Saturday, September 27, 2008


It's been one of THOSE weeks.

Which is becoming a tiring mantra on my behalf. Suffice it to say that I ran ONE TIME this week...and that would be this morning. 4 miles on Dread - 40 minutes. I figured if I was going to run only one time, I'd better run hard...actually cranked it up to the level 8 speed interval, which goes from 5.6 - 7 mph (10:30 to about an 8:30 mile) for 35 minutes.

I'm waiting to hear from the herd if anyone is interested in joining me in a long run (10-12) miles tomorrow morning. If not, I think I'll run twice around Coronado. That'd be about 12 miles.

That's my running report for the week. I will have more to report after tomorrow's long run.

So, here are three other random Saturday afternoon rants and whines:
  • Why do I waste my money on running gadgets that do not work? Do any of you have a Nike+ sensor? I bought one a few weeks back and it sucks. I think I need to return it because after working for about ONE WEEK, my Nano now CANNOT locate the sensor. I'm starting to really dislike the pleasant female voice that suggests that I walk around to locate the sen-sor. I've been to both the Nike+ and Apple websites and it seems like lots of people have this problem. GAH! I haaaaaaate returning things.
  • Why am I the only person in my house who feels temperature? This afternoon, after navigating the crowds at Costco, I come home to find Turbo and Walter, planted in front of the tube watching college problem with that, but the thermostat says the house is 85º AND the air-conditioner is blowing, meaning that it is probably hotter than 85º in most parts of the house. AND neither one of them seem to notice that the house if just eff-ing HOT... GAAAHHH!!!!
  • Why (speaking of Costco) do I manage to lose my receipt about 1/2 the time between the cashier and the door-guy who has to check my receipt? GAAAHHHHH!!!!
OK...that's it for now. I think it's gotta be close to Lemon Drop time :-)


  1. I hate that about the technology thing. The Nike thing would drive me insane!

    I'm like your family. I don't notice the AC when it gets hot.

    Have fun on your run tomorrow.

  2. I've also heard that about the Nike thing. That's too because it sounds like a great idea, in theroy. I've been using a run tracker on my cell phone, I've had it well over a year, and I like it. I do wish it had a voice telling me how far I've gone. After about 10 miles you start to lose count... Heh...

    Oh, good... I'm not the only one who does that at Costco...

  3. I was looking at one of those and I am so glad that I have not invested in one. I like you HATE going to return things.

    At least all you had to say about Costco was you lost your didn't graze along all the free goodies and if you did you're not telling.

    Shana Tova...

  4. I haven't heard anyone rave about the Nike + sensor, so I'm sure your problem with it isn't the only one.

    Hope the next week starts off a little better!

  5. I have also herd(get it herd, haha) negativey on the Nike thing. Iam a Garmin Girl for life.

    LMAO at the ticket at Costco. Like the 87 year old Grandpa can even see what it says. So mean i am going staight to hell on that note.

  6. Technology that drives you nuts irritates the crap out of me. Fortunately, I have fairly good tech Karma :) Sorry it's not working for you.

  7. Return it!!!!! If it sucks tell them and take it back!!

    I hope you had the lemon drop-yummy!!!

    I haven't run much this week either-I just can't wake up. i think I'm a bit down that I've gone from working 5 days a week, 69 hours a week, to maybe 3-4 days a week.....I'm finding I have a buttload of free time and I can't get motivated. What is wrong with me???? So I'm jealous that you were able to hammer out a fast run-even if it was on the dreaded treadmill!!!! I hope you got your long run in!! I'm hoping to do one tomorrow, monday, with my running partner who is just coming back into town today!!! Woo Hoo!!!

    I hope you had a greta weekend!!

  8. I'm with Viv. Girl you better get on over and join the Church Or Garmin already. I've heard bad things about the Nike + system as well :-/

  9. I had technical issues this weekend too, and I'm tired of spending $$$ on crap-ass sunglasses. Sun = sweat, so why DO those rubber things always come off????