Saturday, March 14, 2009


First...thanks for all your comments and support for my decision to drink wine instead of run on Tuesday (100% in support of that decision... I should run for office or something. I think I could win on the "drink wine" platform) and second thanks for your encouragement. I did go back to Road Runner Sports and whined, complained, asked about whether or not shoes with less than 30 miles on them should be breaking down like my New Balance 1224's were.

It won't surprise anyone that none of the shoe-guys made disparaging comments about the shoes, nor would they even support my assertion that the shoe had started to prematurely wear, but because they are Road Runner Sports and they have this 60 day bring-the-shoe-back-if-you-don't-like-it guarantee, I got me some new kicks...
TA DA... my new Saucony Hurricanes!!!

And I couldn't be more thrilled that I'm back in some Saucony Hurricanes. In all honesty, I didn't ever LOVE running in New Balance (either the 1223s and of course the 1224s). Usually, I felt like I was running on planks. They were stiff (which is good for some things, yes, but not a running shoe, at least not for me), and hard (same thinking applies). Unfortunately, I've got these blessed wide feet and typically narrow woman's heels, and the NBs were the only shoes that fit.

Previous to the 1223's I did run in some Saucony Hurricanes (9s I think, which I LOVED!), but I think I screwed up one day when the 10s came out because I am a TOTAL SPAZ when it comes to shopping sometimes and accidentally bought a "B" width shoe, which almost destroyed my foot on a 16 mile run, and then somehow I got talked into the 1223s.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to be back in the Hurricanes. They are a much softer shoe, and although they are a bit narrower than the New Balance shoes were, I figure I'll just wear thinner socks. I can already tell the difference in my heel as I'm running, and I've only run in them twice, once on Thursday on the dreadmill (3.5 miles) and once here in Vegas this morning (6.2 miles).

Although, I'm scanning RRS's website right now (for links and such) and I think I may have paid too much for them because again...I can be such a SPAZ when I shop. I'll have to check my receipt when I get home...GAH!

Speaking of are five things I learned this morning about running in Vegas.
  • It's dry here...I was smart and ran with a water bottle, which I almost do, and which I'd drained by 5 good thing I had it with me. I swear I've drank at least 2 gallons of water today.
  • I don't sweat here...or at least if I do, it evaporates before it hits my shirt. When I run in San Diego, by 6 miles, I've got a pretty good sweat-ring going, but here, this am? Nada...
  • It's hot here...or at least it was this morning, probably waiting until almost 10am was a bit of an error.
  • The blocks are REALLY LONG here...I ran on a block was 1 1/4 miles.
  • It's not AT ALL flat here... at least not where my parents live. The long, wide, streets are deceiving. They look rather flat, but let me tell you (and Garmin concurs), it's while it was no Torrey Pines run this morning; it wasn't Coronado either.
See? Here's me AFTER 6.2 MILES...not a drop, dripping, anywhere. Usually, you can see the sweat running down my face, or off my nose in these shots. Not today.

So, I've got a question about the lack of sweat and, if I were ever to run, say, like a 1/2 Marathon, in December, in Vegas, what would the recommended fluid during a race (or before or after) be? Both my parents were ADAMANT that athletes in Vegas should drink water, and not a sports drink, because since they're not sweating, they're not losing salt, and there have been incidents where athletes in Vegas got pretty sick because they were ingesting too much salt and not sweating it out (since, I guess, nobody sweats here...) I countered, that I thought I did sweat, but it evaporated pretty quickly.

Any hot, arid, climate runners out there know the answer to this dilemma? Are my parents right (again?) I drank lots of water this morning both before, during, and after my run (and ever since, quite frankly), and I didn't have any Gu during the run (it was only 6 miles after all), but I'm just wondering, you know, for future reference. What do desert athletes do?

So, what else have I done in Vegas...AKA SIN CITY.

Basically, I've cooked...I mean in the kitchen...specifically, I've cooked a lot of soup. Last night, I made some Matzoh Ball Soup, which we (mostly my dad and I) ate and I froze the rest for later. Today I made some Black Bean Chili and some Minestrone. Most of it is in the freezer for my parents to eat when they want.

Oh yeah, and I've eaten almost my body weight in these things.
They're called Taralli. It's an Italian pretzel-like breadstick that my aunt makes...and I LOVE THEM.

My aunt made a bunch (or I guess, a friend of hers did) and she sent them to my mom, and of course, I've been snacking on them for two days now. It's like Italian crack. They have a touch of fennel in them and I CAN'T STOP MYSELF...HELP!

As for my mom, it's been a pretty tough weekend. Basically, she's been off the pain meds since Wednesday, which means that she's been going through some withdrawal. I mean, she'd been on some pretty serious pain meds since the hospital (almost five weeks ago), so the coming off of the meds has been pretty brutal for her. And since my mom barely even drinks wine (I know, where did I come from?), she doesn't even have hangovers...and from what I've seen, pain-med withdrawal looks like one hella-shus hangover, times about 1000....

Cancer sucks...BTW...I don't think I've mentioned that yet.

Anyway, it wasn't what I was expecting this weekend, but I'm glad I'm cook, and to futz around...and to eat breadsticks...and to worry (a lot) about things over which I have no control (not my strong suit).

I think I'll have another breadstick now.


  1. I hope your mom will make it through OK. Those pain meds really take your mind off the pain, but those suckers take your mind off of everything! I'll be sending virtual healing thoughts her way.

    I'm also liking the Saucony brand. They wear well, that's for sure! I'm glad RRS took the NB's back.

    Take care and don't stress so much! See you soon.

  2. Saucony fits me great because I have full volume (FAT) feet too. ;)
    Oh boy, pain med withdrawals. Being in recovery myself, I have friends that have had to go through that sort of thing. It's pretty ugly. I feel sorry for your Mom. They didn't take her off slowly or give her something to ease the withdrawal symptoms? Poor thing.
    I'll remember her in my prayers tonight.

  3. Cancer does suck-big time.
    Sounds like a good time in Vegas, never been there myself-too hot for me!
    Hope your Mom does well. And for the worrying-yeah, that never seems to go away :-)
    Hang tough and thanks for the well wishes through your comments on my blog!

  4. It sounds like you have your hands full in helping to care for your mom, but you will be happy later that you did. As for the sweating issue, I wish I had that problem! Like you, I sweat buckets, even when its 18 degrees! I have never heard about the lack of sweating/not losing salt thing, so that's interesting. As for the shoes, I only found one pair of NB shoes that I could tolerate, and everything else was not cushioned enough or not supportive enough. You have to stick with what you like best.

  5. Hope your mom is feeling better! Withdrawl must suck big time.

    About the sweating - the only reason you don't get wet is becuase there is so little humidity out there that th sweat evaporates immediately. Be careful - you can dehydrate *much* faster in the desert! And a bout not losing salts - that's false too! Go out for a run, and then lick your skin - you'll find that even though you didn't sweat, you'll be a huge salt lick.

  6. I remember sweating in Vegas in July, and I wasn't even running, only walking. So, I dunno? Glad you are spending time with your mom & dad. Cancer does SUCK. LOTS.

  7. My mom went through what your mom's going through, though years ago. Hang in there.

    Glenn's right -- you are still sweating and therefore leeching salt but it's just quickly evaporating. Stick with the electrolytes, but to be on the safe side maybe water down the drinks a bit or add more water along the way.

  8. ((hugs)) I hope your mama is doing better. I can't imagine how bad that must suck. I am glad you are able to be there for your family.

    I am glad you are back into comfortable shoes and didn't have an issue bringing them back.

    Those breadsticks look soooooo good.

  9. cancer sucks big-time, sorry your mom is going through all that, and your family too :( Interesting about the sweating/salt thing!

  10. I'm so sorry your mom, and you, are dealing with this. That sucks! Congrats on the new shoes though, may you have many fabulous miles in them.

  11. You're so right about the roads being deceptive in the appearance... my whole neighborhood appears flat in a car, but running it? WHOLE other story and the elevation profile on Garmin proves it.

    I absolutely do sweat here. Perhaps I'm not soaked, but after a long run I am always a giant salt lick. I think you totally have to take in sport drink here and I do that.

    I have never heard of anybody getting sick from drinking too much sport drink because they aren't losing salt, and I am pretty involved with a lot of people in the local running community here.

    In December at a race, like any other race, I would just recommend drinking to thirst. They'll have the aid stations along the course. It won't be as hot as the summer, or even it is right now, so you probably won't need as much as you may need for a race where the sun is up and the heat is on. The 2008 LV Marathon started in the dark so we could have fireworks at the beginning. It was cold then! I'm not sure what the race will be like with the RnR takeover, but it will probably be even more fun.

    But I'm going to disagree 100%... athletes do sweat here and you do lose salt. Replacement is important.

  12. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. She must be a tough woman to be able to endure withdrawal from her pain meds, not to mention cancer.

    On a lighter note, I never heard of the whole Vegas sweat issue before. What you say sounds right... that it's evaporating as quickly as you sweat. But I know nothing, really.

    I love Road Runner's return policy. I hope your new shoes work better for you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I may have to take you up on the on physical therapist referral in PB. :)

  13. I'm very glad you went and ate breadsticks, cooked and were there for your mom and dad! Just your presence was key!!! I feel for your mom! I don't know what she's going thru-but I wouldn't wish it on anyone! I hope she is handling the lack of pain meds!!!!

    Nice run desert girl! I don't sweat in general-but I drink water and gatorade....I had an incident at the LA marathon one year when it was over 70 degrees and I got really sick because I drank too much water-so Penny always carries gatorade with her no matter what!!! I don't care what anyone says-I lose salt in any weather and I don't sweat...

  14. You're a wonderful daughter and I'm sure your parents are feeling very blessed that you could come.

    Good for you for running on your trip. Yes, I was in Vegas this weekend but didn't even bring running shoes!

    Sending prayers for your mom.

  15. (((HUGS))) Yes chica, cancer DOES suck :-( BAH!

    Road Runner is always on the expensive side (or so that has been my experience. But then again I'm also not a VIP member so that's a factor too LOL)

  16. I agree... cancer sucks ass.

    Glad you got new shoes, and that you are at least thinking your parents could be right with this sweat thing.


  17. Cancer definitely sucks.

    I got nothing on the Vegas sweating issue... the humidity around here is brutal in the summer.

    Great job getting out there and running while you're visiting. If I were there I'd help you out with the breadsticks (I would eat them all).

  18. I've done the full and the half in Vegas in December. Both time the weather was really cool. I think in the 40s at the start at no higher than 60 at the end.

    But it is still dry and this year I drank alot of water on the course .... but that may be due to the number of margaritas I consumed the day before.

  19. Sometimes drinking wine instead of running is the best decision you can make. I choose Philly Beer week on Friday instead of work AND running. Another great decision!

  20. Bless it, cancer and moms, I hate it for you, totally blows, no two ways about it. No matter how old we are, they're still our moms. AH, makes me so mad just to think about it - cancer that is.

    I say, got to take in some salt just not a ton, mostly water and maybe gatorade every few stops.

  21. I am wishing your mom a speeding withdrawal off the meds I know how much hell that can be. I will keep her and you in my thoughts.

    You may not be sweating but you look damn fabulous! I have been meaning to mention how HAWT you have been looking in all of your photos!

    On a teacher to teacher note: MARCH SUCKS ASS!

  22. I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

    I can tell you as a runner in the AZ desert, I sweat A LOT and always go with energy drinks.

  23. I have never heard of anyone getting sick from too much sports drink. I don't think its possible. You can get sick with too much water though. When I run in the cold dry weather here, I just drink when I'm thirsty, and I usually drink a sports drink, or alternate with water. Just trust your thirst. Hey is that a slogan or something?

  24. Big hugs to your mom! Your family must be very happy to have you home for awhile.

    I love my Saucony's, good choice.