Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heffer Announcements

It's been a few weeks (what with regular ole life an all interrupting my regular plans) since the herd got together, but that's what we did tonight. It was Madge and Wilma's birthday so we all got together for Happy Hour.

And what a night. It seems like we're all growing up.

Clarence announced that she was with calf (well...actually momma did the announcing). But still, a heffer having a baby. It's awesome and we all can't wait.

Daisy has a new fabulous house (even if it is in El Cajon) and I can't wait for the first wine party (which is, from all reports, the whole reason she bought the house). Seriously though, it's an awesome place!

Madge has a boyfriend. I'd met "the boyfriend" a few weeks ago. I was mostly impressed when he walked into the bar and didn't "SQUWEEEEEEEE" upon seeing the corner table filled with the herd (we approve!).

Mona and I finished the evening by lying in bed, drinking wine, and talking smack about the ridiculous "real housewives" of OC and NYC. I have nothing but thanks for the herd, a group of women who are way too real for Bravo.

In other news....

SoCal weather this weekend says rain on Saturday morning (NOAA says rain won't start until after 10 am, which is superb since I'll be done running my 9 miles well before 10 am). In any event, I've got no real trouble running in the rain. I mean, all things being equal, I'd prefer to NOT run in the rain, but it's doable, and lord knows, we've done wet runs before.

But cycling in the rain? That's a whole 'nuther animal.

So, I'm planning to do the Gran Fondo 32 mile ride on Sunday morning. NOAA says 40% chance of rain on Sunday. Riding in the rain, to be frank, scares the living begeezus out of me, not to mention the wardrobe issues...

What should I be thinking of wearing?
What should I be thinking of doing?
What should I be thinking?

Any and all wet-cycling advice is welcome. Lord knows I need it.


  1. Riding in the rain scares me too. I don't have suggestions on what to wear because, quite frankly, I would just bag it if it were me.

  2. Where to start? I have never met a Madge or Wilma in real life. And a female Clarence, who is preggo. I'm not sure I've ever met a male Clarence, and for sure not a female one. I've met a female Ken, for what it's worth.

    The herd sounds like a wonderful group. I am astonished they have no advice for riding in the rain. Even if they have no practical experience at it. I have essentially no practical experience in it either, so I'll stay quiet. Hail yes, rain no.

  3. Congratulations to Clarence! How exciting. I've never been pg with a big group of friends around (always new in town) and I imagine it is wonderful.

    Hmmm.... riding in the rain? I have no idea. I can't even wrap my head around running a trail race in the rain.

    Good luck!

  4. So the herd is growing huh? Great news! Sounds like a fun time.

    They're now pushing back the start of the storm to Saturday afternoon here in L.A. That either means that it will be raining most of Sunday, or the storm is going to miss us all together. Take your pick!

    As far as what to wear while riding in the rain - goggles. Seriously - something to keep the rain our of your eyes. As far as everything else - remember wet means cold, so make sure you have something dry to change into afterwards!

    Oh - and photos please! I'll be waiting patiently...

  5. Ooh, rain and biking? Yikes! Good luck this weekend.

    BTW, a bit jealous here of your herd...

  6. I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE that NOAA is right! The only weekend in February it didn't rain I was home sick. I also HOPE it isn't ridiculously windy while running on Fiesta Island.

    Rain gear? If all else fails, there's the garbage bag route. I know, not very fashion forward. You can tell I know next to noting about rain gear since we get a good rain only every 10 years or so.

    Congratulations to the Heffers! That's a lot of great news.

    Good luck at the Gran Fondo!

  7. Just give yourself a little more space with the bikes around you, as you'll have wet brakes! But there are worse things than riding in the rain. Of course, I live in Seattle, so I have to say that.