Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Long Runs are Like Childbirth

First, some random business
The RnR website had some additional pix from Saturday's long run to Wind and Sea Beach and back...
Santiago really needs to learn to smile for the camera. Doesn't he know the rules yet?

See...10 miles and still smiling... (really, only because the guy had a camera in my face).

Mik...also smiling...

No pix of Elsie...probably because she was already back at the point when these shots were being taken.

March Mileage
So, I've been adding up my March running stats... Waaaaaaay better than February when I logged only 38.32 miles. But I'm surprised that some how, some way, I logged more miles last Month than I did in January (61.7)!
  • Miles run - Garmin = 51.89
  • Miles run - Dreadmill = 20.5
  • Total - 72.39 (is anyone checking my addition?)
How the heck did I do that?

Childbirth and Long Runs
This Saturday is the train run.

What's the train run you ask?

Basically, we take the Amtrak train from Solana Beach to Oceanside...and run back. 16 miles. Point to point.

Here's the map from last year, when I had no Garmin or Nike+, so I used A LOT of MapMyRun to check mileage on long runs.

It's a tough run. Even last year, when I was w/o injury, I suffered through the last four miles of this run. The streets of Leukadia are majorly pot-holed (there...I made up a new verb). There are TONS of Saturday morning cyclists racing past in their herds and they scare the begeezus out of me. Last year, I took a wrong turn at some point and missed the 4th aid station (at 12 miles).

Mostly, the run is a commitment. There's no turning around early. There are no excuses. I'd pretty much have to run the whole thing.

Soooooo I gotta ask myself, why do it?

I'm not training for a marathon, just a 1/2 mary at the end of the month. I don't need to run 16 miles. I REALLY don't want to hurt myself.

And after last Saturday's 13.5 mile run, the last mile and a half of which was pretty difficult, I howled to the moons about how there was NO WAY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH I WAS RUNNING THE 16 MILE TRAIN RUN THIS SATURDAY. (That's an actual quote that I sent out in an email to the herd).

So, why am I considering running it now?

It's sorta like childbirth, where you forget the pain and only remember the good stuff.

I mean, look at me at 10 miles (above). I look happy. In fact at 10 miles I WAS happy.

I can read back over last year's blog about the train run, and only remember vaguely that it was painful. Mostly I remember the sense of accomplishment. The joy at finishing.

Childbirth, and for that matter, for me all of being pregnant was like that. The whole reason I was convinced I could have a 2nd child was because I'd forgotten how miserable I was during the first pregnancy. I just remember the absolute joy I felt when DramaGirl (and later Turbo) were born.

I'm not saying I'm pregnant or anything. Carly already spooked us today with that joke.

What I am saying, is that the pain from last Saturday's 13.5 miles and from last year's Train Run for that matter are becoming distant memories, and I'm likely to board the train again this Saturday for another go at it.

Of course, I am thinking I'll give the car keys to Mik, and if I decide to stop at 12 miles, she can pick me up at Honey's in Encintas. I'll be waiting at some breakfast place w/mimosa in hand.


  1. I love the correlation of childbirth and long runs....I will definitely be thinking of that when my HM comes up!

  2. March was a good month of running for you! Way to go!

  3. I was saying the same thing just the other day..WHY do I want to do THAT again? Because it was fun. Why do we do any of this - because we can. Suck it up and go...just have a phone and know there is no harm in getting a ride home:)

  4. I love point to point long runs! I think mentally they're the best.

    And if childbirth is like a long run, then I know I can do it!

  5. That run looks great. And I'm still liking you in pink. ;)

    I bet you'll do fine.

  6. I'm glad someone else understands the childbirth analogy. My husband says it's like slamming a door on your hand over and over again...

    Each run event is like my child ;)

    I totally get it.

    So, let's give birth to that train run!

  7. There is always a way! We can share the pain...a group childbirth that feels better when there are others to moan and groan with instead of the self.
    Mimosas are meant to be shared.

  8. you're right about forgetting the pain and doing it all over again! awesome job on march's mileage! Awesome! Have a great run!

  9. The West Coast Road Runners are doing the same run on Saturday! Unfortunately, I'm going to miss it... even if I COULD run it, I can't because my kids are doing the Jr. Carlsbad races.

    I was looking forward to that run. It sounds like a good- and very challenging one! Have a great time!

    Keep smiling on those long runs!!

  10. I'll be on the train. 16 miles without music? The Pope sure knows his lenten sacrifices.

  11. Enjoy that run! Many times over the past few weeks, I've wished for a point-to-point run with the wind at my back the entire way instead of running into the wind first.

  12. That run looks great! Beats the crap out of an out and back like my club does. And by the way - 2:30 split at 400 for an 800 interval isn't too bad either!

  13. I think the childbirth analogy is a good one on so many levels. You do forget the pain and remember the joy - and each one is different - even when you think you remember enough to know what you're doing! Good luck on the Train Run this weekend!

  14. So if you're not training for a marathon, why run 16?

    I want to run 16 miles. I want to run 10 miles before La Jolla at some point.

    I think I may be convincing myself to sign up for Rock n Roll Seattle.

    What do you think?

    Also the verification word for me is packi, not the way I usually spell it, but do you think it knew it was me?