Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'd Rather Not Do That Again...

BBJ, Kat, Irene, Me and Mik (front) waiting for the train. (Betty took the picture)

The Train Run...


16 miles from Oceanside to Solana Beach 


I ran 12 of those 16 miles this morning... 

Yeah, I know. I wrote all last week about either not doing the train run AT ALL, or only running 12 miles of it, so I SHOULD be happy right now...but now that it's done, I can't help but think about how my "only 12 miles" was mental and how much of it was physical...

What I do know is that at about 10 miles. I was really DONE. My right foot (the PF foot) ached. My left hip ached. Achilles on both legs...ached...

You get the picture...

(((((((((heavy sigh)))))))))

I also know that I'm really getting tired of running in pain. I suspect you all are getting tired of reading about it. I know I'm REALLY F-ING TIRED of writing about it.

But not the whole run was painful. One again, the first 9 or 10 miles were fine. In fact, I was even keeping good pace between miles 9 and 10, when I averaged about a 10:30 pace for about a half mile or so...but it went downhill from there.

It was right after DramaGirl called me on my cell phone to ask me if I'd be home in time to braid her hair ("No honey, I've just run 10 miles, and I'm in Leucadia. You'll have to get your dad to do it Hahahhahahaha). (Leucadia is about 30 minutes from our house). 

I did lots of walking/running after that, and mostly walking as I headed into Encintas. I finally limped into the fourth water stop at 12 miles. I told a few people that I was finished and that I had some friends who would come and get me. (I'd cleverly given my keys to BBJ)

Speaking of my iPod. Twice today, it seemed to know the right song to play, at the right time...

As I was running through Carlsbad, completely believing that my leg and hip would feel fine through the whole race.
  • True Faith - New Order
As I was running up a hill out of Carlsbad 
  • Running up that Hill (Deal with God) - Kate Bush
A few minutes after I stopped running, Mik called me from her cell phone to see where I was. She was surprised that Betty wasn't with me.  I told her that I hadn't passed Betty when I stopped, so she must be between Encinitas and the Train Station.   

Ya see, Betty, who hadn't run in about 3 weeks, was so convinced that we'd all pass her eventually, that she took off ahead of everyone, figuring that we'd all catch up with her. 

BBJ did. Mik did. Kat did. I did not.

So, today we learned why, on a point-to-point run, when some are anticipating that they won't do the whole run, it's really important to carry a cell phone. We almost lost Betty for awhile. 

I eventually found her. She ran all the way to back to the train station. 16 miles. What a rock-star! 

Maybe I should take a couple weeks off...

That's all I know.


  1. I am really so sorry you are running in pain. I have been there and it SUCKS!!! I would be in tears running because my foot was hurting so bad but stubborn stupid me kept running until I finally had to do something about it or QUIT-and I didn't want to quit!!

    I feel your pain. I've been there!!! You just have to find something that will work for YOU to alleviate or get rid of the pain! I guess figuring out exactly what is up should be the start of that journey!!!

    For me,it was prolotheraphy! My issue was soft connective tissue ie ligaments and tendons, which prolotheraphy is for...

    Time off might help! But running in pain is no fun and there is no joy in running with pain...and don't we run for the joy of running??

  2. I am sorry that your run didn't go quite as well as you would have liked. You did run twelve, however, which is pretty darn good. Maybe you should take it real easy until La Jolla (you are doing la Jolla, aren't you?).

    I have always wanted to do that train run. Last year my training partners did it the week I was out of town. I am hoping to do it in a couple weeks.

    I hope that you recover from today quickly.

  3. Yeah, Betty asked me for my cell phone to call you. She was waiting at the train station, looking a little concerned.

    It was a tough run for me, too.

    I agree. Take a couple of weeks off and volunteer at the hydration stops!

    I look like I need more sleep in that picture!

  4. That's a shame you were in so much pain running. As hard as it is for us to take time off, sometimes it's what we have to do. It will suck at first but in the end it's what is right. Keep your head up. ;)

  5. I'm sorry to hear that your last couple miles were so painful. It does seem like you've been running through a lot of pain lately, so maybe a couple weeks rest would do you good.

  6. I'm sorry you're experiencing so much pain, and you'reright, maybe that does mean you should take a few weeks off. I know that taking time away sucks, but it can be immensely helpful.

    2 years ago, I had ITBS in one leg so bad tht after about 3 months of running through it, or just partically resting for a few days, I figured that to really heal the injury I needed to take an extended leave of absence, so I took then entire month of April off.

    It rough when I had to return to running because I had lost some endurance, but on the rest had cured the IT issue and I haven't had a problem with it since.

  7. Ouch! Sorry o hear hat you are in pain. Hve you seen a Sports Medicine doc or Ortho (one who runs)? Sometimes you need some ime off to just let the ole body recover. Hope you start feeling better!

  8. Skip the run pain...didn't you say something like you wanted to work on your cycling? How about a pool? It might be the change up that your body and mind need.

  9. Way to go getting in 12K while dealing with pain. Gutsy, girl! Sounds like you have really earned some rest time!!

    BTW, its cool that we both had Kate Bush inspiring us on our runs. She is a goddess.

  10. tough having to run in pain, i know what that is like...and 12 miles is 12 miles, still plenty to be proud of there...

  11. Oh no! Sorry you are running in pain. Try and take it easy on yourself...though I know it's easier said than done!

  12. But, how were the mimosas?

    Sorry the run wasn't what you wanted it to be. Good for stopping though. So many people's heads/minds won't let them stop. You don't want to hurt yourself more.

  13. Maybe you should take a couple weeks off - I know it's easy to said then done, but like Doctor PHil would say.... 'How's that workin' for you?' ;O)

    Well you got 12 miles in and that is amazing considering what you ran through!

    I agree with Missy, get on that bike in the meantime - at least to maintain your endurance, but give your running parts a break!

  14. persistant pain is not good, rest is good.
    probably a good time to work on your other events for the tri, swimming and cycling = less impact on the joints

  15. yikes, sorry to hear about all the pain. You did amazing considering how you felt, but rest is probably a good idea. Hope that time heals ya up so you can get back out there! :)