Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh...and about the roof

So... I mentioned that pesky leak in the roof last time I posted...and remember it looked something like this...
Depressing...and GAH!!!! Like I have TIME to deal with leaky roofs?
Then Walter and the solar water guy attempted to fix it on Monday, and then it rained Monday night, and so I hoped that the leak had been fixed...

Well guess what?
It wasn't...
It rained torrents on Monday...BTW...WTF is up with this weather? It doesn't rain for a YEAR around here, now it's raining buckets...and I've got a leaky roof...I mean, I guess the STOOPID roof has had the potential to be a STOOPID LEAKING ROOF for the past year, but since it NEVER RAINED, who knew?

Not us, that's for sure.

Anyway, we had a neighbor/contractor come over and they cut out the section of the ceiling that was damaged, and they say that some of the wood beams and the plywood has to be replaced which (BY THE EFFING WAY) needs to be done from the TOP,* so some of the roof is going to have to be replaced as well.


Oh the joys of living in an older house**
* That's what she said (for you G)

** Circa 1948...but really, the living room with the leaky roof is an addition made by the previous owner circa 1979...and also in the interest of full disclosure, we re-did the roof (which showed signs of leakage) when we bought and remodeled the house in 2000. The original roof on the addition was flat (which caused me to consider it the cause of the aforementioned water leakage damage), so when we remodeled the house in 2000, we added some pitch to the roof precisely so that rain would flow OFF the roof and not sit on the FLAT roof and eventually leak INTO the house...and it all worked out really well until we installed the solar water heater for the pool, which apparently caused water to sit ON the roof and not flow OFF the roof. Thusly, water leaked INTO the house. So THAT worked out really well...



    sounds like you are ready for a run! On days like this, it makes me feel better to go for a run on the beach where no matter what the weather, you only hear the sound of the waves crashing. A great way to clear a stressed out mind!

  2. I am going to Target to buy really big plastic tubs to put under our leaky porch roof before the weekend rain. The whole thing will be coming down later...for now...rubbermaid!

  3. Good luck with that roof! We've had various roof leaks, burst pipes, etc. over the years, and it's never fun.

  4. Yikes! That looked just like our ceiling!! Our house is only 8 years old but we had the same old problems and had to replace wood and leave the ceiling open...I still look up there from time to time, looking for mold spots. It's kind of creepy...

  5. Bummer! you definitely need a run.

  6. Yuck about the roof. What a mess, huh?! It rained so much here yesterday and today and with the 64mph wind gusts, I thought my roof was going to fly off. Rediculous. Now it's supposed to turn to snow today... lovely!

  7. Ugh. We went through this about 5 years ago

  8. We went through this three years ago after we moved into our current home and learned the hard way the roof was poorly patched. You have my sympathies.

    I'm also like you in the previous post, without a plan for the coming year. I kinda like the liberation.

  9. love your post...keep running like no one is looking.

  10. Oh man. Oh man. I've got similar problems with floor at the moment - joists rotted through this was just before I was about to lay a new one. AArrgh. Go out there and run.

  11. Seems that the rain caught you unaware, huh? How's your roof now? Hoping that it is good as new now, thanks to the contractor that you got. Practice proper maintenance and you'll have no worries about that for years, that's for sure!

  12. Oh shoot! That's kinda depressing! A beautiful house like yours doesn't deserve to have leaks and a damaged roof and ceiling. It will just make your home unattractive. I think you should replace your roof now, to make your worries go away.

  13. Is your roof okay now? You really have to take care of it, especially when it's raining, since water may enter the house. Things will become more problematic if that happens. It's a good decision to call your neighbor/contractor to help take care of things.