Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Crappy Run

I'll add myself to the list of those having crappy long-runs this past week.

Today was not pretty as I set off to run all by myself at Lake Boy Part, (yes, I'm including the outline again...because it entertains so many of us...hee...hee...hee) which has an almost 6 mile trail. I figured I'd run out and back twice...which would give me close to 12 miles. Now running by myself is almost never a good thing for me, but not for the reasons you might expect...mostly running by myself is a bad thing because I am a HUGE procrastinator. I can put off running FOR. EV. ER.

Here's the deal. If I tell one of the herd that I'll be at her house to pick her up to run at 6:45am then, by golly, I'll be there.

BUT...If I'm left to my own, I'll have a leisurely cup of coffee and eventually start running about 8:30, which is what I did this morning...

Note to self, an 11 mile run will take Alice more than 2 hours...which means I'll still be running at 10:30am if I start at 8:30...and it's still Indian Summer Hot here. are my ugly stats for the morning

11:10 miles
12:58 min mile
4.63 pace


It didn't start off that way was a beautiful morning from about 8:30 to 9:30...coooool and foggy. Even though I ran hard yesterday, but maybe because I didn't run all week, I felt great when I started and that carried through for about the first 6 miles. Look! My stats for the first out and back are downright impressive (for me)

5:53 miles
10:42 min mile
5.6 pace

Obviously, I did a fair amount of walking on the second out and back, but my somewhat lame excuse is that the sun came out and I just lost the zone. But I was determined to get the maximum miles in, so I walked/ran for about 2 miles (more walking than running I must say, in the interest of full disclosure) to the fence and ran back the last 2.5 miles. I was glad I was able to start running again, but disappointed that I walked for as much as I did.

But....I did it, and its done. I was talking to Walter about it when I got home and we agreed that this is what happens when I don't get my mid-week runs I'm going to have to get my shiz out of bed in the AM and take laps 'round the hilly-hood or on the dread at least twice this week (Tuesday and Thursday sound good to me...maybe a Friday run)

I think I have one more long run in me before SF. I can't believe I'm being so cavalier about a 1/2 marathon. A year ago I would have been FREAKING OUT!

Gear Update
Nike+ sensor still not working...GAH!!! I'll have to take the silly thing back. I hear all of ya about the church of Garmin, and I'd be there, but it's not in the budget this month...maybe a nice Christmas/Hanukkah (we celebrate Christmukkah 'round here) gift for mama?

POC (piece of that a blog acronym yet? It should be) little rubber nose bridge thingy

Then...this morning, the rubber nose-thing-y on my sunglasses came off. This is the second time it's happened. I guess I have a super-sweaty nose-bridge or something, and I just sweat the adhesive off the plastic and rubber. With the last glasses (a pair of RayBans), I couldn't find the little rubber piece, so those glasses are history 'cuz Costco (which takes EVERYTHING BACK) doesn't take sunglasses back after 30 days...GAH!!! Luckily, today, the little rubber thingy came off in my hand, so I still have it and I guess I'll superglue it back on...

Finally, I'll post this last photo just 'cuz I like it. I took it this morning as I was leaving for my run and Turbo and Walter decided to go out into the world and play some tennis... My active boys...
Have a great week everyone! I'm posting this so late on a Sunday because I spent the day prepping for the week. The good news is that perhaps I'll have a more sane week than last week was!


  1. Hmmm... prepping for the week instead of farting around online. Maybe I should have tried that. Damn.

    Sorry your run sucked, but upside is you got it done!

    Lake Boy Part! Ha! It never gets old!

  2. FYI...
    DON'T use super glue on your glasses/nose piece thingy. Trust me. They will never EVER be the same and go beyond fixing if you use that type of glue.
    Go to Hart Optical on La Mesa Blvd and see if they can fix it for cheap. We send our patients there for frame repairs. They'll tell you if it can or can't be repaired.

  3. (love the picture. I never share those but ADORE seeing other people's behind the blogger scenes :) maybe I should...)
    and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your comment yesterday.
    I appreciated it.


  4. I'm the same way about procrastinating too.

  5. If you do convert to the church of Garmin, I recommend going all out in your conversion with the 405.

  6. I have to dissent with Jess (OMG I think this is the first time LOL) I've heard with the 405's the bezel gets all whacky when you sweat on it. I'd just go with a 205/305. Cheaper and they do the job fine.

    Anyway, POC? You're so nice and sweet. I always use POS LOL

  7. aww! don't feed the machine and stick with no garmin. just run.
    good job on the distance despite the walks.

  8. Sorry about the crappy long run, it happens to us all...
    Although, when left to my own devices, I usually procrastinate until it gets hot then put the run off altogether- so good for you for getting out there!

    Thanks for sharing the picture.

  9. You got it down and half of in the heat which mean you will be even mo betta in the cool.

    I have also heard thing about the 405 like Marcy. Call me 80 but those touch screen thingys are always troublesome.

  10. Bummer about the craptastic run, but I least you did it. I probably would have face planted into chips. haha

    I have nothing to add to the gear but I have the Garmin 50. The thing has a mind of its own but I do think it is a lot more accurate than the nike+ at times.

  11. Sorry to hear the runs weren't so great. Hopefully this week will be better for you!

  12. Is your Nike+ sensor not picking up or is it reading the wrong mileage.

    I really like my Garmin because of my experience with the Nike+ sports band.

    It's probably because I can't run a steady pace, but I blame the sports band.

  13. So....will you be running Long Beach on the 12th???

  14. Have you gone out there and erased this long run away yet? I find the bad runs occur immediately prior to the GREAT runs.

  15. I'm with Marcy -- it's POS, baby!