Sunday, March 22, 2009

On the Riverbed

In my last post, I wrote about running on the San Diego riverbed, which may have made it sound all scenic and lovely.... and while there were some high points to the SDTC Marathon Pace Run on the San Diego riverbed yesterday, there are three things that I need to clarify.
  1. The San Diego riverbed isn't really a riverbed. It's just an inlet that at various points of high or low tide has varying amounts of water in it, so sometimes it looks like a river; other times it looks like a swamp. And while there may be some fresh water that flows from inland somewhere (Elsie will have to weigh in on that one; she's the local biologist...or maybe Betty knows; she knows all about geography and was born and raised here), for the most part, it's not all that pretty, and to be honest, in a really low tide, it sorta stinks.
  2. Along side the riverbed is a pretty rutted out bike path, which is where we run. I've been on this path A LOT in the last two years. It's the path we take as we leave Hospitality Point and head into Ocean Beach or Point Loma (and back to Hospitality Point). It is an asphalt path, which is nicer to run on than concrete, but it is in some pretty serious need of repaving, which makes it challenging. However, given the train-wreck that is currently calling itself San Diego's local government, that's probably not going to happen any time soon.
  3. On the marathon pace run, which we did yesterday, we run two miles inland on the "bike path" and two miles back...back and forth, back and forth, for two hours.
All that being's what I LOOOOOOVED about yesterday's Marathon Pace Run at Hospitality Point.
Elsie and I, in the crowd, at the start of the run...Irene was there, took this photo, and sent it to me. I love that she took a picture where I don't look like a complete dork while running.
  • The weather...nice, cool, slight ocean breeze, no sun...perfect running weather.
  • The distance....I was supposed to run 2 hours, but I decided to run 1:30 (8 miles) instead. I had decided this well ahead of time. In truth, at the end of the 8 miles, I felt like I could have kept running, but since I've been battling the cold, the PF, and some other nagging injuries, I decided to cut it short. Odd how running 8 miles is cutting it short for me now.
  • Since I fueled up on Sudafed Extreme Cold Formula, the head cold didn't bother me during the run as I feared it would. In fact, I think running helped me get rid of the cold faster (or maybe it was the Airborne...I still believe after all).
  • (Well, except for the runny nose, but isn't that why long sleeves were invented?)
  • Since it was an out and back, out and back, out and back run, I got to see all my fast running friends (like BBJ and Kat) who I never otherwise see during runs.
BBJ who is running sans iPod because it is lent and the Pope told him to... He commented in my last post that running w/o tunes is doable.

Kat, who ran with a bloody nose and scared people...but was fine, really.
Minor annoyances
  • None really (WHAT? NO ANNOYANCES?) Geez Alice. WTF is up with that? No was a lovely run.
  • OK...I know it's called a "bike path" but do people on bikes really need to ride 35 mph on this short section of the path when there are clearly a few hundred walkers and runners on it? I saw this one guy on a bike, who was clearly going way too fast, almost take out a runner.
And also, there's this.... I've sadly blown through YET ANOTHER PAIR OF SUNGLASSES. I should have a whole label on this blog just for all my sunglass stories, and about my inability to keep a single pair of running sunglasses intact for any length of time.


As I was headed into Mile 4 yesterday, even though there was no sun, I decided to put my sunglasses on. But, when I put them on there was some condensation from my sweaty head on the lenses, so I decided to use my shirt tail to clean them off and in doing so...


they f-in snapped in two
(well, three if you count the nose bridge).

I can't believe it. This is, at least, the third pair of sunglasses I've gone through this year...and I LOVED this pair. They didn't slip down my nose, and despite being sorta big, they didn't fog up when I ran...GAH!

I've called Nike, and there's another 800 number that I've got to call on Monday that is their sunglass division...And while they've got a year warranty on them, and I should be able to wipe lenses without them snapping in half, To be honest, I'm not hopeful.

((sigh)) was a nice run. No breakfast afterward. I didn't want to push it. Went home. Took a mega-nap. Went out for a nice dinner with Walter last night (we don't do enough of that...)

Also...can't wait to hear about Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon this week...can't wait. can't wait. can't wait...


  1. Looks like a fun run, love the long sleeves for the nose!
    Being a biker...I know I'd probably be cruising on that path way too fast, I like to go fast :-)

  2. good luck with the sunglasses!! My credit card got charged for Nike over the weekend, and it says in the FAQ's that you're selected if you've been charged, go check your credit card online!!! Hope you get in!!!

  3. Back and forth, back and forth? Ugh, give me muddy trails any day. LOL You must have a lot of patience. I'd be like "blah, blah, blah" the whole time. I would have to make a game out of that somehow. Good job!
    And about the sunglasses - perhaps someone doesn't know their own stength? ;)

  4. Way to find the positives! I am a true believer that running really losens up any head cold.... even if you feel like crap. It's when it's in the chest that I say, no thanks, to running. LOL.

    Hey, if you want me to send you my html codes for those tables I have in my sidebar, just let me know. You can change the information, but it would be just easier for me to send you the html... Wes helped me out with this a long while back, so I can't take all the credit. HA!

  5. I was on that same path today! I swear that one of these days we are going to run into each other.

    I am sorry about your sunglasses. i am cursed in the sunglasses department too. Last year I was wearing some non-running sunglasses and out of nowhere-'POP'- they cracked over the lense. Apparently, they didn't like the pounding of the running. They were cheap. I am currently using some Roadrunner glasses but they do tend to fog up a bit. Good luck with Nike. My friend had some Vuarnets back in the day and she broke them and they sent a new pair to her. Maybe Nike will do the same???

    Sounds like a good run! I am glad I am not the only one who sees long sleeves in that way ;-)

  6. I've rollerbladed there before, and I WAS surprised that it does get stinky there on the riverbed. Good job on the 8 miles! How ARE your injuries doing anyways?

  7. I had so many camera malfunctions yesterday, so I was thrilled to get a couple of great shots of you! The rest of the photos will make it on the site within the next couple of days, provided I sent them correctly...

    Well, that totally sucks about the sunglasses! You've only had them since October, so I hope they offer to replace them. We have about a 6 to 12 month warranty on all of our eye-wares, depending on brand, so Nike better make it good!

    Since Melanie mentioned about Nike, I'm going to check all of my credit cards, since I can't remember which one I put it on.

    Have a great week.

  8. Gah about the sunglasses. Glad you had a good run.

  9. That's a great picture of you. You don't look like you're suffering from anything, just having a good time. Yipee for not letting Elvis get you this year.

  10. I think it is the channel not an inlet (I think an inlet is an extension of the sea/ocean) -

    Sorry I've missed so much - and I'll miss next week also. I'll try to run in Tahoe - but I'm in a funk right now. Tahoe should get me out of it!

    I'm proud of you Alice for working hard - and all the rest of the HERD!

  11. oh yeah - I think the river starts at the highest point in the region - I think that would be Cuyamaca Mountain??? And I think there are a bunch of dams/reservoirs on the river - I'm guessing 3 or 4 of them

  12. Say - isn't the Rock n Roll run on that path too? Sorry about the glasses. I bought a pair of Tifosi glasses from REI. They are good about warranty - I'm on my third set of lenses (but there is a $20 shipping fee). And - yes I have cold weather clothes for the east. But, at least I get to put them in the closet in between trips!

  13. I can't wait to hear about Nike as well!! Please let me know if you hear before I'm able to check the website!!!

    Nice run! I was sleeping while you were running!!!

  14. You must have some superstrong hands to destroy those glasses...just kidding, that really does suck. Good job on your 8 miles.

  15. Going to be in Vegas this week (Wednesday-Sunday). Any recs on running spots, especially a 14 mile tour that will replace the Saturday run.

  16. Well I'm glad you had company because that back and forth shiz drives me bat shit! SUX on the glasses...I'm hopeful that they'll do you right! ...and I just really MEAN fix the glasses this time:)

  17. The back and forth would have gotten old fast for me.

    I wear cheapo sunglasses because I tend to break them all the time. I hope you get that pair replaced! Yeesh!

  18. The back and forth would have been hard on me - except for getting to see all your peeps again and again. That part would be fun. My sunglasses are weirdly prone to staying intact - but perhaps that's because 90% of the time I forget to wear them. Doh!

  19. You know what you look like in that group running pic? A CELEB! I'm so not kidding! It looks like you're running with your celeb trainers or something. Am I weird? LOL

  20. Out and backs are all I know around here. But lucky for you, you get asphalt instead of Houston's concrete (that's all we know around here.)

    Dadgum about the sunglasses. Hopefully Nike will give you something, or at least maybe they won't laugh (too hard) when you ask for a new pair.

  21. That is what I dislike most about HoPo---it does stink! LOL. I still miss the SDTC runs though. Enjoy the training!

  22. Yikes about the glasses! Maybe you can buy some in mass quantities and get a good discount? j/k!