Friday, April 16, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Oh yeah...Heffers are global

Well...not global really, but you can find heffers are all over the country. Yesterday Bessie was in town from Virginia. An event of such magnitude required a Heffer Happy Hour to meet and reminisce about such things as the great KFC mashed potato debacle of 1997.

Good Times...

Elsie, Madge, Alice, Momma, Bessie (all the way from Virginia!), and Betty
It's been another one of those weeks with not much working out, but a lot of working. Additional complications this week included:
  • A sick MacBook Pro - Said computer is currently (hopefully) being fixed by a genius at the Apple Store who is installing a new something techy-sounding (new IO board) so the blessed thing will turn on. When it wouldn't turn on on Tuesday night, I did go into near panic mode since MY WHOLE EFFING LIFE IS ON THAT COMPUTER!!! (yes, it is backed it up, but still... and YES this is related to the whole "bottle-of-water-exploded-in-my-briefcase-in-the-worst-trip-to-SF-EVAH" episode).*
  • A dying desktop computer - So, I'm working (or pretending to work and blogging) on our iMac. Turbo has been complaining for months that there's something wrong with this computer, but since I rarely use it, I've just ignored those complaints. But I'd have to agree with him, there is definitely something wrong with the screen because everyone once in awhile I get something that looks like this...
This is from Meg Runs. See the verticle lines going down the page? This is NOT what her actual blog looks like unless you were looking at it on my compter. Check it out, and while you're there send her some love since she's running Boston this weekend.
Again, this is NOT the result of my mad blogging skillz... Apple Genius says it means the computer needs a new logic board, which is hella expensive to fix **
  • A sick boy - Turbo has a 24-hour stomach flu. He seems fine today and just downed a grilled cheese and a banana, which his fabulous mother served to him as he lay reading in bed...ahh the joys of being a sick kid).
On the workout front...
  • A single treadmill workout  - On Tuesday night instead of going to the SDTC workout, I opted to come home and use the 'mill instead. I did 6 x 1/2 mile repeats with 1/4 mile recovery "laps" with a 1/2 mile warm up and 1/4 mile cool down. Question...does anyone know if a 1/2 mile is longer or shorter than 800 meters. Yes I am a metrically lazy and I don't want to bother figuring it out. All together I ran 5 miles in about 52 minutes. I  ran negative splits in the 1/2 mile repeat and my last repeat was at a 9:15 pace.
  • A San Diego RnR Goal - So, now that I've proven that I can be a speedy-gonzalez-type-runner, I'm now trying not to setting ridiculous goals for myself, like finishing a 1/2 marathon in 2:20 (10:41 pace).
All I know is if I'm going to do THAT, I'll need to get in more than 2 runs a week...GAH!

Tomorrow morning, SDTC is again going to Oceanside and that's nearly an hour drive from here, so the herd will be doing about two hours in and around Balboa Park. I'm sure I'll have photos of mimosas from Elsie's La Casita.

* Fixing the water-damaged MacBook? $500

** Since I was in the Apple Store, I also picked up a new iMac as well...


  1. Glad you had a great time with the girls!!!!

    I think an 800 is about a half mile. :) You see, I'm equally challenged with numbers.

    So jealous of Turbo - He got a grilled cheese sandwich!

    Best wishes on the computer issues. I feel your pain there!

  2. iPhone x 2. Mac Book Pro. iMac. Sheesh. You sure are hard on Macs! (Note to self, do not let aka Alice in the study when she comes to do a race in Calgary.)

  3. At least you didn't order a new iPad (like my wife who just happened to swing by the Apple store and just had. to. have. it.) Enjoy your weekend.

  4. You've discovered one of the reasons I'm not an Apple fan. Seems that all that manufacturing overseas leaves a little to be desired. My iPods are always breaking. All of our family's iPhones seem to break within a year too!

    And now you're scaring me about the iMac! I need to get one here soon to start developing an iPhone app. Yikes!

  5. cool a new computer, I'm jealous

  6. Wow, I have never seen a computer do something like that! :) yikes.

  7. a half mile is close enough to 800 meters. go with that