Monday, October 18, 2010

One for the Herd - Long Beach 1/2 Marathon Race Report (the Pre-race stuff)

We went, we ran, we more 1/2 Marathon for the herd is on the books now, as is Walter's first half marathon and although he said he'd have to be highly motivated to do another, duly note that he never said "never."

Bwahahahahahahaha...I think we got him.

My stats were nowhere near awesome, but then again, it wasn't my goal. I did set out what I wanted to do. I ran. I had fun. I took some pix. I finished (and even had some kick at the end), and it turned out to be a relatively average finish time for me (not fast, not the slowest EVAH...2:40...meh!). In fact, it was two minutes slower than a far more challenging San Francisco 1/2 Marathon (2:38).

Walter (who for various reasons, ended up starting in the 5th Wave instead of in the 4th Wave with me) finished in 2:32. 

As usual, I have more photos and memories than will reasonably fit into one post (and it's late, and I'm still recovering), so I'm going to do this in two posts. So, here they come, the...

Pre-Race Highlights!
The Expo - Very organized and even though it was pretty crowded by the time we got there, we got in, got our stuff and got out. As a matter of fact, I thought ALL of the pre-race organization was extraordinary (the post race? well...that's a whole 'nuther story, but I'll get to that).
Elsie, Betty, Mik and Walter in front of the LB Convention Center before the expo
The Cal-Dreamin' Jacket - NICE and lightweight and black, which in my world means it goes with everything.

Before dinner and after the expo, we were properly hungry and thirsty, so we stopped at the bar in our hotel at the LB Marriott for a snack and a bevvie. The food was very yummy, but the service? Can you say SLOOOOOOOOOWWWW (and this coming from somebody who runs a 2:40 1/2 Mary, so that's something!)
Pre-race carb loading begins - beers and food to get us started (aren't Elsie, Mik and I looking HAWT in our Cal-Dreamin' Jackets?)
OK...I almost never do this, and if these people are your friends, I am so sorry, but one of these women had the most AMAZINGLY LOUD, PIERCING LAUGH, we'd ever heard. 
Yummy tapas thingy with breads, chips, and dips (humas, tapenade, and bruchetta...I could live on this stuff)
Pre-race dinner with blogger friends - Thanks so much for organizing the dinner Glenn. It was fun too see everyone, and I got to meet Maggie from Run Happy. I think I started reading her blog after the SF 1/2 Marathon. She had just started following me on Twitter (like that very day!). At dinner, we realized we already (sorta) knew each other...
Penny, Mik, Elsie, and Me at out pre-race dinner (yes SOMEONE had to drink all that beer and wine) 
Penny and Betty discussing how they are going to run Surf City again in February. Betty, sadly, did not get the Cal Dreamin' jacket or medal this time because she ran Surf City as "Tiger"
We think Caesar approved
Oh forgive me blogger world. Mags is on the left and doesn't EVERYONE know Glenn? I am horrified that I cannot remember everyone's name...BAD BLOGGER!!!! (But everyone was super nice and fun to talk to!)

The firepit at the LB Marriott - What a great way to hang with the girls before the race.
Kat and Alberta arrived after dinner.
Elsie, enjoying the fire and the mist
Betty: wondering if I am the WORST MOTHER EVER because I did not make it clear that Walter and I had NOT left DramaGirl alone at home all night, but that her uncle was staying with her (GEEZ...I don't even like her going to the movies without an adult present, you think I'd leave her ALONE???) 
Betty, as many of you know is the principal at the high school DramaGirl attends. At one point I was telling the herd about a new friend who DG is hanging out with, but I didn't know her last name, so I texted DG to ask. She told me the girls name and then begged me to not stalk her on FB (oh don't worry honey, I'm just checkin' out with your principal that your new friend is OK... You don't need FB for to stalk your kids friends when your BFF is the principal).

It's good to have friends in high places.

Happy me! I have no idea why my sunglasses are still on my head. Maybe the fire was too bright.
Our rooms at the LB Marriott were adjoining, so it was one big slumber party. Walter wouldn't admit to the last time he shacked up with 6 women.

Elsie is ready for sleep
Kat's bed of pillows
We all went to sleep relatively early (well, you'd think so) since 4:45 (my wake up time) would come soon enough. As usual, I slept like crap, waking up every hour or so, afraid that I'd oversleep, so I can attest that we are the quietest group of sleepers EVAH. Two rooms, seven people, not a single loud snorer!

Speaking of sleep (or the lack thereof), I'm still trying to catch up, so I'm off to snooze. I'll post an actual race report and more pix tomorrow.


  1. I love the pictures -- clearly you were all having a blast (at least pre race!) Looking forward to the race report.

  2. slumber party!!!!! wooohoooo!!

  3. Great seeing you and the herd and meeting Walter Saturday night. So - it doesn't matter whether Walter needs to be highly motivated to do another half - is he motivated enough to do Shelter Island!?!?!?

    See you all in a couple weeks.

  4. This was a FUN post. I loved seeing the gals and then Walter, in every picture. Reminds me of my poor husband who gets "stuck" sleeping in the same room with the girls. So sad.
    Glenn's son is a cutie, they look alike!
    Story about Dramagirl/firend and Betty is hilarious! Milk the principal/friend thing, it might be the only way to know what's really going on!!
    Finally, your hotel rooms are always like the Taj Mahal. We got stuck in another crack/prostitue Inn up the road. I think that's where they discovered Snoop Dog. Very scary.
    Missed you guys and I'm glad you had FUN!!

  5. Walter is such a trooper. He had to hang out with all these gorgeous women all night and then he only got to take 6 of them back to his hotel room?

    Poor guy. I am sure all the guys reading your post are feeling very sorry for him.

    Anxiously awaiting the next installment...

  6. This blog post was so much fun - I'm sorry I didn't get to chat with you girls. The first thing I noticed when you walked in was your California Dreamin' Jackets!

  7. What a great attitude and approach to a race. I have never done that before. I bet the weather was perfect. See you at Surf City U.S.A in Huntington Beach in Feb :-)