Monday, April 6, 2009

What a Difference!

I usually let myself whine for an hour or so...then I have to get over it...I have no time for whining in my life...

Unfortunately, my whining time overlapped with my blogging time on Saturday. Thank you so much to all of you who read and left supportive comments, and to all of you who suggested that I take some time off from running. You are all right. And I am taking everyone's advice and taking it easy this week with the running. I still plan on running the La Jolla 1/2 Marathon on April 26...then I may take all of May off from running. It's silly to run in pain.

I even got started this "take it easy on the running approach" on Sunday because the bike shop called and told me that my bike was ready...with new tires and new it was time to take the remodeled bike out for a "recovery ride."

If you'll remember, my bike used to look like this:

See the big, fat, tires

All I have to say is: Wow...what a difference some tires, shoes and pedals makes! The last time I rode...the day before a long run (on relatively fresh legs), I struggled to maintain about a 10 mph pace. Sunday, on arguably tired legs (from the 12 mile debauchle the day before) 12.5 mph was EASY, and I found myself at 15-17 mph easily! Wow. I mean. Wow.

Skinny tires = speed. Who knew?

My new shoes. Already I can feel a whole bunch of questions I'll have for the tri-peeps, like what do you do about foot cramps while you're riding?

Before I got on the bike, I practiced with the shoes and the click in pedals for awhile, because could just see myself falling over when I stopped. But I caught onto the moving the shoe to the side thing pretty quickly. I imagine that I will fall at some point, but it will be because some other ridiculous thing is happening, and I panic. But once I got the gist of it, I was off.

I rode 9.5 miles in about 47 minutes, with a top speed of 18 mph and and average speed of 12.5. The last time I rode, with the old tires, my top speed was 16 mph and the average speed was 10.7 mph.

I wish there was some kind of running gear that would take that kind of time off of my running times...

I could see myself liking the bike. It is a whole heck of a lot easier on the body than running...that's for sure. Although, quite frankly, my hands ache...WTF is up with that? (I'm SUCH a novice, aren't I?)

Yay! No pain!

Some have asked if a tri is in my future...I am never one to say never (after all, I NEVER thought I'd run a marathon, and now I've done that). And truth be told, while I'm not a fast swimmer, I am a solid swimmer. When I was preggers with DramaGirl, I swam almost every day (LOVED that feeling of weightlessness).

BUT... that whole swimming in the OCEAN thing that sorta wigs me out...and I'd guess that for MOST of the tris in SoCal, the swim part is in the ocean. I mean seriously...there are SHARKS in the ocean. And if the swim is in the bay? Well, Elsie, the ex-biology teacher, would LOVE to tell us about the BACTERIA that is growing in the bay...

And then there's the whole salt-water, sea-water, nature's toilet, riding a bike with sand in my hoo-haw, discomfort thing.

I admit it. I'm a girly-girl. Ask the herd. I'm the one who carries face-wipes in my bag so that I can get all the salt off my face IMMEDIATELY. I bring a full change of clothing with me, so that I can change out of the sweaty clothes ASAP. I don't do mud-runs, 'cuz I don't really like getting dirty. It's sorta amazing that I deal with being sweaty at all...

So, a duatholon? Maybe. A triathalon? We'll see... Clearly, I've got some issues to overcome first. (I'm serious about the sand/salt water/SHARK thing BTW).

In any event, I'm going to take it easy from running this week, which should be easy, because I'm back in Vegas to see mom. Brought the whole brood with me this time, and we're staying at the Red Rock, which has a great fitness room with elipticals and bikes, so, until at least Thursday, I can entertain myself with that.

I had planned all along on this Saturday's long run with the SDTC (which mimics part of the La Jolla course) as being the last long run before La Jolla anyway. I'm still hoping that by Saturday, I feel good enough to run at least 10 miles of it, and that'll be the last long run before the 1/2 marathon. The La Jolla 1/2 is a BRUTALLY hilly race, with both steep inclines and declines. I've trained almost NOT AT ALL for hills, so this Saturday's run would be it for me.

It's crazy. I know. It looks crazy even writing it. My goal is to finish La Jolla in one piece, then take May off before I start training for the America's Finest City 1/2 Marathon, which is at the end of August. Then, I'll have completed the Triple Crown (yay...more shiny stuff!).

Lastly, I mentioned in a previous post (and on FB) that DramaGirl and Turbo were in Oliver! this week. Saturday night was their final performance and their cousins were at the show. So allow me to post a shot that I took of the whole group right afterward (just 'cuz I know that I do have a few family members who read the blog).

Now, how could I ever whine with all of this in my life?


  1. Oh yeah, I can feel a tri in your future with talk like that! Feet cramps, tight toes, maybe. Got to push and pull with the pedals not just push like a jackhammer. Sore hands, bike fit OR not enough weight on your arse bones. Concentrate on putting the weight in your butt and using that (butt and legs) to power, don't try to manhandle the bike with your upper body.

    Love the pix! Look at those babies.

  2. Bike looks nice! Biking will give you a nice change of scenery and help your bod to rest from running therefore making your running that much better! I love duathlons, I say go for that! If not into the ocean swim, look for a smaller tri-my first one last year was done at a YMCA-in the pool! Perfect for the first one!
    Nice job on the bike-look forward to more good stories!
    Hope all is well with your Mom, Docs tend to treat patients like numbers, but us RN's and RT's get closer. She's in my prayers for you!

  3. Glad the bike ride worked out so well and that it doesn't cause any pain!

  4. Glad the bike is working for you.

    You'll do fine on your last run.

    Hope all is ok with your mom.

  5. I can definitely see a duathlon in your future if not a triathlon. Last year I dedicated my training mainly to running and one half ironman triathlon. The running practically killed me! And while I had some doubts on my ability to finish a half, I was totally amazed that not only did I finish but my run (1/2 marathon distance) was FASTER than any of my other stand alone half marathons that year. You might also surprise yourself by healing up from all your running injuries by biking for a while. It will strengthen up the leg muscles so that running will seem easier. As for the foot cramp thing when biking, I've only experienced that occasionally with the new shoes I have. With my old ones, it was all the time, so you may need to put some sort of insert in your bike shoes and also make sure they fit well but not too tight. And the other weird thing for me is thinner socks cause foot/toe cramping or numbness but my thorlos don't and they are twice as thick. That might be the key there. Anyway, good luck with your biking! It sounds like you are not only enjoying yourself but getting in some harder fast workouts. That will help if you cut back on your running.

  6. Yes, the idea of swimming in the ocean freaks me out also. Did you see that recent video of the shark swimming amongst a group of triathletes? I know, not very likely, but still...

  7. Whenever I have to not run, I pull out my bike. It is a little less effort than running, isn't it. I still have fat tires on mine. I didn't know it was easy to swap those out for skinny ones. I should check with the bike shop at my work, eh? I guess that's too easy for me to figure out! LOL

  8. It sounds like you're enjoying the new improvements!

    I'm also on the fence about doing tris. It's not the getting icky part, it's the bike training part. If I could train 100% of the miles on a trail or road closed to car traffic I might consider it.

    Take care of yourself. I know you'll be able to handle the LJ 1/2, but those hills are just extra special. :)

  9. I totally see a Tri in your future! The bike looks great! I didn't realize that the tires and peddals make that much difference.

    I missed the post about whining...but whine away that is what we are here for.

  10. Look at those skinny tires! I need those! I did my first tri with nubby tires and I so want more speed! I felt like I was pedaling my heart out and going no where! I'm going to the bike store this weekend!!!

    La Jolla..really? I was asked if I was running it-i am free that sunday(it's a sunday right?)But haven't even thought !out running it-wait I think that's the day I might be doing the long beach reverse tri-now I really need those tires!!

    Take pictures of red rock-always wanted to stay at that resort, it looks awesome!!

  11. For starters.. Oliver was great! It's wonderful living with performers in your life!

    I'm glad you are chillin a little and now I'm jealous of your bike. I don't think my beach cruiser with the ringer and the beer cup holder is going to get me all the way around Tahoe!

    As for triathalons, you are on your own. I had that experience and I'm a decent swimmer and lousy biker (although one day I hope to be a biker) the ocean swimming is so different than lake or pool and for some reason the bike riding makes your legs totally useless in the run portion.

    Nevertheless, bring on La Jolla!

  12. sweet ride! I got the clipless pedals last year, and fell, but keeping my fingers crossed that you don't! Love the speed, and you're so right, makes a huge difference! Bonus that you have no pain too :)

  13. I think the bike is also good training for the hills in La Jolla. You use similar muscles. You at least know what you're in for, and maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised. Your kids look like true thespians, greasepaint and all.