Friday, May 8, 2009

Eat, Run, Log, Run

You absolutely cannot expect me to come up with creative analogies in every post...I'm just not that good, but I do thank you all for all your comments and kuddos...I think lots of us bloggers are closet wanna-be novel writers. Several of us have made comments a meme somewhere that we'd like to write a book someday...I'd be among those.

But I have none of that in me today...

Luckily, today is NikeMom's photo Friday, and I haven't played along in a couple weeks. So here's a recap of my week in photos.

Sunday - Run

"Official" race photos were posted yesterday...evidence that Walter and I ran together... I might have to buy this one.*

Monday - Eat

Elsie, Mik, Betty, me and some other NRH** and the husbands went to dinner Monday night at a relatively new restaurant - Bing Crosbys. I love the advertisement for a new shop in the forefront...hahahahah. Oh, and the lobster-mashed potatoes were TO. DIE. FOR.

Tues-Thurs - Log

My breakfast this morning and my plan to run w/Betty in a bit

I don't write much about my weight, or losing weight on this blog, other than to occassionally mention that if I lost a few lbs, I might a) run faster and b) have fewer injuries, and you may have looked at some of my photos and wondered about that... I'll be brief about the diet history, but I've been on JUST. ABOUT. EVERY. DIET. KNOWN. TO. MANKIND. and guess what.

Many of them have worked.
  • In college, I lost about 25 lbs on WeWa.
  • Later on, I lost about 20 lbs just by working out.
  • After that, I lost about 20 lbs on the single-girl's diet (popcorn and whatever I could scrounge up in happy hour food).
  • A few years ago, I lost 20 lbs on the South Beach Diet.
You'd think with all this losing, I'd be invisible by now...but blah. blah. blah. (You know the story).

My latest success is the iPhone diet...Elsie's lost about 30 lbs this winter.

What's the iPhone diet? I've been keeping track what I eat and burn using LoseIt, an iPhone Ap, which is really just a food diary. It's a good thing for me to obsess about. Here's the current result...

What I've done since I started keeping track (can you see where I was hurt?)

Since I look at my phone, oh about 100 times a day, it's easy for me to not forget to log what I've eaten...AND since I've started, I'm much more careful about what I eat...and how much. Mostly, it's caused me to cut back on unnecessary snacking. (I'm one of those who'll come home from work and ingest about 1000 mindless calories of whatever's lying around).

Friday - Run

For those of you who are new here...this is the path that we run at Lake of the herd noted about a year ago that it looks like a "boy part." Thus is is now referred to as Lake Boy Part, or Lake BP...I love when Lisa or Irene refer to it that way in their blogs...hahahahah...what an impact the Hefferblog is having on the local running scene...

Ran this morning with Betty at Lake BP. Not too much to report. It's getting HOT. We didn't run until 9am, which was probably an hour too late. We ran 5.6 miles. about an 11:00 pace...

Did I mention that it got HOT?

I've registered for the IronGirl 10K in Del Mar on June 8 (another effort at running on the poly-crap) and the America's Finest City 1/2 Marathon in August...the last leg of the triple crown...

Got a 20 mile bike ride for tomorrow...

* one other comment...WTF is up with my right looks like I'm about to land completely on the inside of it. Do you think this is why I have such issues with PF, and my achilles? GAH! I've gotta work on that!

** Non-running heffers


  1. OMG, LOVE that application! I need to find something for my Blackberry. I just signed up for SparkPeople and it's a little overwhelming. My BB is in my hand all the time - I'm off to go find an app ha ha.

    Maybe then I can drop this last 20 pounds...that would include the 5 I have GAINED in 1/2 training and the 15 I never got to. *humph*

  2. And now I need an iphone! Just what my husband doesn't want to hear!!

    Great job in tracking your food and exercise. Quick question though, with all your workouts, don't you need more than 1,012 calories a day?
    Good luck on your journey. I am still struggling to loose my last 15 pounds!

  3. I keep meaning to tell you that you look a lot more fit these days, as you're sporting some awesome muscles, and that's even before you wrote this blogpost.

    As for the diet thing, I sort of tossed the diet mentality out of the window about 10 years ago. I've been trying to adhere to a lifestyle instead. It helped to keep off most of the 30 pounds I lost back then. That being said, I will occasionally check my food intake on Fitday, mostly to make sure I'm getting in enough of what I need. I tend to go carb-wild, especially with all these high miles we're running lately. :)

    Hope to see you Saturday. I'm going to TRY to drag my husband out of bed early enough so we can get there by 6 AM! We shall see...

  4. Hi, I put you in my Google Reader and I've been quietly enjoying your posts. Today struck home because it sounds like we're in a similar place, diet/weight wise (now, anyway, in the distant past I would have been much heavier than you). I too need a good food tracking app for blackberry! I've currently gone sugar-free in order to curb my diabolical sweet tooth which is causing me much grief. What I am wondering is, do you really manage 1000 calories a day? Is that net, subtracting exercise? I am trying for 1500-1600 (probably achieving 1700-1800) per day without subtracting, and it is HARD, even eating very healthy and no sweets.I so envy people for whom running really does allow them to eat "whatever they want." (They probably don't want what I want, therein lies the problem!)

  5. Love the running picture!

    I try not to obsess about my weight every time I blog, but I do obsess about it far too much.

    I agree, I've also noticed that you have been looking more toned these days...

  6. Great picture! Is that one of those professional shots? I can't believe how darn expensive they are.

    Lobster mashed potatoes sound very, very yummmmmmmmy!

    Thanks for the invite to join you guys in Del Mar if I conk out during my run. If there will be mimosas, I might have to "conk out" on purpose. ;D

    I've never been to Lake Murray but I know how hot it must get out there! Oh, and I thought that map looked a bit phallic, too. :D

  7. Dude- You. Look. AWESOME! in that picture! You look strong and make it look easy. Mike may have stayed with you the entire time, but he looks a little winded (sorry Walter- i still love you!)

  8. Lake BP and non-running heffers! I love being let in on the hefferblog lingo! Great pics btw.

  9. You look screamin' hot in the picture so I vote YES to buying that photograph.

    I use (have used? am occasionally consistent about?) Livestrong daily Plate, but they do not have a Blackberry app. Very irritating!

    If you are looking for the weight you lost I found it. You can have it back anytime. Why can't I train for a major event without gaining f-ing weight?!

  10. You gotta buy the pic but we need to get Walter a new shirt. I could belt that thing and make a nice dress;)

    Get on that bike baby - spin it up until you feel the burn.

  11. I wouldn't have guessed you at 170 lbs. Congrats on the 6 pound loss! Being injured doesn't help with the weight loss, does it. 24 pounds to go to reach your goal? That is so reachable. ;)

  12. That's a cool app. And congrats on the loss!

    Lobster mashed potatoes sound like heaven!

  13. love the pic, and nice tan, better than my pastey white tone! :) Congrats, you look great, and LOL at Lake BP. Too funny. Happy Mother's Day! :D

  14. LMAO Lake Boy Part...very good!

  15. hahaha, Lake BP, I thought you were giving the finger!!!

  16. Intimacy bra fittings rock. It is where I got my sports bra. The only bad part is they figure out your size by feeling you up...well it might be good if you like that kind of thing.

    I love Lake BP!