Thursday, April 30, 2009

Betty Buys a Bike

Overheard at the bike shop this afternoon as Betty was shopping for a new bike.

"I'll get it down and you can just throw your leg over on it."

"Do you have anything with a tire that's wider than a tampon?"

"You go there and they measure your twat."*

"Ya gotta build up a butt callous."

Oh joy...a whole new sport for me to giggle at...


*Apparently there's a custom bike-seat shop in town that takes measurements of your hips to build a custom bike seat.


  1. Oh yah, THAT makes sense! LOL

  2. LMAO... i'm sure that's just one funny conversation of many :)

  3. Ummmm... where did you say you were again? ha ha ha ha

    I'll stick to running.

  4. Sweet!
    The only other funny lingo is NASCAR racing lingo.....check this one out...
    "you need a rubber in the right rear"
    I swear...that is truly said over the air live on TV! Cracks me up every time!
    My question do they know which one is the right one to put the rubber in??!!! LMAO!

  5. Yeah, baby, get on that bike, you'll be happy you did! I love a bike, nicer to the bod. Oh, yes, getting measured for a bike is a treat AND a cheap thrill...if you do it right:)

  6. I can only imagine the scene!

  7. OMFG, sister, send the ones with the smallest tw*ts MY way, will you?


    (All of my comments today are like Swine Flu piggish!)

  8. Hahahahahahahaha!

    Have a good time at the Run for Literacy! Take lots of pictures! I wish I could be there but I need some miles since I missed the 20 miler last Saturday.

  9. Oh god, I can tell I'll already be laughing at you.

  10. Wow! Real close on your answer. Midnight Cowboy and Clockwork Orange were the other two. I want you on my Jeopardy team!

    I'm thinking about Long Beach as my annual marathon. Depends on what happens between now and then - I'm going to be climbing Mt. Whitney in September. I'll need to see how my training will be impacted.

    If I don't do the marathon, I will definitely do the 1/2 so we'll meet then!