Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nike-related bidness

Nike Sunglasses
I called Nike about my broken sunglasses.  The nice Nike-girl referred me to their sunglass repair shop, who says they will look at my broken glasses if I send them the glasses with a check for $10.00 (shipping and handling). 

They'll take a look at them? WTF does that mean? I'm holding out hope that I'll get a replacement pair, or they'll patch mine together with duct-tape.... At least the girl who answered the phone didn't just laugh in my face when I said the glasses just snapped in two. That's a good sign, right?

Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon
Melanie posted that she has been charged for the Nike Women's 1/2 or Full Marathon on her credit card...so, I spent Sunday and yesterday (and this morning) checking my account online...but no charge so far ((sigh))... So, I'm not optimistic about our getting in this year (((heavy sigh))). 

BUT, while I'm sad if the herd doesn't get to go to SF, I do have plan B - The Long Beach 1/2 Marathon, which is the preceding week.

I know, I know, Long Beach is definitely NOT SF, but the LB 1/2 has some positives:
  1. It's a really flat. 
  2. It's much less expensive - $60 at this point vs. $100 for Nike.
  3. It's closer (and thus MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE than traveling to SF).
  4. My bro-in-law asked me to run it with him last year and I didn't because I couldn't see running two 1/2 marathons in two consecutive weeks.
  5. It's one of the races in the "California Dreaming" racing series, which includes the Surf City 1/2 Marathon in Huntington Beach, and the San Francisco 1/2 Marathon...thus, if I convince the herd to run all three, I STILL GET TO GO TO SF!
Isn't that nice how THAT works out?

Non-Nike Related Bidness
I'm headed to the SDTC workout tonight. The PF flared up this weekend after Saturday's long run... probably because I sat around and grazed and graded papers all day Sunday and didn't do enough icing or stretching or moving. Having a 10" stack of student papers to grade results in a Pavlovian-type eating response like you wouldn't believe! Grade a paper; eat a snack; grade another paper; eat another snack...that pretty much sums up my Sunday... I tried to run on the dreadmill last night, which seems to have exacerbated the tenderness in my heel, but I'm going to ice, stretch, and try to run tonight anyway, cuz that's just how I roll...


  1. They should replace your glasses and NOT charge you S&H!

  2. Oh that is exactly how I grade papers. It's like oooohhh nice comment you deserve a cookie/apple/carrot/chocolate/cup of tea...etc.

  3. I would raise hell if they didn't replace the sunglasses.

    I hope you get in to the Nike 1/2 but your plan b sounds great too.

    take care of the foot!

  4. It would be too cool if you got into Nike too... keeping my fingers crossed for you still. Apparently we should all be getting an email on/or around tomorrow... march 25th. Hope you get a replacement... and plan b sounds good.

  5. Okay, my big run this spring is in Hamilton, Ontario so I've got NO sympathy for you and your "California Dreaming" run, gal! :-)

    Hope you have a good one ... I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  6. The sunglasses thing is just F****D up. $10 for S & H? That's just screwed. Did you ask to speak to a manager?

    I don't think I got into Nike, either. Keep me posted on plan b and I might join you all.

  7. So you have you to pay for postage and shipping, pay them $10... and all they can promise is that they will look at the glasses? That's BS.... Give me her number and I will give her my piece of mind. Don't mess with the Teach right now. LOL

  8. That Nike Women's Marathon has gotten completely out of hand, don't you think? I've never done it, (even though it's 40 minutes away)and from what I see, I may never be able to do it. There's always Bay to Breakers, you know. It never fills up. ;)

  9. C'mon NIKE, get with the customer service program. I didn't throw the dayum glasses, they broke.

    P.S. I have cow pictures on my blog today too...they're not as nice as Jo Lynn's so be forewarned;)

  10. Well of course! Since I got into Nike they had to make sure none of my friends did. Awesome. Then they want to charge you to look at their defective glasses. I don't care how aggressively you wipe your lenses the damn things shouldn't break in two!

    F*** YOU Nike!

    I will , however, let a tuxedo clad fireman console me after the marathon. ;o)

    I am currently hoping a sink hole develops in the middle of my classroom dragging me to the center of the earth and eliminating the necessity of grading all these f-ing lab reports and exams. ugh! Is it June yet?

  11. I'm with everybody else on the sunglasses. NO WAY they should charge you for shipping! They should even pay for the shipping for you sending them to the shop!

    I do like your Plan B, sounds great.

  12. Stupid Nike.

    How's that for a mature, helpful comment?

  13. I too would raise hell if they don't replace or fix your glasses! Tell them you have the power of the blog at your finger tips and Nike wouldn't want a bad rap from you on here!

  14. I love the Long Beach Half Marathon! Maybe I'll run with you all if it turns out that's where you end up. It may not serve up Tiffany necklaces, but it ain't got hills either.

  15. I love Nike but dayum they charge you an arm adn a leg for EVERYTHING. WTF?!?

    I hope that you got in. Hey, you never know, right? Maybe it was late posting on your account?!

  16. I don't think we got in! I checked the link that Catholic runner had -it said I was unsuccessful!! Boo!!! But on a happier note- I have already registered for the San Fran half and I think it's a marvelous idea that the herd comes up to run Long Beach!!! Yippee!!!! Just do it!!!

    So that's what I'm doing; running the San Fran half, Long Beach Half, and Carlsbad Half....join me!!!!

    Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm so exhausted and butthead men I work with that most likely have teeny weenie weenies bug the piss out of me!!! The men in LA are fucked up!!!!