Friday, June 6, 2008

Volume Last - One Liners from Race Day

OK...sorry about that last post. I know it was too long to read in one sitting... This one is much shorter. I promise.

So, yesterday, I went downtown to have lunch with Walter, and took the opportunity to drive 163 from the 8 (not quite Friar's Road) ...then down Broadway almost to Harbor...and it did bring back some memories (ah...doesn't Sunday seem so long ago now)...

So, here is my list of what I'll always remember from the Heffers Running the RnR...
  1. Seriously! We exited the porta-potties and started the race.
  2. Rolling my ankle on Mile 2 because I was watching Elsie recover from tripping in a pothole and thinking...ah shit, only two miles and we're done...(Obviously, we weren't)
  3. The woman who was howling like an injured cat in the bushes at Balboa Park.
  4. The madness of the water station on Harbor Drive and losing sight of Elsie, Edith, & Betty.
  5. Seeing Wilma downtown (twice!)
  6. The random cheer of the runners as we left downtown and got on the freeway.
  7. Runners peeing in the bushes on the 163.
  8. The random cheer of the runners as we left the freeway and got on Friars Road.
  9. Seeing and running with my family members.
  10. Pointing out who Boob-guy was to Chris and Jesse.
  11. Passing the Team in Training 1/2 Marathon stopping point and not wanting to stop.
  12. Edith's full frontal display because she forgot to lock the porta-potty door. And the guy who opened the door saying "thank-you!"
  13. Seeing two runners doing position 72 on SeaWorld Drive in which a girl (on top) helps some guy (on the bottom) stretch his hip flexors by straddling his feet, and thinking, "now there's something that you don't often see in public."
  14. NEON LIME GREEN RUNNING SHIRTS - best thing ever for finding heffers. Even when I wasn't running with a heffer, I could find one...and being pissed off at anyone else who was wearing lime green.
  15. Running through the photo op at Mile 21, then walking.
  16. Seeing Wilma (again!) at Mile 22 and almost crying because I was so happy to see her.
  17. The fog machine on Pacific Highway (random...but neat).
  18. Hearing and then seeing BBJ cheer for me at the finish line.
  19. Sobbing big-fat belly sobs on Edith's shoulder after the race.
  20. That first beer. A miracle.
  21. Learning that Elsie ate Vaseline on a stick because she thought it was some kind of energy snack.
  22. Watching us do the marathon-shuffle around the pool-deck after the run. We looked like the people in the video.
  23. Eating enough Carne Asada burritos, chips, & beer after the race to actually gain weight for the day.
  24. Elsie hugging the potato chips.
  25. Betty telling me that she'll never do this again (we'll see...we'll see)
  26. Momma, making Betty promise she'd never do this again.
  27. BBJ telling me that he'll never do this again (yeah, right...), but I don't believe him.
  28. Thinking, by Wednesday, that I might do this again (just not next year...don't worry Walter).
I know there's more and I'm just not remembering it right now (again, it IS like childbirth...I'm forgetting the pain already), so it's up to you all to add your list.

I'm looking forward to AFC 1/2 in August, the Nike Women's 1/2 in SF & the Iron Girl 10K in two weeks (who's in with me? I'm registering this weekend!) ONLY 6 MILES'll be a piece of cake!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    BTW, the little guy who graduated from preschool is my grandson. :)

    Congrats on the marathon! I soooooo wanted to be running with you all that day but, ah well, you probably know my story.

    I'm part of that Blog365 thing, which is why I've been blogging daily, but I had that injury that kept me off the internet for a few days...

    We've probably seen each other at the SDTC Saturday runs, but I'm still trying to figure out exactly who you are... I took a look at your pics. Everyone in the pictures look all very familiar :) ... I plan on being back running with the SDTC once the doc gives his OK, and they figured in about 6 months, maybe less.

    Happy running and I hope our running paths do pass again.

    BTW, I work in La Mesa.

  2. Thanks for visiting Irene's blog too...'cause that's how I discovered yours and I'm glad I did.

    Congratulations on finishing the marathon. I had to laugh at your friend who ate the Vaseline. I did something similar at the Disney marathon several years ago. Icky is putting it lightly.

    My daughter and I are registered for the same race on June 22. From what I've heard, it's a great race. Can't wait!

  3. how cool Alice - your blog has gone "big-time". You are such a good blogger and you capture our moments in such a fun way! What about Mik fainting, BBJ not having BN's and the fact that we no longer have to talk or stress about the run!

    I enjoyed it all an am already missing mimosa's and pancakes!

  4. Nice pix ... I love your marathon stories and look forward to reading more. BTW, Alice, I "tagged" you on my blog. Go take a look to see if you'd like to participate. Keep up the great running and take care. RR

  5. came across your link from new members at CRN. funny post, the Vaseline on a stick made me laugh. My husband ran RnR as his first marathon, he enjoyed it.