Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Week That Was...(not that interesting)...

Ya gotta know that when it takes me a whole week to post ANYTHING...It's been a heckuva week...or I died.

But the real truth is that I really didn't have much interesting to blog about this week. I've got two weeks until the end of the semester...lots of grading to do (again)...too much drama in the English department to think about...and most depressingly...I've got running pains (again) to, because I don't wanna bore you all with the tedium of it ad nauseum, here's a VERY brief weekly rundown of some running (and nonrunning) new from the week (boring...boring...boring...boring...).

DramaGirl and Turbo do math homework together...a moment of non-bickering so I took a picture.

A moment of parental bliss...

Track workout...a really good run we did 6x800 repeats. Elsie was there. I still can't keep up with the skinny biatch. Still, I ran faster than I have since before I got hurt. My 800 split paces were:

1 - 10:04
2 - 9:50
3 - 9:53
4 - 9:41
5 - 9:40
6 - 9:32

The result...major Plantar Fasciitis ...this time in the left foot...GAH!!!!! WTF is up with that?

DAY. FROM. HELL. First class started at 8am...last class ended at 9:30pm...a non-stop day. Wouldn't have run anyway since my effing feet were on effing fire all effing day....

Thank goodness for the Real Housewives of New York City (what a train wreck) to make me feel better about my life. (yeah, it was on Tuesday, but I didn't get to watch it until whatever...)

Despite PF pain, had high hopes of running, but went to happy hour with Mona and South Dakota instead ... a decision that took me two days to recover from. Drank waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much wine. Really shouldn't do that. Discussed at length how Jorts* and a tie on a man is soooooo NOT HAWT!!!!

Major hangover, so no running.

Still slightly hungover from THURSDAY, but got up early to run with the Track Club anyway. They were running 12-14 miles, as they are tapering for the Rock and Roll Marathon. But, I'm not running this year...and I had to go to a paper-scoring session at school, so I ran five miles instead.

I left a little before the fast group (all of the pace groups in the Rock and Roll Marathon have rock and roll names. The fast group (7 min mile and faster) is called "The Untouchables," The pretty fast group (7 t0 9 minute milers) is called "Cheap Trick," and those of us at the back of the pack are called "Air Supply" a label which I find rather insulting to be honest.

Anyway, I left a little before "The Untouchables" which means that at a certain point they all roared past me...but in truth, they're all really nice and supportive, so I didn't mind too much...

I ran for about 30 minutes, then I turned around and headed back a little past the first water station, which is where I saw Irene...lookin' awesome!

I really enjoy this run through Ocean Beach and Point Loma. This morning was humid, but the marine layer never lifted, and the ocean breezes were cool. I wish I'd had enough time to run the whole 2 hours, but I had to be at the college by 8:30 (BTW...apparently 8:30 is an estimated time to start at the college. We ended up waiting until about 9:15 to actually start the meeting, which really ticked me off cuz I could have run for another 45 minutes...I HATE meetings that start late....especially when I'm on time!)

It felt great to run, although I ran pretty SLOW!

5.02 miles
56:59 minutes
11:21 pace

Unfortunately, PF is back tonight with a VENGEANCE!!!! Been icing, stretching, and tennis balling all day.

OK...So that was the boring week. I'm glad it's over. Going on a bike ride in the morning with the herd. Maybe I'll have something interesting to say after that. My goal for the day is to not fall on my ass.

Finally, good luck to Shosh and Cyndi (Cyndi is doing her first 1/2 Mary!), and to everyone else who is running this weekend!

(WOOT! WOOT!...Walter just came home with PIE...The week is not a total waste after all...)

*Jorts = Jean Shorts and yes, I am channeling G with all the likes...


  1. Your week sounds as exciting as mine, hence the sunscreen post. Ditto on The Housewives of NYC... Totally mindless TV, but I'm so sucked in. Kelly is whacked and I have a new respect for Ramona this season (the honesty thing), even though she goes off. LOL. There -- I feel better already. :)

    Good to see you this morning! Hey, you got in 5 miles! I was toying around with NOT running today and sleeping in...

    I hope your feet are feeling better! I'm convinced that it's that track we run on that's causing the foot and joint problems, which is why I haven't been going to Tuesday nights. That track is in serious need of resurfacing.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Plus I have a pair of jorts! I have to turn them into cut-offs (they're hemmed; right now I call them my Girl Shorts because hems on jorts?). Because I already gotz me Teh 'Bride, so I don't have to try to look sexy anymore.

    Teh 'Bride, by the way, is obsessed with Real Horsewives of NJ. I just want to say, though we live in Joisey, we don't live in that county.

    Good luck with the PF, sister!

  3. "Jorts"! I've never heard them referred to by that amalgamation before. Love it.

    Sounds like a busy week, but I hope the PF pain lets up soon!

  4. so sorry to hear about the PF, in the other foot! Gah! LOL at you taking a pic of the non-bickering moment. :D

  5. JORTS are never good under any conditions. I don't care what G wears!

    I had a girls weekend myself. I can't decide if I'm still drunk or not. Maybe a run will help me sweat it out?

    Real Housewives of NEW THAT is a show. Holy crap...

  6. I'm waiting for Real Housewives of Des Moines. Geez - talk about running something into the ground....

  7. I'm sorry to hear about the PF, that biatch just won't go away! Jorts are just wrong, but then combined with a tie??? I can't even imagine what that guy was thinking when he left the house!

  8. Where did the week go! Geez. I am sure the last two weeks of school here are just going to fly! (I hope so!)

    Jorts... lovin' it. :)

  9. LMAO at Jorts.

    Sounds like a crazy arse week. I hope the PF gets under control. there is nothing worse.