Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blogging from BFE (or How to Train for a Half Marathon Without Actually Running)

My view...driving back from Vegas... I hate this drive.

So the trip to Vegas was a success. I went to two oncologist appointments with my mom, and I learned lots about cancer, treatments, and next steps for my mom.

Both doctors said basically the same thing...that she was incredibly lucky that the cancer was discovered so early, and that she is recovering well from the surgery (the good news). Unfortunately, there's a lot doctors don't know about lung cancer, and especially about courses of treatment for lung cancer that is caught so early as my mom's was. Most lung cancers are so deadly because there are no symptoms until the cancer is pretty advanced, and for those cancers, usually surgery is not an option because it has spread so far beyond the lung. Typically the course of action is Chemo or radiation, or some combination. 

BUT in cancers such as my mom's case, neither radiation or Chemo has proven to be effective. So for now, they'll continue to monitor and to CAT or PET scans every four months to see if the cancer returns...and IF it does...where...

What I liked is that both doctors really encouraged my mom to get back to living her life... I hope my mom takes this advice. I liked how one of the oncologists said she was a great believer in our own immunity system to fight off disease and how living a healthy, happy, full life is part if that.

Encouragement for us all.

The OTHER thing I did in Vegas (besides sit in waiting rooms) was exercise. As I mentioned in my last post, we stayed at the Red Rock Casino, which was a pretty nice fitness room.

On Tuesday, I did 60 minutes on the elliptical machine. Then yesterday I did 45 minutes on an exercise bike (10 miles...woot!) and then 30 minutes more on the elliptical. Boy! Was THAT ever BORING. The good news is that my PF and Achilles are having less and less pain.

Then, for about the first time in two or three years, we (Walter, DramaGirl, Turbo, and I) went down to The Strip. I have loads of photos, but I'll post them tomorrow. I'm writing this from the road, and those pix are on my laptop. now I've got to start threatening my kids, who are starting to bicker (of course they are...we're almost home...)

I hate this drive...

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  1. Sounds like your mom is one tough lady, and hope she takes the doctor's advice too. Doctors sound positive too, so that's excellent. Hugs.

  2. Great news for your Mom! You are right in regards to getting it early, that is awesome-usually it is so advanced like you said before it's noticed at all!
    I hope all continues to go well and it's true that she needs to just continue with her life. I'm sure easier said than done when you've just dealt with the big "C"
    Looking forward to the pics-you will be sending them to me the guest host!!!

  3. I hope your mom continues to do well, and I like that one of the docs is encouraging her to live her life!

    I can almost hear you say "don't make me come back there!"

  4. The oncologist visits sound like they were encouraging. I hope your mom is encouraged, also.

    I'm glad you got a good workout in and that your foot & Achilles are getting better.

    I'm also amazed that you can write so much on your iPhone!!

  5. You never know what tomorrow might bring. Live today to the fullest! ;)

  6. Such encouraging words from the doctor!

    Great job getting those workouts in. Looking forward to the pictures!

  7. Sounds like the visits with the doctors were productive and encouraging. And good for you for getting some workouts in while there!

  8. Oh for the love of Pete (who's Pete anyway), not the C word?! I hate it, early on, late on, in the middle, I just hate it. BUT, it sounds encouraging and I hope that she is feeling that way too. It's the lesson for all of us - enjoy your life.

  9. Glad your mom's news is so encouraging!

  10. That is so great that your mom's cancer was caught early. Can't wait to see your Vegas pics.

  11. I am happy that your mom got some good news! I am sending some prayers that she continues to do well.

    Your trip to Vegas is mine to Duluth from Minneapolis. It is only a 2 hour drive, but I loathe it!

  12. I'm borrowing from that page of the training manual too - training for a half without actually running! Well, for this week anyway. I bet this will be the best thing for you!

    Prayers for your mom...she is very lucky and yes, this gives us all one more check in the 'Pros' column for living a healthy, active life!