advisory today until Lisa called to tell me that my advisees were wondering where I was...On this of all days, when they were supposed to turn in their Senior Project Proposals.
  8. My advisees were completely freaking out when I wasn’t there and were looking for me all over campus.
  9. Clarence showed me this from WeCovet (you have to read the post...) It involves something about a Muff - see the picture to the right (now you’re curious, aren’t you)
  10. I sent Mona an email today in which I wrote, “You’ll get to look at your box and check out what’s inside” and she was so flustered by her billions of seniors that she didn’t even notice.
  11. Panspermia
BBJ burned me a copy of some of his playlist, only the songs were titled “Track 1, Track 2, Track 3,” etc...not that I actually know the songs on most of his playlist, but he followed through and has sent me the song-list (hooray)!

We love BBJ and I’m happy to have new tunes to run to.

I really didn’t have anything else to write about...but I did want to post a couple photos from last night. Since Edith’s new friend is way too young for her, I went back and found Elsie’s Cougar Watch sign again.

Have fun in Hawaii.


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I don't know what you are talking about w/the are looking pretty damn good in that picture...did you really run Tues night? :)

I was cruising back through some old posts and I have a question...what's with the latin next to the post from last tuesday night? Or is it italian? I tried to use a translator, but still couldn't figure it out.

Have a great run on Sat...I'll send pics of my firefighter/surf instructors!
Wednesday, April 9, 2008 - 11:26 PM
OH...that's from the template. I'm supposed to put a caption there. It's gibberish (as opposed to the other stuff I write:-))
Thursday, April 10, 2008 - 01:14 PM
That "hand warmer" covet-thing-a-ma-jigger looks like a denim overall oufit that would reveal some serious camel toes.
Thursday, April 10, 2008 - 03:18 PM
I've created a map in Map My Run for the Low-Tide Run...I'm going to turn around at Stafford Court & Surfview Court (about 6.5 miles up the coast), but I might turn around sooner :-) Here's the link:

Also, I'm going to carry water because when I'll be turning around before the second water station and it'll still be pretty far to water station 3.
Friday, April 11, 2008 - 12:46 PM

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