Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yeah...this started off as three things...pfffft..

Well...this started off as a Three Things Thursday post, but since it'll be almost Friday when I finish it...I'll just label it a Bullet-Crazy-Friday post.

My self-proclaimed Spa Week is almost over. DramaGirl is back home tonight. She's coming down with a cold of course, after a week of being an ACTOR and a second week with the cousins. She managed to get on and off a non-stop plane all by herself. I am both proud and a little sad that my baby is growing up. She had an EXCELLENT time with our SF cousins (Thanks to Connie, Emily, Rebecca, Steven, and Johanna for entertaining her and to Connie and Emily for taking her shopping in Union Square). She may NEVER be the same having experienced the shoe floor in Macy's Union Square..uh oh!

So, despite being a little lonely in the evenings and sleeping like absolute CRAP in a WAY TOO QUIET house, I managed to stay pretty busy through the days. Here's the short version of the week :-) (yeah, yeah, yeah)
  • Tuesday - I hadn't been to a Tuesday night SDTC workout in at least a month and (I'm soooooo gonna sound like a reality show contestant here) I didn't know what to expect. I have been running two times a week, strength training a few times a week. We were doing 800 repeats, which are freakin' HARD. So, how'd I do? I ran negative splits for the first three 800's. My last 800 was about 3 seconds slower. All of them were sub-10 minute mile pace...the last three were under 9:30. Can I hear a WOOT WOOT and prediction for a sub 30 minute 5K at the Carlsbad 5000 in two weeks.
  • Wednesday -  Betty and I did the 5 Cities Tour. The weatherman said there was a chance of rain, but we said "pfffft...we spit at the rain" and rode anyway. Luckily, there was no rain, but as we headed back up the Silver Strand toward Coronado there was hella wind! 
  • I feel like I never take enough photos, so I tried to take LOTS on Wednesday.
This is the salt mine that is at the foot of San Diego Bay in National City (or maybe it's Chula Vista...I'm never very sure where I am here)...betcha ya never seen touristy photos of this kind of thing do you?
WTF is up with Blogger's new photo took HOURS to upload this sweet photo of Betty and me starting our five cities tour! GAH! GAH! GAH!
Riding up the bike path on the Silver Strand - I swear I thought for a minute the guy on the bench was sitting there necked as a jaybird. Turned out he just had on pants the same color as his soon to be really sunburned back.
This is where Betty told me that she thought she left her T on the WAT???? In other words...a little soreness as we came into Coronado. Riding into the wind on the Strand was like doing hill training without the hill
Some Navy Seals were training and it looked like they were chasing the ferry we were on as we rode back to San Diego from Coronado
Some protesters were protesting something near the airport, causing a HUMONGOUS traffic jam.
We stopped to watch the protesters
    • In other news - My 30 year high school reunion is coming up this summer, so I spent some time Wednesday night scanning in some old photos to post on the reunion's FB page. I have only three comments to make about all the photos...
    • When I post a picture of DramaGirl, many of you have said that she looks just like me...we'll you should see pictures of us at about the same age. 
    That's me in the back row in the yellow shirt.
    • I will also add that, perhaps as a result of being completely OVER PHOTOGRAPHED as a child, DramaGirl knows how to work her angles in a photo. Quite honestly, even when she's taking a goofy shot, she rarely looks bad in pictures. I can't say the same thing is true of me and my contemporaries. Of course it could also be a result of my MAD PHOTO SKILZ in which every photo is either blurry or off center, but I seemed to regularly take people by complete surprise.
    I cropped about an inch from the right side of this photo...yeah centering, not my strong suit. These are some girls from Drill Team Camp. I'm not in this photo, but that's my sister in the back on the left.
    • Second, I can't help but notice how thin I was. The sad part is that I NEVER thought of myself as then then. In fact, quite the opposite. I shake my head at it now. I weighed about 115 lbs, and I remember being frustrated that I couldn't get below 110... GAH! Don't get me wrong, it's not that I feel bad that I don't weigh that now (well...ok...I do a little), I'm mostly struck by how I thought that I was fat when I clearly wasn't. It's sad the negative self image I had of myself. 
    Yeah...that's me in the white. Yes I was a cheerleader. Shut up.
    • Thursday - I played THE BEST APRIL FOOLS JOKE EVAH on Walter today! He's been in Peoria, AZ this week with his dad, his brother and his brother's kids and Turbo for Spring Training. Last time he went to Spring Training was probably 20 years ago. We weren't married then, but while he was gone, I bought a new car. Truth be told, it was probably one of the worst cars ever built (Mazda Capri) and I probably got the worst lease deal EVAH, and it took SEVEN WHOLE YEARS TO PAY THE DAMN THING OFF (because I have such superior negotiating skillz), but I LOVED that car. I mean, how could you not LOVE a red convertible?
    What a sweet car, and no I'm not pregnant in this photo, it was the style then...very Flash Dance/Madonna-Material Girl inspired, don't you think?
    • Someday, maybe, I'll devote a whole post to the summer that Walter and I drove around the country in that car (and when I say around the country, I'm talking from San Diego, to Miami, to New York City, and back though some really flat states in the center of the country, over the Rockies, through Utah, Nevada, and then back to San Diego). It took us five weeks. One night, in Ohio, we couldn't find a place to sleep, so we slept in the car. He says that after we survived that trip without killing each other, we could probably stay married forever, so he decided to marry me.
    • Anyway, that I bought a car when he left town sorta bothered him. So, today, after picking up DramaGirl from the airport we went and did this...
    Look what I bought honey!
    And it's ON SALE!!!!!
    • No...I did not buy the almost $50,000 Volkswagon Toureg, but I did send Walter a text message and photo SAYING I did. He didn't believe me at first (because he's so clever), but then DramaGirl and I got him on the phone and started talking about what an excellent car it was and then DramaGirl started telling him about some of the "really cool" features on the car (GENIUS!), AND THEN I reminded him of what I did LAST TIME HE WENT TO SPRING TRAINING.... and then there was this silence...where I knew I had him and he was thinking "OMFG...she went and bought an effing CAR WITHOUT ME....AGAIN...
    • And then I got to say APRIL FOOLS!
    Everyone's back tomorrow and my house will be messy again and everything will be back to normal.

    All in all, a really excellent week!


        1. My 30th high school reunion is this summer also! Good gawd, I feel so damn old!
          Love the April Fool's joke-I love the look of the VW Toureg but never knew they cost so much-I guess that's not in my future!
          Happy Easter!

        2. hahahahahahahaha! That is an awesome April Fools joke! I always use the same one, the fake pregnancy. It always works, it is fun watching the color drain from his face.

          Great photos! Drama Girl could be your twin!!!

        3. Last year my wife and I bought a new car when my kids were at camp. Even though they contribute absolutely nothing to the financial well being of the household, they felt slighted since they weren't involved in the car buying adventure. Go figure. I can only imagine what was going through your husband's head when you were telling him. Good job!

        4. Great April Fools joke and awesome bike ride!

        5. *Ready? OK! We've got spirit, yes we do, we've got spirit, how about you?*

          My sister was a cheerleader. I know just about all the cheers through osmosis.

          OMG, that's just hysterical about the car. I totally forgot that it was April 1st. Used to do the pregnancy one, too, but it only works for so long.

          Looked like a gorgeous day for a bike tour!

        6. Hmm. My cheerleading skills? "Kick 'em in the the left knee, kick 'em in the right knee, kick 'em in the we need we need we need a touchdown!" (Say the last part quick.) Hey. What can I say? I was the nerdy kid with the slide rule. Really.

          I loved this post Alice. I'm sitting here waiting for my car to come out of the free car wash at the car dealer (why would I otherwise buy a car from these folks?) chuckling. I'm sure everyone around me thinks I'm pretty weird. See what you've done?

        7. Somehow, I don't think you're capable of a post as boring as three things thursday (me...I'm good at the short ones. you...not so much). But I love that about your posts. Alway bring a smile to my face. :-)

        8. O, sister, this post actually brought tears to my eyes! I don't know if it's because we are nearly exact contemporaries or because you and Walter went on what I STILL consider to be my dream trip (DRIVING around this whole great country of our - yes, even the FLAT BORING STATES - I wanna see them!) and came out the other end still in love ... OMG! I AM SUCH A TOTAL GIRL when it comes to love stories like that!

          Or maybe it is because your darling little daughter is so much the spitting image of you ... it reassures me that life goes on! Thanks for this post sister! I think I know where it came from. That whole "Woo-Hoo! I'm free from the family!" feeling .. then the realization ... y'know ... I'd really rather be with them ...

          Best wishes to you and your truly lovely family, sister!