Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lies, Lies, Lies...

Running lies I told myself this morning....
  • If I sleep in 10 more minutes, I can still make it to the long run on time.
  • It won't matter if I miss the warm-up.
  • Since I missed the warm-up, I'll just start running with the group for a few minutes, then I'll stop and stretch.
  • I feel pretty warmed up. If I don't stop and stretch, I'll be fine.
  • I feel pretty good, maybe I'll run 10 miles this morning!
  • That tightening in my calf would be happening even if I had stretched before I started running.
  • That tightening in my left foot is probably plantar fascia tendon, but if I keep running, it'll stretch out.
  • That pain in my ass? Oh that will go away too if I just keep moving.
  • I can keep this 10:30 pace for 8 miles.
  • 7.82 miles is the same as 8 miles (it is, right?)
The path on the San Diego river...two miles up looking at this, two miles back, two miles up, two miles back.

Other random notes from the morning
  • This is the third time I've done the "Marathon Pace Run"...which for those training for the RnR marathon a 2 hour training run that is supposed to be run at marathon pace. My decision this morning was to make it a 1:30 hour 1/2 marathon training run. We started at Hospitality Point and ran inland on the San Diego Riverbed for 2 miles, then turned around and ran back 2 miles, then turned around - 2 more miles, etc, etc, etc. In the past, the most exciting part of the run would be to see "friends" on the turnarounds.
  • Despite the lack of heffer-runners to keep me entertained, the run was nowhere near as difficult for me this year as it has been in the past. The first year I did it, I think I went out far too fast and struggled after the 4th mile, and got lapped by a guy in an Elvis suit. Last year, I was on the injury circuit and had a pretty bad cold to boot, so although I was happy with last year's run, I do remember it being a challenge. In fact, this year I thought that the two mile turnarounds came up pretty quickly.
  • Irene demanded Percoset (or some other pain killer) as I ran past her. 
  • Although I had no pain killers, I did have some bandaids, which I gave to Michael (Irene's hubby) for some blisters he felt he was getting from his new Asics.
  • After 8 miles (OK...after 7.82 miles), I decided I'd had enough, although for the most part, this was entirely mental. I had decided pretty early on that I'd do only four laps, so when I got to the turnaround, I walked down to the toilets, did some business there, and then walked back to the car. I mostly feel bad about this because I didn't say goodbye to Irene.
 Proof that I was on the riverbed...and WTF am I doing with my right hand? It almost looks like its poised and ready for a mimosa doesn't it... breakfast or mimosas this morning (sorry to disappoint). I've got a day filled with little league (yes, it's started already here) and sleepovers, and getting ready for Play Week. (DramaGirl and Turbo are in another PPJT production. This year, they're doing Peter Pan. Stay tuned. I'm sure I'll have pictures about that this upcoming week).

    BTW...Nike announced this week that the lottery for the Nike Women's Marathon and 1/2 is opening April 5... The herd is making plans to enter as a group again. Hopefully we'll get in this year.

    I do want to send some shout-outs and mojo (not that he needs it) to Glenn who is running the LA Marathon tomorrow morning and to Penny (who had a tough week, and who may need it) who is running the NYC 1/2 Marathon tomorrow also...and to everyone else who is running in either of those (or other) races. Have a great time!


    1. Percoset, Darvocet, something!

      Thanks for the Bandaids. :) No worries about not saying good bye. I had a hard time finding Michael afterward!

      Oh yeah, Nike. I received the e-mail, too. I sort of forgot about it. Maybe since I missed the sign ups for the triple crown, maybe I'll get to do Nike this year??? I hope we all get in.

      I have a couple of great pictures of you running.

    2. I heard everyone talking about this run at track. Hey, at least you made it out there in the early a.m. I slept in, too lazy today! Thanks for reminding me about it impossible to get in? What are you supposed to do, call or on line reg.? I guess I'll go look it up, duh!

    3. fingers crossed for the herd to make it into nike women's half

    4. You mean, what are you doing with your LEFT hand? unless that picture is a miror image?! lol.

      nice run.. and 7.82 is pretty damn close to 8! :)

    5. Your hand is permanently molded in the shape of your mimosa glass! Nice work on the run, 7.82 is 8 in my book.

      I have my fingers crossed that you all get into the Nike half.

    6. I had a pain in my a$$ while running yesterday....first time ever. What the hell IS that?? That sucked.
      I was going to say "left" hand as well, but I see others have already corrected you!!
      Should have had the mimosa before typing your post! (lol)
      PS/thanks for the nice comment and I agree with you on it.

    7. I think your conscience and mine must be meeting on the side because I had that exact same conversation yesterday morning. Yeah, that run is not big on scenery, but, as you can see, it's a great confidence booster if all goes well.

    8. Thanks for the kind words, AKA Aleece! I have to go for a run now, so I'll be back later to actually read this post.

      Yes, I still split my infinitives. Some things never change.

    9. I make a deal with the DEVIL, my alarm clock, EVERY SINGLE DAY....until I got a puppy. No deal making to be done, get up or clean shit. Take your pick. Wahaaaaaa, I just want 10 more minutes.

    10. Wow. You're a bigger liar than I am, even.

      I'm envious.

    11. Also ... I didn't see a "Gahhh!" in this post!

      I want my "Gahhh!" This is the second time I had to warn you!


    12. Yes, we all do these things, but you still got out there and ran...that is important! Have a great week!

    13. Hey! I'm glad you found me. I wish I taught at the college level...I've very jealous. Someday.

      Good luck with the lottery. If there is room for one more in your herd-- the more entries, the more likely someone will get picked.

      I look forward to following your blog!

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. You make reading about running, fun. Looking forward to following your blog.

    16. best wishes on the nike 1/2!

    17. Wow. Little League season already. I miss youth baseball. My son doesn't.....

    18. I canNOT believe you gave Kanada Keef a GAH! but I get nothing?

      Way to hurt my FEELINGS, Aleece!1!

    19. Good luck to the herd on getting into Nike!

    20. Oooh! I really hope you ladies get into Nike this year, even though I really wanted you to get in LAST year when I was there!!

    21. Like how you spell it as lies. Lying to myself!! Strange how I got so into the "If I sleep in 10 more minutes..." habit since last year. Then, as I wake up 30 minutes later I kick myself all day long!
      Mark Martinez,
      your hyper gain test lab