Friday, March 20, 2009

My Turn...or What I Believe

Since EVERYONE in my family, AND (it seems) EVERYONE in the internets has had some kind of cold or flu bug, and since I HAAAATE feeling left out, I thought I'd join the party and went out and got myself a cold of my own...GAH!

At first, I wasn't sure if I had the cold or the flu, so I scanned the internets for that oh-so-effective self-diagnosis. WebMD told me that it wasn't quite like a cold (no runny nose, sneezing, and such, just a really sore throat, headaches, and general tiredness) nor was it quite like the flu (no fever or dry cough or overall achiness). Then the sneezing and runny nose started this morning, so welcome COLD! Which is good; I can run with a cold (I think), but running with the flu? I don't think that's recommended.

And even though I know about the placebo effect, I've been sucking down this stuff like wine, water, OK, wine, because, dammit, I believe that it'll make the cold go away faster, and I believe if I'd started taking the stuff earlier, I wouldn't be sick at all...and since I believe it, it works for me.

I also believe the running gods are messing with me, or trying to tell me something. Being sick right now completely sucks because I was just starting to get back into the running groove again. I actually ran two days in a row earlier this week (something I haven't been able to do since January). On Monday, I did 3.5 pretty painful miles on the dreadmill. Then on Tuesday, Elsie, Santiago and I were at the SDTC workout and we did a 12/2/12/2/12/die tempo run (12 minutes at threshold, 2 minute recovery, repeat 2 more times, then collapse) and believe it or not, at the end of the run, all body parts felt GREAT! Including the warm-up, we ran 4.2 miles.

BTW. I haven't felt GREAT after a run since I hurt my hip in January, and I definetely haven't felt even OK after a run since the PF thing flared up about a month ago.

And I wasn't even particularly taking it easy during the run. I had a sub-10 minute mile (2nd interval when I ran almost 5 lane 7 mind you...) AND I even passed up speedy Elsie at one point, but that was only because she was running and trying to take off her shirt at the same time, which was completely comical BTW, especially when she almost elbowed some guy in the face...but he was running too close to her anyway...It get's pretty crowded with, oh I don't know a few 100 people running around in circles on the one track. Anyway, the shirt removal completely slowed her down, so I caught up with her.

So, back to the running gods messing with me, first the hip injury, then the PF, then (of course) the mom-thing, oh and now a cold...

Do you think that running gods are trying to tell me to NOT run for a couple hours, back and forth, on the San Diego riverbed with the track club tomorrow morning?

Yeah, like I've listened to those running gods before....

Since it's NikeMom's Foto Friday, and I haven't played along in awhile, AND because I completely laughed at the those of you who labeled yourself a "salt lick" AND because I have this cow thing going, I found this.

And this

And also, something that is COMPLETELY UNRELATED, but because I know that several of you are math or science teachers, I came across this on someone's blog (I'd credit the blog where I found it, so please claim it if its yours, but I can't for the life of me remember where...anyway, I thought it was funny...of course, I'm not a math teacher but I do enjoy sushi... OMFG!)

Finally...thank you all so much for your positive karma and comments about my mom. My dad reads my blog and even though I know he thinks it's kinda odd that I have all these "friends" all over the country that I've never met in person, I do think he's touched by all your kindness. I know I am.


  1. Your first paragraph cracked me up! Love that sushi pic :)

  2. Ok... So when have you ever listened to the running gods!!?

    I want to run in a riverbed!!

    I will be running tomorrow I'm determined!

    I signed up for Nike under your team! I hope we get in!!!

  3. LOL...I hear ya on the cold thing. I think the running gods like to see how tough runners really are by making them sick or throwing wrenches at them (especially when the weather gets nicer). Feel better soon!

  4. It was great to see you out there running today! I'll send you some of the pics once I get them uploaded, before they get sent to the track club site.

    I hope you're feeling better! The running gods, (karma, fairies, gnomes?) have to be on our side at some point!

  5. Your blog is funny! I hope you feel better since you wrote this. Based on the above comment, you went running today. Woo-hoo! :)

  6. There are no running Gods. Just running DEVILS!!!

  7. Ick! This cold sucks. I am sorry you got it. I got the snotty, sneezing version (of course, I am allergic to life so EVERYTHING I get turns into a snotty, sneezy thing)

    I sure hope you got to run in the riverbed, because that is just AWESOME and I hope you are feeling better!

  8. was it your cold or something else that caused you to finish early yesterday? i hope all is well, though. i was curious about what was the fruit of the week for elsie?
    btw, the no-ipod-pope-recommended-lenten-sacrifice is doable. you should try it.