Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Therapy

This evening Betty and I decide to go for a Monday run... I think we both needed it. Betty is in charge of state testing at the high school, and me? I was a complete bonehead at work today and utterly spaced going to a meeting that I actually wanted to go to...

To be honest, this forgetting thing has been happening to me more and more often recently. I feel like I'm in a fog. I'm constantly forgetting things. I'm cranky (lots more than usual).

In short (and at the risk of alienating any of my male readers), I think I'm headed for "The Change" and I can't say that I'm thrilled about what appear to be some of the symptoms. GAH!

So...the run today was especially therapeutic. We started at Hospitality Point (which is where many SDTC runs start...perhaps you've seen something close to this, only at 7am and not at 5pm.
HP at sunset from the OB jetty side...beautiful, huh?
Despite running into the wind for awhile, it really was a nice run. We kept a surprisingly good pace despite having to walk over some deep sand to get to the beach at the end of the jetty, and having to walk through the sand to get to the hard-packed sand at the water. The tide was in a bit, but overall, it was a pretty low tide, so beach running was possible.
The walk to the water...I know some people do deep sand running, but I would not be among them.
Sunset Cliffs from the pier
The pier from the beach. You'd think I'd have a slower pace today considering that I stopped frequently to take photos. Sometimes pace doesn't really  matter.'s me. Betty was ahead of me at this point. She was setting a pretty wicked pace and it took me awhile to catch her.
Since I just figured out how to embed info from Garmin Connect, I'll probably bore you to tears with this kind of thing for awhile, but here's the route we took. Obviously, we ran on the pier, not into the ocean and back.

Many shoutouts and congrats to everyone who ran some little race in Boston this morning. Can't wait to read all your reports!


  1. I like to see maps of where people run, bike.

    Didn't you have your meeting plugged into your iPhone, with the alarm set to go off? (snigger.) (snort.) Sorry! Can't help myself. My space in the cube farm is just outside the manager's office. Her iPhone ringer is ducks quacking. It just slays people, me included, and I hear it a lot.

    Don't sweat the forgetting stuff. It's been happening to me for years. Once you stop stressing about the forgetting, it gets good. The important stuff will find you.

  2. Welcome to "the change"! It's a blast. Just wait 'till the uncontrollable crying sets in!
    Great pics-some day I'd love to have a run along the ocean!

  3. I'm right there with you with the time of life, forgetfulness, and other fun stuff. sigh.

    and I don't like running in sand either!

  4. such a pretty route! I forgot what else I was going to say... =)

  5. What a beautiful day for a run on the beach! And the map is cool too. Maybe I should go check out Garmin Connect again. I used it a year or so ago, but didn't find it as useful as Sporttracks.

    P.S. - Don't let people know there's a pier and play up the Jesus angle.

  6. I was really hoping you ran into the ocean! ;-)

    Same was what Glenn said, I should go look at Garmin Connect again, I've been using SportsTracks.

  7. I'm so freeking jealous right now -- nice run! At least my garden is starting to kick ass. :)

    Oh, I am so throwing a party when they say I'm officially in menopause. I might even be there now for all I know. I can't remember and I'm awfully sweaty. LOL. J/K. I enjoy being a girl, but I could do without TOTM. (I'd have a party anyway, who needs an excuse?)

  8. That looks like a great place to run. Or, just a great place to park it and relax for a while.

  9. Betty says - Thanks for joining me! Nice pictorial! You've just had lots going on - there's a reason your mind wanders... it was sparing you the "excitement" of a meeting!

  10. GAH, forgetful is my middle name, (I think). I'm still laughing at Diana's comment, Hah!

  11. What a fun run and I love the Garmin Connect posting. Is that new on their site? Gosh, now I feel like the dinosaur with the old GC postings! So, you were a great stalker. You get an A but I think you told me a few too many times that you were actually stalking that takes your grade down a bit...maybe to an A-. See Alice, you have to do more mysterious lurking and hiding behind walls(like I did in our hotel with RH)...we have to meet so I can give you some quality tips and lessons. were SO supportive and if feel comforting to know that our SD peeps were out there in spirit with us!!
    Love your pictures, by the way!

  12. LOVE that garmin connect posting - had no idea you could do that. Will try that now..

    Lovely run as well - aren't you lucky to run where you are? Gorgeous. And what a way to recover from a day like yours.