Friday, March 11, 2011


On Wednesday night I went to dinner with Betty and her husband and a couple other friends including herd-member Alberta, who showed up about an hour late due to running out of gas in Coronado, ...BTW...have I mentioned that Alberta has a new car and now knows EXACTLY how far she can drive with the yellow fuel tank light on (answer: not far), our friend T also joined us, as did Walter (who showed up even later than Alberta, but he had a meeting, so is forgiven).

Anyway, I don't write much about Betty's husband. He's pretty soft-spoken (around a group of mostly loud women), and reserved, but he is the person that should be credited with dubbing us "The Herd."

I'm sure he meant it in a nice way.

Anyway, during dinner we were talking about the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon...(OK Full disclosure, I was talking it; everyone else was humoring me). I would LOVE to do this race. I think it'd be too much fun to run the strip at night. The problem for me would be that I'd need to be back in SoCal on Monday morning because I TEACH DAMMIT, but still, a girl can dream, right?

Anyway, we were laughing about The Herd running down the strip and Betty's husband mentioned this...
I'm pretty sure he said something like "The Herd Running the Strip? Is that like the running of the bulls in Pamplona?"
I'm sure he meant it in a really nice way though...


  1. I'm sure he meant it in a really nice way though

    Hahahahahaha! Yeah, I'm sure he did! I'm surprised you ladies did gore him. (By which I mean "stab him with your horns", not "lose the presidency to a f*cktard in the year 2000 because you moved to the right and then chose an even bigger f*cktard as your running mate and lost an election that should have been a gimme because, remember, you were running against a total f*cking f*cktard". Although if you had done the latter to Betty's hubby, it probably would have hurt more.)

  2. Woo-hoo!1! FIRST!1! And my comment wasn't eated by your F*CKTARD BLOG!1! (Please don gore me for calling your blog a f*cktard!)

  3. Uh ... to be clear don't gore me ... not don gore me.

    Who the HELL is Don Gore anyway?

  4. I'm sure he meant it in a nice way.

  5. I'd like to think everyone is riveted to my running stories around the dinner table as well but, when I look up, they all have their headphones in.

  6. I'm sure he meant it in a nice way!

  7. I admit to wondering what it would be like to run a marathon without a long swim and bike first. At night on the strip. A buddy of mine is trying to convince me to join her...

  8. Can't you call in sick? We won't tell, promise. You should do it. I'm sure The Herd would be quiet and act like perfect angels.

  9. Glaven - your comments cracked me up.

    I think good men realize that their women need a herd of their own to vent to or else we come home and nag and complain.

    You never know Alice - I think the strip at night is a horrible idea - but I might be stupid enough to do it. I'm trying to think of a 1/2 marathon that has been horrible - this seems to me as a horrible and ugly run - but I can be persuaded.

    And about that Vegas 1/2 ..... Maybe after the Vegas 1/2 - we can do the Fresno 1/2 or the Yuma 1/2 so that we have something to compare it to.

  10. I think running on the strip at night would be awesome! I'm glad they changed the course for the full since it used to be run in a lot of industrial areas--creepy and scary! Did you hear that the cutoff for the full is 4.5 hours??!! That is CRAZY!! I would love to run the half! Hmmm... kids' school the next day.