Saturday, March 19, 2011

Six Things Saturday (night)

Another busy week. I was going to originally name this post "Five things Friday" (in the tradition of Three Things Thursday" and other blog traditions of the past... But, of course, I got really busy and so I didn't get this written until now.

So here are the SIX highlights of the week.
If it were a production of Fiddler on the Roof...
It's a deal!***
  1. In a moment of complete maturity, I did not run all week in order to "rehab" my knee. I did a reasonable job of stretching, icing, and strengthening, and by "reasonable job," I mean I did each of these things at least once.
  2. Turbo is in this years Peter Pan Junior Theater production of The Music Man. He plays an old Jew. I'll bet you didn't know that there were old Hasidic Jewish men living in River City, Iowa in the early 1900's, but you'd be wrong.  
  3. In late summer Mik, Elsie and I registered for the Napa to Sonoma 1/2 Marathon in July. Betty, for several reasons, did not, but then tried to register during a late lottery drawing. We found out this week she did NOT get in.
  4. Betty is willing to purchase a bib from someone who needs to sell. She says will pay double if the name on it is "Tiger."
  5. In other super exciting news this week, Betty purchased Elsie's old Lexus. I was there for the paper signing and pink-slip transferring. I'm pretty sure my attendance at the event was much appreciated.
  6. After resting my knee (oh yeah, and the pretend-to-rehab-it bit), I DID run 8 miles this morning with the track club.* Some parts of the run felt OK; sometimes, I could feel my knee, but it never really hurt.** Now, the knee feels OK. It's not as sore as last week, but this afternoon, I'm definitely feeling it. I'll have to get back to my intensive stretching, icing, strengthening program...and by "intensive," I mean that I'll try to do each of these things at least twice this week.
*Although running two miles up the San Diego Riverbed/Flood channel, and two miles back may sound dreadful to some, this is actually one of my favorite runs. I've writting about the joys of running on the riverbed several times in the past couple of years. This year there were no Elvis sightings... Also, after the run, there was a SDTC picnic, which we couldn't stay for because we had kid-delivery errands to get to. Too bad. It was nice seeing Irene, who looked incredibly happy!

** Despite the almost reasonable pace (10:49) this morning, I felt incredibly slow and sluggish. This was definitely due to a lack of training runs this week. What do I do? I fear that if I push it and run during the week, I'll injure my knee for sure. I also know a sure-fire way to get hurt is to ONLY run on the weekends....GAH!

*** I decided to NOT post the photo of Betty flipping me off. She's been making a concerted effort to not say "The Eff Word" this month. She says it's on her "bucket list"


  1. Hmmmm. Taking a week off and then ramping up to 8 miles right off the bat . . . . Your son looks adorable and I bet he's charmed the audiences too.

  2. It is hard to give yourself the rest you need. But it takes longer than a week. Knees are bad like that. And 8 miles is a long way. I haven't run that far in many months. My knee, you know.

  3. Gosh, you are TOTALLY too mature(and smart)! Glad you're taking it easy on the knee...that can ONLY be good for you!
    I also love kid productions of anything, even The Music guy is too cute. I love the beard.
    I don't really like that river run at all. If I know we're going to run it, I won't drive down. I've given it a few chances but the coast is SO great. I'm spoiled I guess!!
    When do you have spring break?

  4. That's quite the facial hair on your son! Wow, he sure grew up fast! LOL. No, I didn't know there were Hasidic Jews in River City. ;) He kinda looks Amish. (Michael just came over and said, "who's that kid with the beard?")

    How's Walter? He was looking like he was done with the run early on.

    Considering how your knee hurt last week, you sure looked pretty good out there. I hope it continues that way.

    Yeah, happy is an understatement! I've never received applause for saying i quit a job before.

  5. That beard is a bit creepy! He does look Amish I have to say...

    I think you did well with your knee but girlfriend - stay off it! And ice it loads!

  6. Re: #5, your presence as witness will be more important than you know when you're forced to appear in court when Betty sues Elsie because the Lexus turns out to be a lemon (allegedly) and the herd breaks up because everyone is forced to choose sides.

    Welcome to MY New Invention: Worst Case Scenario Sunday. (It's an idea I stole from Ian, except his WCSS is every day of the week.)

    Meanwhile, your incessant clicking between my blog and Teh Tranny's opened up a wormhole in the blogosphere and my blog got sucked into it (FYI, dudes: Wormholes SWALLOW!1!) and, long story short, I am now the only running blog in existence in Victorian London. My Mission: To kill Charles Dickens before he publishes his first novel. If none of you reading this knows what David Copperfield means, I'll know I was successful.

  7. BTW, any Phillies Phan would know that your son actually looks like Ross Gload there.

    Um ... where were you and Ross 11-12 years ago?

  8. uh oh. so you're saying running ONLY on the weekends is a bad thing? (me too....stupid knee!)

  9. Maybe your knee needed a mile or two during the week then a shorter run yesterday until it's stronger instead of 0 to 8?

    Turbo looks good as a little old man :)

  10. At first I read too quickly and couldn't understand why he was dressed up like a Jewish man for a Peter Pan play. Ha!

  11. great job resting the knee. My vote is with the others..any shorter distance in between none and 8?

    (of course I'm guilty of the same thing to 10 just because I "can")