Monday, April 20, 2009

Bikerides, Trash TV, Big Kayaks, Foreigner, and Too Much Wine

Do you ever have those weekends where you flit from one activity to the next thinking, "oh this'll be a great thing to blog about" and then you NEVER have two flipping seconds to actually sit down and blog about it?

Welcome to my weekend...

So, if I were to actually sit down and blog about all the randomness of the weekend, this blog would win the "All Time Longest Blog Ever Written Award" so, since it's Monday night, I'm gonna just post some pictures.

Friday - Bike ride at Lake PB with DramaGirl and Turbo

At the fence we stopped for a drink. I'm just glad that we made it without a major meltdown on the part of any of us.

After multiple attempts at trying to take a self portrait, finally one shot that includes all three of us!

Funny line of the afternoon...there was an older gentleman riding his bike past us (giving us the rear-view), then toward us (giving us the frontal-view) wearing, unfortunately, a really skimpy Speedo.


Turbo looked at me, laughed and said "That's just wrong mom."

I gotta agree with that!

Friday night - Real Housewives of New Jersey/The Cougar Viewing Party

I have nothing to say about either one of these shows, other than I'll probably watch the Housewives again, because it's just too trashy and fun, and because they call their breasts "bubbies," but The Cougar was just too creepy...way beyond trash.

We did have some fine trashy snacks though.

Orange fruit candy (the fruit course), cheeze whiz in a can, Vienna sausages, and the mandatory pastrami-wrapped cream cheese pickles (I'm still swollen from the sodium intake).

We made a special plate for Elsie. Vienna Sausage with tomatoes...cuz we are so mature... I knew she'd never eat a Vienna Sausage. She cringes whenever I order shell fish. I tell her I don't want to know where it comes from or what it ate when it was alive.

Saturday - Take it easy day

Nothing to report - I did move the pool furniture out on the deck and cleaned it off. I did not go run with the SDTC because they ran in Oceanside (which is just really, really, really, far) and since this is supposed to be a 1/2 Mary taper week, I really didn't need to run 17 miles.

We did have some wine with our friends Jean and Tom...for those of you who are keeping count, that's two nights in a row drinking wine for me...

Sunday - Torrey Pines taper run

Elsie, Betty and I decided to give THE HILL at Torrey Pines one more go. The difference between the previous weekend, and this past weekend ( addition to the wine), on Sunday it was relatively warm. As usual, the heat HURT.

It was a beautiful day. Since I was run/walking, I took lots of pictures. Here are Betty and Elsie with Torrey Pines State Beach in the background

Random signs in the state park...I mean is nudity such an issue that there needs to be a sign that tells it's prohibited? (Although, this may have been one of the trails that leads down to Blacks Beach. I, of course, wouldn't know about THAT)

I took this shot on the way down the hill...nice shot of the trees

Wait a FREEKIN' MINUTE. I think this guy is Elsie's BOYFRIEND!!! (Fo-Reals! Although she hasn't let us meet him yet...what's she afraid of anyway?, she did "accidentally" run into him during our run on Sunday, and in going through my pictures today I realized that I HAD AN ACTUAL PHOTO OF THE GUY! Is it him Elsie? Is it? Is it? Don't try to deny...

Of course, when we found out that Elsie had run into her new boyfriend, we had to leave a note on his car (cuz again, we're so mature that way).

We also took note of the BIG KAYAK hanging out of the back of his car

Sunday Night - Foreigner!

One would think that a bike ride, a trash TV viewing party, friends over for wine, and a taper run would be enough for one weekend...but noooooooooooo, I had to go to see Foreigner on Sunday NIGHT as well...

Yes, the maturity of a 12 year old, and I sometimes think I'm still 25 as well...WTF? Oh, and I think that all of April has been '80s month for me anyway, so why not go to Foreigner concert...

Mona, me, Edith, and Daisy (who makes a blog appearance) with our iPhone Zippo lighters during "Blue Monday."

Dolly and Momma - rockin' (or Momma is wondering what she did to end up in this place)

The view from our seats (beginning of the concert)

The view after Mona and I decided to get closer to the stage (actually I just credit Mona who has amazing persuasive powers and convinced the security guy that the band NEEDED us near the stage...)

OH YEAH! Me, Mona, and Edith, backstage with the lead singer after the concert because some random woman gave Mona and I some backstage passes...

May I just add that this kind of thing NEVER happens to me. Again, it was the pretty, young, chick that I was hanging out with...but still, I'll take it!

So, I was VERY tired today, and I'm VERY tired tonight, and I'm STILL singing Foreigner songs in my head...

Thank goodness today was Monday. I needed some REST!


  1. you can never have too much wine!!

  2. OK, that rocks ass! Nice backstage work and don't really tell us what it took to get there, K?

    The real Housewives, great, another addiction, Jersey this time...can it get any better than those crazy Atlanta biatches?

  3. I thought I ate a pickle in every way thought of.....boy was I wrong! I can feel myself bloating already! Love the pic of Foreigner...that's one band from the "70's era I didn't see. And yes, I'm still singing Dirty White Boy..thank you very much!

  4. LOL at Turbo's, "That's just wrong mom."

    Sounds like your weekend was a lot of fun!

    And LOL at leaving Elsie's BF a note.

  5. Sounds like you had a blast!! Love the pics, and too funny about the note.

  6. Sounds like a fun (and exhausting) weekend!

    I actually think I have seen that speedo guy. Turbo is is just wrong. Have you seen the the old tall dude in the tight nylon running shorts?

    have a great week. hopefully we'll see each other on Sunday.

  7. You are too much fun!! Where was Foreigner playing?

    I LOVE Torrey Pines... even though they prohibit nudity. hahaha JK.

    Now, a sign saying "Biking in a Speedo is Prohibited Everywhere!" makes good sense.

    I'm thinking about signing up with SDTC when my time with Road Runners is up (ends in June). Not only is SDTC way less expensive, it sounds like you all have more fun!

  8. Okay, first off -- those snacks are GROSS! LOL Vienna Sausages? I haven't had one of those suckers since I was like six or something?

    Back stage? Rock on Girl! I had back stage at Eddie Money last year. Some of those guys, you don't really WANT to see up close anymore. ;)

  9. you're an official foreigner groupie now! I'm so envious.
    wine is good.

  10. LMAO!!!! I am glad to see your maturity level is right up there with mine. Looks like a fabulous weekend!

  11. Looks like an awesome weekend!

  12. You know what's really wierd? I'm taking my youngest son to Aerosmith and ZZ Top this summer. Man - old rockers never die!

  13. DUDE! You are in a picture with the lead singer of Foreigner?! Soooo jealous!

    Sounds like a great weekend. Even the old dude banana hammock and the phallic kayak!

  14. Looks like a great weekend!

    And, I can totally relate to thinking of blogging but never getting the time...

  15. I'm not running the La Jolla Half this weekend. I'm saving myself for the Seattle Half in June.

    OMG, a photo with the lead singer of Foreigner??! Way to go! Tell me they sang "Say You Will"?

  16. Ha ha! I went to Black's Beach once with my college roommates when we lived on campus at UCSD. It was pretty scary! I haven't seen the sign before though.

    Sounds like a full weekend!