Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Few Pre-Race Jitters and Details

Ya know...It's not like tomorrow is my first race...or my first 1/2 Mary...but it is my first race since I got hurt in January, so maybe that's why I've got a few jitters tonight.

Well...that and I just discovered my Race Ready shorts (you know the really stylish ones...the ones with the pockets on the outside on the butt), which I LURVE, were with my workout gear...and, let's just say, they'd been there awhile...eeeewwww!

Not particularly attractive, and I soooooo need to put extra padding that accentuates my ass, or that draws attention to it, and no...that's not my ass.

But the shorts are comfy and when I want to carry Gu, a iPhone, maybe a water bottle...and I don't wanna wear a belt, they're perfect.

And right now they're in the wash. GAH!

Other than that...I've got everything else ready for the AM.
  • Race bib attached to florescent, glow-in-the-dark, dayglo lime green race shirt (Alberta, Elsie, Mik, Betty and I will be wearing them. If you're in La Jolla tomorrow, look for us. Really. We're not tough to spot).
There's the race number...the La Jolla 1/2 is pretty low budget, so there's no way to stalk me during the race. I also bought a new white hat at the really low-budget expo this morning.
  • Shoe tag on shoe
  • Race clothes set out and ready to go (well...except the shorts, they'll come out of the dryer in the am).
  • Garmin charged.
  • iPod charged (yeah, you're not supposed to wear iPods in this race, but I will bring mine anyway. After all, I know the charge up Torrey Pines is three songs)
  • Post race bag packed and in the car (Walter will meet us at the finish).
Things I'm still not sure about...
  • What to wear - the weather should be in the low 50's...nice running weather....but do I wear something over/under the dayglo-lime-green race shirt or go solo w/it. Carlsbad was roughly the same and I wore the white compression shirt and felt fine. We will be by the ocean so it could get chilly...can't decide, can't decide, can't decide.
  • Should I pitch the iPod and just bring the iPhone. iPhone also gives me photo opportunities.
  • What to check in at gear check - Betty's daughter is dropping us off in the morning, so we don't have to take the shuttle bus at 5am...this is key, we aren't even planning on meeting at Betty's until 6...but it'll still be cold at 6am...Heck, I gotta check the website. Will there even be a gear check?
  • Just checked website...there is a gear check...oh good.
Here's my shout out to everyone who is running tomorrow. Have a great day!


  1. Have an awesome race; I love the dayglo shirts. Can't wait to hear the report

  2. Good luck with the race, Sister!

    And thanks for that badonkadonk graphic, even if it wasn't yours. It's a nice one, tho! It's a girl-@$$, right? because I'd hate for THIS - your post - to be the way I find out I'm secretly gay. Nothing against your blog, but just think an event like that should have a more momentous trigger, like maybe a podcast or something over at the Runner's Lounge. Something BIG, though, is the point I'm trying to make.

    Man, you have FIFTY followers!?1!? You should start a cult! But here's the thing: DON'T get them to kill themselves because what's the point then?! Man, that's a trap EVERY cult leader seems to fall into - and it just seems obvious and avoidable. Prove you're smarter than those other cult leaders. Just take your follower's MONEY and leave it at that!

    Good luck with the race, sister!

    (Man! One of your disciples left a comment at 3:55 a.m.! You got THEM trained, girl!)

  3. I was thinking that you might already be done with your race this morning, but then I remembered that Cali is 3 hours behind, so most likely, you're not even running yet! So: Best of luck today!!

  4. Good luck my dear! Have a wonderful race! I look forward to reading all about it!

  5. I'm leaving this comment post-race so I already know you did well!

    Love the shorts! And I was going to tell you that you have a great ass... but since it's not yours, well, I'll refrain. :)

  6. My race report is up. Where's yours?

    Not that this is a race or anything.

    But if it was, I would have won.

    I'm just saying.