Monday, April 26, 2010

Shoulda, Shoulda, Shoulda

I've got quite a list going right now...
  • I should be running right now, but I'm not
  • I should be grading papers, but I'm not
  • I should be doing a better job of watching my diet...
  • I should be making meals for the week...
  • I should be working on a grant...
  • I should be writing a report...
  • I should be planning better lessons...
  • I should be paying more attention to my kids...
  • I should be spending more time with Walter...
  • I should be catching up on what the blogs are saying...
  • I should be folding laundry...
  • I should be hanging up my clothes...
On Sunday, instead of doing all those things I should have done, Walter and I went to hear a friend of his who is in a band play at McP's pub in Coronado...good decision, don't you think?


  1. If those are the things you AREN'T doing, I can only conclude you're off having incredible sex. I mean, what else is left?

  2. Great you know Keith personally? Funny comment.
    Anyway, there are always too many "shouldas" in our lives. I hope you had fun!

  3. Those are some stylin' shades!

  4. But wait... isn't that "spending more time with Walter"? Or did you mean actually engaged in conversation?

  5. Danielle may not have meant for her comment to dove tail off Keith's, but in my dirty little mind it did and that made me laugh. Really. Hard.

    And hope that they were both right *wink*

    We have a saying in my little world, "Don't "should" all over yourself."

    You do more each day than most do in a week. Or probably more accurately, you do more each day than most people feel they "should" in a week.

    Re: the gum penis: HIL-AR-I-OUS! My office staff would have peed themselves laughing!

  6. Excellent choice! The shoulda list will still be there!

  7. @RBR - WTF? Gum penii, is it now? First banana, now GUM?

    What's wrong with penises made out of PENIS?


  8. Good decision indeed. You were still hanging out with Walter!

  9. I see lots of "should'ves" but no "would'ves" or "could'ves". So yes! You totally made the right decision!

  10. I like your priorities!

    And, can I just say, that I cannot open a SkyMall issue now without thinking of you. I had some good chuckles on our plane ride last weekend over some of the same items.

  11. But, that does mean you were spending time with Walter, right?