Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another "Where Did the Week Go?" Post

So apparently I'm back to posting updates once a week. It's really nowhere near enough for me (you all may not care either way), but I had REALLY GOOD IDEAS for posts all week, most of them non-running related and I didn't get to write them, and now they're lost.

When do you all find time to write, when you work, and run, and raise families?

Anyway...Opix uploaded some pix from last weekend's SuperRun...which was super fast (the uploading thing). It seems like it takes some other race photo shops FOREVER to upload pix. There were a few that made me smile.

Betty...showing off the number of SuperRuns she's completed (4).

I love EVERYONE when I'm running uphill!. That's Walter behind me in the yellow, looking at his feet.
That's Wilma, who had the whole "with dog" category all to herself

Whatever was on his foot sure was fascinating (see my photo above).
Moving onto this week...

For this weekend's long run, we were back to Hospitality Point. Betty, Walter and I were the only herd representatives because Mik and Kat were in New Ahhhhhleans for the Mardi Gras 1/2 which they ran this morning.
Kat and Mik-post race with the beaded bling... LOVE that Mik wore the green. I'm sure they have many other "bead" stories to share when they return!
Back in SoCal, we were on schedule to do an 1:15 run from hospitality point and back. We were warned that as we ran toward Fiesta Island, however, that we would be crossing paths with another race event, so to be aware, and to be considerate.

We started off and it was COLD! I've been wearing gloves to start most morning runs right now. For some reason, It doesn't bother me if my arms, shoulders, legs, body, whatever is cold, but if my fingers are cold, that's all I can think about it MY FREEKIN' FREEZIN FINGERS. So the gloves have been very helpful.

I ended up starting toward the back of the pack because I had to take care of some #1 business, and by the time I got out of the ladies room, everyone was taking off. No worries. I caught up with Walter and Betty in about a 1/2 mile, then I caught up with Irene's hubby Mike and we chatted for awhile about the joys of running on the riverbed (gotta watch out for all the cyclists and for the's treacherous out there!).

By the time we were heading into Fiesta Island, sure enough a whole back of runners were headed our way. I'm guessing that it was the 10K runners doing the Mermaid Run, which had a 1/2 Marathon, 10K and 5K. Anne has a great race report about this relatively new race in San Diego and it sounds like something I'd definitely want to do in the future. In any event, we let the runners pass...not losing pace in a 10K is much more important than a training run!

Once we were past the island, most of the track club veered to the left and stayed on the walking/running path. Walter and I decided to continue running on the street because given the choice, I'd rather run on asphalt than concrete. Concrete hurts me.

One consequence of running on the street was that the 5K group from the Mermaid run was starting at 8:00. As we headed toward their start, I could hear the announcer making that pre-race-announcer-type small talk (Who's celebrating a birthday today? Who is running their first 5K?) and I wanted to get past their start, so Walter and I picked up our pace, and good thing because as we ran past, I could hear the start.

Running INTO a race start is NOT something I want to cross off my bucket list.

We ran for about 5 more minutes and then turned around to head back, crossing paths with some of the 5K walkers and back of the pack runners. Finally, we were out of the race area, back on the road, then back on the riverbed. About then, Walter took off in what I think will be par for the course for him...a final sprint to the end. This is where he just kicks my ass now...he can really pick up his pace in the last two miles.

My splits weren't too bad yesterday either:

Mile 1 - 10:14
Mile 2 - 10:35
Mile 3 - 10:15
Mile 4 - 10:06
Mile 5 - 10:08
Mile 6 - 10:15
Mile 7 - 10:15

Total - 7 miles - 1:11:57 - 10:15 pace

I'll admit, I'm pretty pleased. When I was running with Irene's Michael, he noted that it seemed like I was running much faster these days, and its true, I have been. This is the first year since the first year I ran with the track club that I've been running without an injury in February. I keep wondering if I could keep a 10:15 pace for 13 miles. It's going to be all about consistency and not getting hurt.

We were among the first back and Noreen, from the track club, who has a stress fracture and hasn't been running,  took this photo of us.
The dude really needs to remember to open his eyes
The morning speaker was a local chiropracter who was doing some table stretching. Irene's (and now our) friend Rich took advantage of it. I probably should have done the same.
Hey Rich...told you it was payback time :-). Rich is being a running maniac right now. He ran a 5K Sand Run on Wednesday AND ran the Coronado Valentines Day 10K this wonder he needed some stretching.
Betty, Irene, and me after the run. The sun had come out, the gloves were off, and it was time to go home.
Hope everyone has a LOVELY day and a LOVELY Valentines Day! Congrats to all the runners who ran races this weekend!

Have a great week!


  1. Great job on that 7 mile run!!

  2. I'm with you on the glove thing. I hate cold fingers and that's what bothers me the most during these winter runs. I've had to resort to doubling up the gloves and throwing in some hand warmers besides!
    Oh well, warm times ahead!
    Congrats on the run!

  3. Sorry I didn't "run into you" yesterday. I loved seeing track club people at the opening of Fiesta Island ... gave me a little boost when they shouted out my name. And I think those splits confirm you are indeed getting speedy. You aren't in my age group, are you? :-)

  4. I"ll trade you my cold for your cold. For reference, my run yesterday started at 19 degrees. Deal?

  5. Strong splits, girl! Congratulations!!

    And no, I'm not jealous AT ALL that you're wearing NO SLEEVES in those last pics.

  6. Great job Alice. You are so lucky to have such a great network of running friends.

    What an awesome day, eh? I played golf in Escondido and it was perfect.

    Man, I never know when these local races are. If you happen to know of a website that lists them and remember next time you are on my blog can you let me know? Thanks.

  7. Great job on the 7 miles.
    Maybe Walter just likes to make sure he isn't going to run into a pothole.
    (That's why I run looking I get motion sickness looking up).

  8. yeah, i misread the schedule. i thought saturday's run was in san marcos. last 2 san marcos runs have ended in injury, thus, i ran around la mesa

  9. I'm a new follower and first - I love your blog title! Secondly you are awesome - and I only wish to run as fast as you one day!!! And thirdly...I spend way too much time up late at night blogging and stalking - and that's the only way I fit in running, bloggin, working, and keeping the kids in line.