Saturday, May 2, 2009


I soooo need a race to focus on...that's fo-shizzle (DramaGirl's word. She cringes whenever I use it because I suspect the usage is all incorrect and I'm old, and I'm her mom, and moms are just not supposed to use hip and cool 7th grade lingo...). In any event, I need races as goals, and now that the La Jolla 1/2 Marathon has been accomplished, I'm looking for other races to focus on and work toward.

So far, here are some upcoming local races that I'm planning on doing this summer 
  • Union-Tribune Race for Literacy (8K) - Tomorrow - already signed up and running...also the reason why I'm not running 16 miles with the SDTC this morning...well that and since I'm NOT running the RnR marathon this year, I really see no need to run 16 miles today.*
  • Aflac IronGirl 10k - June 7 - signing up today...yes, the herd is willing to run on the poly-crap one more time. At least the race doesn't start AND end on it this year...only ends on it.
  • America's Finest City 1/2 Marathon - August 16 - last leg of the triple crown!
I feel like I need a race in July...but July usually gets sucked up by vacations, and I'll probably also do the SDTC 1/2 Marathon Training Program, so I'll have plenty to keep me busy and moving.

Oh...and I'm going to start riding my bike more. That should hold me.

In other running-related, but not very interesting news. I've been looking at my April totals.

  • Treadmill runs - 25.82
  • Real runs - 51.07
  • Total - 82.89
  • Elyptical - 6.5
  • Bike (real and stationary) - 23.29

So....speaking of the bike. I'm going to go load mine now so that Betty and I can go for a ride down at Mission Bay. I'll post adventures and pix later.

Good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend. Can't wait to read all your reports!

Update: Bike ride = 1:10 minutes - 12.9 miles!

*It felt really, really, really, strange to not be getting up at the ass-crack of dawn this morning to run. I thought I'd sleep in , but by 6am (not the ass-crack of dawn, granted, but still pretty damn early for a Saturday morning) I was wide awake...GAH!


  1. having a goal race makes training so much easier. enjoy the bike ride, looking forward to the pics! Have a great race tomorrow too :D

  2. *Sniff*

    No races that I can run on your list. Maybe rethink the July thing? Like a trip to San Fran, July 26th? I am just saying...

    Seriously, looks like a great line up.

    Teacher related crap: STAR testing all last week. I am almost 100% caught up on grading. First time in a LOOOOOONG time.

    AP exams are the week after next, the end is in sight.

  3. I signed up for the AFLAC iron girl in Del mar already!!!! Woo Hoo!! And maybe I'll come down and run the race tomorrow!!! What about San fran???

  4. Races definitely help you remian focused on the training, and all of those sound good.

    Here in FL in the summer, races dry up, and there's seriously nothing between May and Sept.

  5. Hmmmm. I may have to consider the Aflac one. I wonder if I could sign up the day of? I guess it depends on how beat up I feel after the marathon this year. Too bad they end on the poly-crap, though. That's kind of when I want to bring on the big push and look as if I had been running that way the entire time... *cough* The jury is still out on the AFC half for me, we'll see what happens. Have fun at the 8k tomorrow!

  6. I wanted to run the Race for Literacy and then we had a conflict and now we don't. I wonder if I can sign up there.

    I will probably do Iron Girl (I have done it the last two and 2007 was my very first race EVER). I am glad they are changing the start. I didn't realize they are still ending on that track. It felt like running in sand. SO SLOW.

    Are you in town on the 4th of July? The Coronado 15K is a nice race on the 4th.

  7. I can see the need to have races planned in order to stay motivated. I was just thinking the same thing today (minus the fo-shizzle).

    Are you going to do the Surf City Half? You're the one who told me about it and now I'm SO planning on doing that one!

    Have fun at the Race for Literacy! Please, please wear a Cat in the Hat hat. That would be so cool! :D

  8. You should probably choose SF 1/2 marathon in July with me, Penny, RBR, Aron. And who knows who else. ;)

  9. Mom... that's not even how you use the word it's supposed to mean like awesome or cool or exciting you make fo-shizzle (fo-shiz) so unfo-shizzle!!!!

  10. hahahaha! Sounds like DramaGirl doesn't think you're very "hep"!

    The kids still say "hep", right?

    Sounds like you had a great April, sister, even if you are pretty lame by youngster standards!

    (So am I! Ian's only 9 and he's already rolling his eyes at me when I talk. Actually, so is Teh 'Bride ...)

    Good luck training for the next races, you crazy "chick"!

  11. That dayum body clock! Mine is like that too. So sad when sleeping in is 6am. Schedule looks great and I'm MOST excited about that new bike!

  12. It's so much easier to stay "on track" when you have a race to train for. Looks like you have a few pretty good ones there.

    Your stats for April look great. Fo shizzle. :)

  13. I guess I should sign up for something...
    you are doing so well!