Monday, March 2, 2009

Lazy Bullets for an Overbusy Blogger

OMFG...what a I'm takin' the lazy, busy, blogger's way out, and doin' a quick bullet list of the last week's highlights (buckle-up we go...). When did I last write? Last Monday? OH DEAR LORD...where did the week go?
  • Worked out with the track club last Tuesday night...GODAWFULFUCKINGPFPAIN on Wednesday AM....GAH! Not as bad as last week though, so that's good, right?
  • Voting is from now on, Scotty will be known as Santiago on this blog. Welcome Santiago!...How BBJ, the humble, sweater-vest-pocket-protector-wearing, math teacher, ever pulled off the Hemmingway reference is just beyond me...I am humbled and I bow to you sir...although quite frankly, I've never been a Hemmingway fan, as I see absoletely no need for short sentences or references to bulls for that matter...
Reelin' 'em in...with achilles issues...and turned 30 this past weekend..., so Happy Birthday and Welcome to SANTIAGO
  • Turbo turned 11 on Wednesday, so it was B-day week in our house. We attempted to prop up the GODAWFUL ecomony by giving too many gifts (well...I did anyway).
  • I went to PT on Thursday. Rusty the PT is a GOD! He massaged and stretched my calf, achilles, and foot tendons until they were pliable, so I have been able to stretch my PF and KNOCK ME OVER WITH A FEATHER! It has started to feel SO MUCH BETTER (ICE, ICE, BABY...and massage, and knew?)
  • As I was lying face first on the table getting my foot/calf/achilles worked on so that I could stretch it, Rusty the PT mentioned to me he IS seeing lots of butts and ITB injuries in the "upper area" this year, as opposed to past years, when he saw ITB issues primarily affect runners' in their knees. He assured me that he treats all butts equally.
  • Because the PF and the hip felt so INCREDIBLY AWESOME, I managed to run 9.5 miles on Saturday...really slowly, but for the most part, I ran with almost no pain...HOORAY! Because I was clearly at THE BACK OF THE PACK, there were no SDTC pix of me or the herd...well there were pix of Mik, who's the speedy speedster of the herd.
Speedster Mik ran close to 14 miles on Saturday in about 2 hours...WOW
  • We took Turbo and three of his friends to Legoland yesterday...
  • POP Quiz...What is more exhausting? Running 9.5 miles or chasing 11-year-old-boys around a theme park all day? ( far...I'm EXHAUSTED today!)
Boys, at the end of the day...I did not look like I had all that much energy...

Cute photo of Me and Walter...clearly taken earlier in the day.
  • Had to laugh at myself at my capri pants and tennis shoe ensemble...a look that I've NEVER really gotten into...then again, it's part of my shoe-vo-lution.
Nothin' says HAWT-TER than capri jeans and cross-trainers...YOWZA!
  • Speaking of shoe-vo-lution, I do have to comment that for the first time in the history of this blog, three DUDES commented on my last post. Do you think it was the reference to the CFM shoes...or just that it was a post about shoes that improved my Y-chromosome blog traffic?
  • Registration for the lottery to register for the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon opens this Wednesday, so we're rallying the herd to register as a group, and hopefully we'll get in. If not, then it'll be the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon in October for us...
  • Elsie had her second date. We had to inform her about the Three Date Rule since she hasn't been on a date in a REALLY LONG TIME. (So happy to be helpful...and see Elsie, it's in Wikipedia. I did NOT make this up!)
  • Just got home from the Monthly Dinner Club with the herd, friends, and spouses where we tried to figure out who has the BEST driver's license photo. What is it about DL pix that makes people look like convicts?

  • Sue Kren 15K is this Saturday...piece of cake, right?
  • On a serious is still recovering from surgery. There's talk of chemo or radiation or maybe even no more treatment in the future. We'll see. I'm going to Vegas next weekend to see her. I really need to book a flight tonight before the fares increase...GAH! that was the week in bullets. I've got about 200+ unread posts in my RSS reader, which I'll try to get to in the next few days...between classes and grading papers (that time of year)...

Have a great week everyone!


  1. glad to hear mom is doing better!!! That's the most exciting news of your post...well the capris and tennis shoes was a pretty important post !

    If you start a group for the Nike womens half let me know!!

    You'll rock the 15k this weekend!!! Rock on woman!

    I must go to bed now....

  2. Ha! About the DL pics. I just posted mine a few days ago. I hope your mom continues to improve.

  3. I am a huge fan of the bullet posts. I'm glad to hear your PF is doing better, gotta love those PTs. And Legoland sounds like my worst nightmare, maybe one day if I have sons I'll think differently;)

  4. Glad to hear about your mom!

    And, good luck to Elsie on her THIRD DATE!

    Great job on the 9.5 miles!

  5. Nice work on the tennis shoe capri combo! That look is probably due to come back in right about now which makes you a trend-setter - how do you feel about that? :)

    Hey, saw your comment on the PF - this article talks a bunch about gym workouts to improve running strength and speed - actually focuses on strengthening the muscles used in running, not just the pretty muscles. Check it out and let me know what you think:

    Hope you find that interesting!


  6. Glad your mom is doing better! Love the photo you you guys. Too cute.

  7. glad your mom is doing better, i'm sure she'll be so happy to see you! Yay for running pain free too! I'm registering with a group for Nike too! Fingers crossed for both of us!

  8. I'm not sure you can call that post lazy anything...whew, you've been busy! First, belated birthday wishes for Turbo Girl. Eleven's a good age for both child and mother. Enjoy it. Second, I'm glad the PT is working. I'm jealous. Finally, I vote for your DL picture.

  9. I don't do capris, unless running, as a general rule. See, I'm so short that they look like full length pants or, worse case high waters. It's awesome.

    I'm glad your mom is doing better.