Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Lame...

To: Alice
From: Mona
9:50 am
Subject: One more thing..

I have a meeting at school tonight at 6 and have time for wine this afternoon if you want to get together :)

Text Message
To: Betty and Elsie
From: Alice
4:00 pm

Heel hurts. No track workout tonight. Drinking wine w/Mona instead.

So...I didn't run today. I did, however, run about 3.5 miles last night on the dreadmill...which probably explains the PF flairup...GAH! (Really...the heel did hurt today and wine seemed a reasonable alternative to running. After all, I needed to REST MY HEEL/ACHILLES/TENDON/CALF/WHATEVER for Pete's sake...). Plus, it was good to see Edith, who I barely see any more, who joined Mona and me for Wine...then Betty...who met us later.

We have a new game: What was the sound-track to your last third date?

Mona says hers was "Roxy Music." Oh and BTW. She married the guy

My last third date was soooooo long ago, I can't even remember.

I have no elegant transition here, so I'll just say something inelegant like...Back to running news... Yesterday, after the dreadmill run, I noticed some extreme wear on my almost brand new New Balance Boat Shoes 1224's that I've owned for only about a month...this can't be right, can it?

This is the heel of my shoes. Doesn't it look like the outside of both heels is completely collapsing?

Just for comparison. Here's what the heels look like on a new pair (from the NB website)


Also, here are the bottoms of my shoes (cuz I know ya'all really want to check out the bottom of my shoes, so I'll oblige)

I don't know if you can see it or not, but the tread on the outside heel is completely wearing down...

I really noticed over the weekend at Sue Kren, and then again on the dreadmill on Monday, that it felt like I was running on the outsides of my feet (OK...duh, of course I always run on the outside of my feet. I mean who runs on the inside. I mean the outer edge...and you knew that). Anyway, I bought the shoes on January 29. I barely ran in February, and since I never posted my February running totals, it seem relevant to do so now.

Garmin - 23.62
Dread - 14.7
Total = 38.32

In other words....I ran less than 30 miles in February, and I'm pretty sure that new running shoes shouldn't break down like this in less than 30 miles.

Is it just me who thinks that?

Back to RoadRunner Sports, and thank goodness for that 60 day guarantee. GAH!

Any shoe recommends for an overpronator with PF issues?

So, since I have no track-club running stories to share, I'll go ahead and update the SueKren results. Turns out my finish time was 1:47:13 (11:12) and not 1:50-ish, so I'm happy with that AND I've got some race photos to share as well.

Serious Santiago, who hasn't learned yet that it's appropriate to mug shamelessly for any camera.

Betty, who I think was too far away from the camera-guy to wave shamelessly. But she was thinking about it...or she was thinking about whether I would split an omlette and pancakes with her at breakfast.

Mik, giving the subtle thumbs-up.

Elsie does look REALLY HAPPY doesn't she :-)

I love how everyone else looks as if they're running with some semblance of decorum, and me? I'm the complete dork who's waving frantically at the camera...((rolls eyes at self))...

Anyway. I'll be off to Vegas this weekend to see mom and hopefully run some.


  1. Bwah! Love those race photos!

    And, wine sounds much better than running in the afternoon anyhow.

  2. Yas had the same issue with her 1224s I believe. (in her *New Year's Resolutions* blog.)

    I like the pics!

  3. great pics! Good luck with the shoes! :D

  4. Wow. I thought NB's were supposed to be super duper durable! I hope you find another pair of shoes that work and last...

    I didn't go to track club, either, but your alternate plans were way better than mine.

  5. nice photos of happy runners!

  6. Sure looks like something funky going on with your shoes?

    It'll be interesting to see what RRS says?

  7. I think NB needs to either refund your $$$ or let you try another pair. And I don't have the willpower to turn down an wine invite for a run either, don't feel bad about that one.

  8. Wow! I can see the wear on the outside of the heal of your shoes... Are you sure those are the correct shoes for you!?!

  9. If I were you, I would seriously consider putting some inserts in your shoes. Superfeet is excellent. That will help with the PF. As far as the wearing on the bottom, be sure you aren't buying the shoes at a place that doesn't get the top of the brand. Some stores say it's the same shoe but really it's a cheaper version of a model. Am I making any sense? LOL

  10. That's not lame! When is drinking vino lame? (at least every once and awhile, ya know? LOL) Awwwhhhh girl you know I'd be all about it. Sometimes you just gotta ditch the workout.

  11. Oi hope mom is feeling better and I hope youi have a good time!!

    As for the mugging for the camera-i wouldn't expect anything else!!

    Take those shoes back! I run in asics gel nimbus but I have orthotics. I love asics!!! Love them!!!

    Hope you geta run in while in vegas!!


  12. Totally DESERVE wine over run, I say! What's up with the damn shoes, not even right? RRS is pretty good to work with, thankfully!

  13. You always have sooo much fun! Great pic's! Yikes, those shoes are pretty punky...