Saturday, April 17, 2010

In Which Heffers Don New Hats

We entered Elsie's home this morning before our long run together to discover this...
Mik brought over heffer-hats!
But the wearing of cow paraphernalia and the drinking of mimosas would have to wait, because we all had to run.

Mik and Kat decided to run down to Seaport Village and back (very ambitious of them), Betty, Elsie and I decided to head over to Balboa Park.

Balboa Park is always a fabulous and interesting place to run...lots of diversions along the way. This morning the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) was having a run/walk, so there were about a thousand people milling about the north end of the park waiting for the event to start. Apparently their event was supposed to start at 8:30, which gave us a good goal...get out of the park before all 1000 of the runners/walkers were on the paths.

We ran a couple loops of the main roads, then as we were headed back over the Laurel Street Bridge, one of the people who was directing traffic joked that we'd better get going because there were a bunch of walkers coming our way.

You can't see 'em, but there are about 1000 people behind Betty and me
Betty told me that as I was headed out of the park, some of their runners must have thought I was leading their run and started following me. I only noticed this because when I was at the top of this pedestrian bridge I could hear a couple of people saying "were we supposed to come this way." Then one woman looked at me and seemed pretty surprised that I didn't have a race bib on...

Pretty...yep there were some confused runners when I stopped to take a photo....I think some thought I was leading the parade...
Ah well...race organization...gotta love it!

Anyway, after last weeks "sprint," we took it easy this morning. Here are my stats: 7:37 miles/1:27/11:44 pace

Like I said...a really easy run, besides we had to get back to La Casita for mimosas and heffer-hats

Aren't the hats fabulous...we are trying to figure out in which race they should make their'd have to be short race, because in addition to being HAWT, the hats are HOT. 
Moooooooooooooo (of course)

Kat...our photographer :-)


  1. I LOVE THE HATS!!! Definately needs to be a short race. Something fun!

  2. Oh I love the hats.
    Too funny about leading the race.

  3. Definitely a 5k for those cow hats, and you all need to run together! Hilarious!

  4. Betty says
    Alice - you soooooo had dozens of people following you across the bridge and down Park Avenue! I wish I had a camera while I was on the bridge - you could see everyone following you!

    3 Cheers for Mik and her mom Kathy! What a great hat! We are planning the Inaugral MOOOVING Walk/Run/Trot/Bike around Mission Bay! Instead of a distance in mileage - I vote for a distance in time! A 61 minute event - 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back.

    Let's follow Elsie's lead and have proceeds go to the HEIFER International Organization!

  5. Way to "mess with" the NAMI on a run and getting them off course! Too funny, or am I the only one who seen the humor in that??!!
    Love the hats-you'll make the front page for sure with those at whatever race you choose.
    I wish you lived in MN, I could use you and your friends with the hats standing on the other side of the fence while I get my ass kicked at my RKC!

  6. LOVE the hats! You guys are are riot.

  7. Lovely hats. It would be so funny to finish a workout wearing one of them.

  8. LOVE the hats - they are great! Jealous of your weather - you lucky girl. Nice post-race brunch as well - sounds perfect..

    Thank you for your lovely and kind comment on my blog - really very much appreciated! I shall keep following you now!

  9. Those hats are so awesome! I think you need to find a race that involves drinking as an opportunity to whip these babies out.

  10. ZOMG, sister! (Or, in Heffer-Speak: "GAH!")

    More pix of the photographer Kat, please! In a thong swimsuit or less, if you'd be so kind!


    O, I am SUCH a man-slut!

  11. Love the hats! But what falls out of the back of them?

    Thanks for the comment today. Yeah - the hills are pretty now, but in a few weeks they will be hot and brown. As long as I can avoid the rattlesnakes I'll keep on running the trails.