Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just Checkin' in...

I don't even know why I am doing this post, other than to say, "Hi" and that I, once again, have NOT dropped off the face of the earth, just having another one of those busy, busy, busy weeks. To Recap
  • Monday - Back at work after Spring Break...too soon. I wasn't ready for it to be over. I don't know why. I was so incredibly hormonal at the end of the week I was near impossible to live with (trust me on this one). In any event, there was a residual emotional-hangover come Monday. The best thing about Monday is that I went to dinner with some friends. 
  • Tuesday - On Tuesday I did something that I have never done before in 20 years being in education...first of all I figured out on Tuesday that I've been teaching for 20 years, which made me feel incredibly OOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD, but for whatever reason, on Tuesday I just couldn't teach. I don't know why. I had loads of papers to grade (so what? I'm an English teacher. I ALWAYS have papers to grade). So I called in sick. I swear. I've NEVER done that before. I usually just suck it up and go teach, but on Tuesday, I just couldn't do it. So I stayed home with my kids (who are STILL on Spring Break) and graded papers and then that night Betty and I went to the SDTC track workout and I ran my ass off (5 x 800 repeats...negative splits only running this week, so don't be too impressed).
  • More on Tuesday - I do have to make one thing I have to share about the track club workout. There was a guy who was promoting some kind of anti-chafing-spray-on-Glide-type product, and as we were stretching, he invited whoever wanted to try it out to come up to the center of the circle to spray some on. Now this was pretty funny for a few reasons...first of all, Elsie told Betty that she'd pay her a dollar if she'd go and get some for her "problem area" (which for Betty ...well, let's just say it's on the bra-line), and I think she might have raised her shirt to get some, except there were a couple of guys who were spraying it down their pants... REALLY? There they were,  in the middle of the few hundred people or so who show up for the track workout, with their hands down their pants. Even funnier,  we only discovered later that the anti-chafing-Glide-type produce was a spray later on, so for most of the track workout, we were all kinda EWWWWWWWWWWWWW, thinking these guys (and a few girls) had all shared Glide...Not that I have a problem sharing Glide, but once you've rubbed it near your privates, I really don't want it back. I'm just sayin'
  • Wednesday - back to work, but refreshed. Agreed to write an i3 grant for the high school where I used to teach, so I'll probably be completely overworked for the next few weeks.
  • Thursday - My sister (the one who owns the OC clothing store, Olivia's Boutique for which there is now a permanent link on the sidebar) came to visit with her truckload of clothes, so we had a shopping happy hour, which I called "Pants and Pinot." It was really quite cool. We drank wine. We shopped. Most of the herd showed up. Irene  showed up and took home some pretty sweet jeans that had her name on them (literally)! I of course took NO photos, so I borrowed this on from her FB page. As a bonus, Alberta came and bought Gold! (There's a link under Olivia's Closet to Alberta (real name Jaime) and her contact info if you ever want to have a gold party...also very cool and a nice way to make some extra cash, and who doesn't like THAT).
I mean, wouldn't you buy jeans if your name was already sewn into them? I would.
  • Friday - Woke up with a slight headache due to the wine consumption. My biggest effort of the day was getting some new tires on my car, and when I needed to pick the car up, I had to ride my bike to the tire shop. Don't be too impressed, it's only about a 12 minute bike ride. Tonight Turbo is FINALLY having his birthday party sleepover, so there is a room full of 11 and 12 year old boys in the next room...and I can still hear them. It's 12:45 and they're not showing any signs of sleeping yet.  I just stopped what I THINK was a game of hide and go seek... Good thing I'm pretending to work on this grant and I'm still awake, or I'd probably be pretty irritated by now. I wonder how long they'll stay up?
  • Saturday - Going to DramaGirls HIGH SCHOOL ORIENTATION...OMFG...I'm sure I'll have another hormonal meltdown at some point tomorrow because my baby girl is going to HIGH SCHOOL. I have no idea how that can be, because I'm pretty sure, I took this picture just last week.
Yeah...that was the 4 year old version of an adolescent hissy fit. I was forewarned!
    I'll have a good post on Sunday because Elsie, Betty and I are running in the Carlsbad 5000. I haven't run this race since I started doing the Saturday long runs with the SDTC, but tomorrow,  the club is doing the Train Run (which is mostly fun, until you get to Leucadia), but it's also 16 miles and since I'm not running a marathon this June, I see no reason to run 16 miles.

    Anyway, I made a big deal out of running the Carlsbad 5000 because it's Elsie, Betty and my five year anniversary. That's right, five years ago, the three of us had this crazy idea that we'd pay $25 to go for a little jog on a Sunday morning with a few thousand other people and then go to breakfast afterward.

    We had NO IDEA at the time what we were starting.
    Betty, me, and the days before the  neon-dayglo-lime green race shirt was mandatory heffer race-day wear. My time that day was 36:36. My goals is to be under 30 minutes this Sunday.

    BTW - It's now 1:15 and they're still awake.


    1. Good luck on the race and happy anniversary to you and the "herd".
      Love the "hissy fit" picture! I'm so glad that I had a boy, nothing against girls, but that pic says it all....:)

    2. I don't even know why I am doing this comment, other than to say, "Hi" and that I, once again, have NOT dropped off the face of the earth, just having another one of those busy, busy, busy weeks. I'm out of practice at this working for a living thing.

    3. 20 years teaching? Me too. It feels funny, doesn't it?
      I'll look for you tomorrow so I can take some pictures and give you a hug! Darn, we're working a water station for SDTC train run, I was going to look for you then but good luck tomorrow and have fun!!

    4. The jeans fit so I HAD to purchase them. :) Your sister had some really nice inventory.

      20 years teaching? Congratulations on the landmark!

      Oy vey. High school. Perhaps you'll be the lucky one and go through those years unscathed. Just in case, they do come back and return to their "normal" selves at some point.

      I hope to see you all at Carlsbad. FYI, I think your former PT Brett will be there, too. I saw his name on the list of RU people who are participating.

      Happy anniversary to the Heffers! Cheers!

    5. A reunion run for the herd! I can't wait to read all about it. I am almost as excited to read about that as I am to read your account of Dramagirl in HS. That should be a SCREAM! :)

      Sub 30? You are all over that! Run Bitch Run!

    6. Don't worry sista, I've been like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. It's been totally insane. Sounds like a wild time...but wouldn't life be so boring?!?!

    7. Congrats on the 20 years.
      Happy Birthday to Turbo.
      Congrats to DramaGirl for making it to HS without you killing her for hissy fits. ;)

      Good luck on Carlsbad!

    8. I'm coming up on my 20th anniversary with the SAME COMPANY this July. And it wasn't my first job out of college. Talk about feeling old...

    9. Hope no one from your work reads this! Yikes!

      BTW - I've tried the spray on stuff - it works really really well. I think it's a teflon type formula. Although, my only problem area are my thighs. Double yikes!

      And this is for the comment left by Diana. Somewhere I have a picture of my youngest son having a hissy fit. Looks very similar to Dramagirl.....

    10. Betty says...

      I had no idea what Irene looked like in "real clothes"! I've never seen her with her hair down! I bet she'd never seen me in my "work clothes" either! Great Party Alice!