Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Run, The Rain, and The Texts

After listening to the rain for a half-hour, I sent the first text message at 6:01 am

Alice to Betty: Have u looked outside?
Betty: Yes. I'm good with either - especially if it's worse there. The only good thing would be your blog post. Not sure it's worth it.

Mik to Alice: Not going. rainin' 2 hard

Alice to Betty: Mik's out. I'm good either way. Your call.
Betty: If it's my call - I will sleep in a warm bed. U should know better.
Alice: You got me out there last week and I would have bailed.
Betty: Well then, let's go.
Alice: OK...I'll be there in about 15. I'm awake and dressed
Betty: I'm dressed too. Drive yur ass over here and let's get this rainfest started!

Alice to Mik: Don't be a chicken. Betty and I are going (this text was ignored).

6:32 (in person)
Walter: What are you doing?
Alice: I'm going running.
Walter: Why don't you just go to the gym then go to breakfast?
Alice (as if she's stating the obvious)...well, I'm not dressed for the gym, I'm dressed for running in the rain.
Walter: (shaking head) You're crazy.
Alice: You're really not supporting my healthy lifestyle right now.
Walter: It's raining out. I think I am.
Alice: Well, I'm going running anyway. Wish me luck!
Walter (says nothing, but he's still giving Alice the "you're crazy" look)

Thus the morning began with a drive over to Coronado's Tidelands Park for this week's SDTC long run. Most of the time, I love this run which starts at Tidelands and takes us out to the Silver Strand and back.
Just a sprinkle...
Are you sure?
Oh yeah...I'm sure
We talked about running about 30 minutes out and 30 back. I figured an hour run in the rain was a sufficient effort.
Betty decided to get started running right away, but I wanted to stretch a bit, so I did a super quick warmup and started the run with the rest of the track club. As we left Tideland's Park, the wind was at our back and the rain became more mist-like. Betty had brought some disposable rain ponchos, so at least my body was dry. It was actually quite lovely!

I chatted with Irene's hubby Michael for most of the first mile, then ran the next three miles with Irene talking about jobs and work and kids and stuff, which I was ever so happy about because as I started running, I realized that my Shuffle's battery was dead and I had been in a state of semi-despair because I figured that running in the rain was bad enough, but running in the rain without tunes would be just horrid.

But Irene saved me. In fact, we were so involved in conversation that the first time I looked at my Garmin, we'd been running about 38 minutes. We decided to run around at 45 minutes (about 4 miles) and head back.

But what a difference the way back was! When we turned around, it turned out that were running into the wind, with rain blowing into our eyes and faces. Irene told me that she wanted to slow it down, but my mind-set at that point was to get out of the rain as fast as I could. The strand is a pretty open area, but I figured that by the time I got back to Coronado, the buildings would shield me from the wind, so I picked up my pace and said goodbye to Irene.

The last two miles were around the tennis and yacht clubs and golf course (this is Coronado of course), under the Bridge and back to the park. As I predicted, the wind died down and it even stopped raining, so my last two miles were my fastest! I'd been a little under an 11 minute pace, but really picked it up the last two miles and finished around 1:25.
Woot! Irene finishing up her 8 miles. BTW...Irene has THE BEST running form 
I think Betty was happy to see me and the car key
Happiness is being DONE with a rain-day run!
The previous night Alberta had sent me a text inviting us over for breakfast since she lives in Coronado, so Betty and I headed over to her place for warmth and food.
Waffles (whole wheat, so very healthy)
Our hostess 
Breakfast casserole (it had blue cheese in it, which was surprising and completely yummy!) 
...and mimosas of course!
The rain continues, so I'm really glad that Betty got me out of the house AGAIN. She's such a dedicated runner!


  1. Yay you! Of course, rain is a distance dream here. I envy you. And breakfast looks yummy! My run? Nice of you to ask. -11 C (12 F) windchill and sunny. Sushi after.

  2. Good for you! I need to find me a running partner like that.

  3. Rain is better than heat anyway - except when you step in a puddle.

    Alberta is a great chef and her place is so cute. I love that we have friends in the culinary field!

  4. Such dedication. Betty was right, you got a great blog post out of it. And Brownie points.

  5. I'm with Mik. Good for you for getting out of there.

  6. Great story and a real testament to the motivating power of running with a posse (and rewarding yourself with mimosas). Way to go!

  7. That was an inspiring post Alice. Just goes to show that us So Cal folks are not soft after all. Way to represent sister.

  8. good job Herd! Albeit crazy, but good job!!

    BTW, breakfast looks AMAZING!!

  9. Great run in some pretty sketchy weather. I do that running back in a headwind quite often. You'd think I'd learn...

  10. Congratulations on getting out there and doing your thang!