Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alone For the Week

It's spring break...and I, for one, couldn't be happier...

So while I am reading FB accounts from the herd about being in Hawaii, or Washington DC, or Mexico, or Texas (?), I am at home...

In fact, as of this morning, I am at home alone

DramaGirl went to San Francisco yesterday to see some cousins. For the very first time, she flew on an airplane by herself! Yesterday I was pretty nervous. Of course, the flight into SFO was delayed (aren't they all?), but eventually it left and she managed to meet up with her aunt, and she spent the day helping to cook for a Passover celebration she'll be attending.

DramaGirl helping prepare for the feast...I know she's thrilled because I NEVER let her use The Big Knife!

This morning, Walter and Turbo took off to go to Spring Training in Phoenix, with another set of cousins and my father in law. It's a boys trip (there were 7 of them in the van this morning!)

Now, I have the whole house to myself...for three days!

In my family's absence:
  • I get to make salads for dinner and have nobody complain.
  • I get to watch whichever TV show I want on whatever TV I want whenever I want.
  • I don't have to listen to any cartoons or Disney channel screaming or video game chatter.
  • I'll also get lonely, and I'll miss them lots.
So, I have three days of "Me" plans. On deck...
  • Going to my office and grade a stack of papers that are sitting there. I know this sounds dreadful, but getting it done will leave me not thinking about it for the rest of the week.
  • Shopping (for me).
  • Actually going to go to the SDTC track workout tonight
  • Dinner with the herd after the SDTC workout
  • A bike ride on Wednesday morning with possible brunch plans afterward
  • A pedicure
  • Run Thursday morning
I think I'll be busy enough...

On the workout/running/biking front...

I didn't post this weekend because not much really happened due to Play Week. I missed the SDTC long run, which I am really bummed about because it is one of my favorite runs (through the beach communities and to La Jolla's Wind and Sea beach and back), and it was a beautiful morning, but I overslept (up late the previous night...Play Week). Also my parents were in town for the play and I wasn't sure what time they were going to drop by the house on their way back to Vegas.

Nana, Papa, Nibs (DramaGirl) and Captain Kidd (Turbo). Yes, he was supposed to look mean and angry. I wasn't much of an acting stretch because he HATED the fake mustache.

And because all I have this week are loads of pictures of pirates and lost boys...here are a few more...

Opening Night!

Closing night...by the 10th performance (yes, they did 10 performances over the week...8 live and two full dress rehearsals), he got drawn on facial hair and was a MUCH happier pirate. 

I did get down to the beach that afternoon (before the evening performance) and got in a quick 18 mile bike ride in 1:05...not too shabby. There was a pretty mean headwind on Fiesta Island, but it was a beautiful afternoon on the beach.

Mostly I've been trying to settle into some kind of routine with this P90X thing. Here's my take on it so far.
  • Tony Horton is not nearly as annoying as some video-workout-dudes are, but I can see how at some point, I'll get tired of hearing him say: "I'll drop back in here and lift." I'll also want to listen to my own music. Is it just me, or does the background workout music sound like porn music?
  • There's certainly some hypocrisy in his admonitions to "not let your ego get in the way," and how he either shames some of the background peeps to do more or how he "ooohs" and "aaaahs" when one of the background peeps really pushes it.
  • The weightlifting routines are easy to follow, which I appreciate, and he does give really nice directions about what to do. It moves a little fast, but it's easy enough to pause and rewind.
  • I like how he "monitors" the crew. Inevitably when one of the background peeps (BPs from now on because I have no idea WTF to call them) is using an incorrect form, or has bad posture, so do I. The corrections, for me, seem spot on.
  • I am using bands for the pull-ups because I don't have a pull-up bar in the house and have no intention of installing one. 
  • I couldn't do a pull-up anyway.
  • I still cannot do a reasonable pushup, and I think I'm back to arms today.
  • I'll probably regularly replace the Kenpo and the Pylo workouts with some other cardio. I don't have the coordination to follow the routines...and where Kenpo is concerned, my arms are just flailing around. 
Hope you all are having a fabulous week. 


  1. You're home alone for 3 days? Why don't you make a little of your own porn music, if you know what I mean?

    Do you know what I mean?

    I don't know what I mean ...

    Do it anyway! GAH!

  2. I wish I got a spring break! :-) I love that you're doing all kinds of things to take care of yourself during this alone time. I've gotten into the bad habit of using times like that to only do chore-type things, something I'm trying to break!

  3. Ah yes, time alone. It's both awesome and horrible at the same time!!!

  4. "Is it just me, or does the background workout music sound like porn music?"

    What kind of porn ARE you watching?


    I just turn off the volume for P90X.

    Give pylo another try later on. All of those moves are good cross-training for running.

    I had the house to myself for a few hours yesterday. I didn't even answer the phone. It was bliss. I hope you enjoy time to yourself. It must feel like a mini vacay.

  5. Enjoy the time to yourself!

    Drama Girl looks just like you!

  6. Home alone for three days?!? I think I would be a mixture of lonely and all kinds of excited to do my own thing. Sounds like same for you. Try to enjoy it...alone time like that doesn't happen often!

  7. I hope your "me" days were fun!