Sunday, June 1, 2008

Is this us today?

I'll write more later about today's run...but in thinking about tomorrow, does anyone feel like this?

The last shot is for BBJ...who had no such suffering...

I am proud of us all!



  1. the BN is the best part of this video! I gingerly got out of bed and realized that my forearms, back, butt and shoulders are also sore! I didn't remember them bothering me last night. But I feel like it is a distant memory already - I'm ready for the next challenge already!

  2. Too funny ...that is me today...try sitting on a toilet!

  3. I took a warm bath in epsom salts and HIGHLY recommend it.

    I am so proud of everyone. WE DID IT!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who supported us along the way!

    But on top of all this pain, did I really need to get a sunburn too? That was just dumb.

  4. I had spf 55 on and am still soooooooo sunburned. Man, were my emotions out of control yesterday. I as well took the epsom salts bath and would recommend it. I thought I was ok today until I squaded down and couldn't get up. I am not joking Amy A. had to help me up. Thank you so much to Edith and Alice I wouldn't have finished if you wouldn't have kept pushing me.