Friday, April 3, 2009

Starting off the Spring Break Right

DramaGirl and Turbo are in a junior theatre production of Oliver! this week, so that's been our central activity these past few days.
Drama and Turbo--as street urchin pick-pockets. I had to beg them to put their arms around each others shoulders...PLEASE FOR ME...JUST FOR THE PICTURE!

Today is the start of my SPRING BREAK! Yeah! Finally!

Last night I kicked it off right. I ran 3 miles on the dreadmill. I almost didn't run 'cuz I just wasn't feeling the mojo and so I whined about it on FB, where my friend Ari told me to just get out the front door and I'd be fine.

Well, I didn't get out the front door, but I did get me on the 'mill, and I did feel much better afterward. (Thanks Ari...I needed that push).

Then, since DramaGirl and Turbo were at their show (I'd already seen it Wednesday night, and I'll see it again tonight and then again tomorrow...), Walter and I had a lovely pasta dinner, a bottle of wine, and watched VH1s 100 Top One Hit Wonders of the ' now I have some new running tunes (I musta downloaded at least 12 songs from iTunes as I was watching).

Here's what I bought

1. Tenderness / General Public
2. Funkytown (Long Version) / Lipps, Inc.
3. Forget Me Nots / Patrice Rushen
4. Genius of Love (Long Version) / Tom Tom Club
5. Poison Pushy / Stanton Moore
6. Harden My Heart / Quarterflash
7. Under the Milky Way / The Church
8. Love Plus One / Haircut 100
9. What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy) / Information Society
10. Lunatic Fringe / Red Rider
11. Pass the Dutchie / Musical Youth
12. What I Am / Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
13. Maniac (Single Mix) / Michael Sembello
14. Breakout / Swing Out Sister

At least I'll be entertained! ('s 14 songs! Can't wait for the email from Apple). The top 20 OHW of the 80's is on tonight. CAN'T. WAIT.


  1. "Lunatic fringe" that song! Of course Funkytown, is one my "disco" file of the player! I love VH1 and the specials.
    Nice job on the 3 miles-way to tough it out!

    Have a great weekend!
    You are on FB??? Something for me to do, try and hunt you down and push my "frienship" on ya!

  2. cutie-patooties! nice photo.

    I watched a portion of the one hit wonders on tv the other night. some were hilarious, i wouldn't mind having funkytown on my play list.

  3. I forgot about "Forget Me Nots!" I even saw Quarterflash in concert opening for Sammy Haggar...

    "May I have some more?"
    I've seen Oliver a few times. :) Drama Girl and Turbo look great!

  4. Geez, some of those songs I ran to when they were NEW back when I first started running! How old I am! I find sometimes it is much harder getting going on a run than actually doing it. We all need a kick in the butt at times to get out there or on the mill.

  5. I was watching One Hit Wonders too with the husband - good times!

    I LOVED Edie Brickell. Saw her in concert opening for Don Henley once (how old am I ha ha...). What I Am was a great 'drunk song' back in the day, lol!

    Kids are cute - they look just like you!

    Happy Spring Break!

  6. Oh those titles certainly take me back! The 80's was my decade! I was in high school and college in the 80's.

    I'm going to have to download some of those. I keep hearing that Haircut 100 song in my head now. "AND I, AND la love plus one."

    I LOVED Quarterflash. I saw them a couple of times in Portland where I grew up as Seafood Mama. A smart person must have told them to change their name. LOL.

    Way to get on the tm and run. Sometimes it is so hard to get motivated!

  7. 80's music was pretty damn good! There's a ton of good running songs too. Just don't start wearing leg warmers, eh? ;)

  8. Your kids are so cute, they look just like you!

  9. All those songs bring back memories!!! Are you ruinning a race this weekend???

  10. You're kids are so cute!

    Totally having flashbacks to the
    '80s now. "Pass the Dutchie" reminds me of olden days of MTV when they used to play music videos. That and "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant!

  11. I'm so totally 80's, it's not even funny. We dance club here called Decades where they play only 80's you think they open at 5:00 and close by 10:00pm so all us old MFers can get to bed?! Love the list, might have get a couple of those myself.

  12. Your kids look EXACTLY like you!

    Enjoy your spring break! It's s nice to have that week off.

  13. cute pic of the kids, at least they look like they like each other...

    i love 80's music too, there are some good ones in your list there...have a good spring break.

  14. Your kids must be great actors because they really look like they WANT to put their arms around each other! :-) Great photo and some excellent ideas for the running mix. Thanks!