Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Springing into...

While lots of you were out running the La Jolla Half Marathon or Boston, the Walter and Alice family took a different route for spring break. We went skiing.

So, without further ado...here's a recap of the weekend...in photos!
Mandatory boredom photo on the long drive to Mammoth. 
Before the first run...see that swath of forehead that is uncovered...it would get scorched that day because although I will yell at my kids endlessly to PUT ON SOME SUNSCREEN. DON'T MISS A SPOT! I must have neglected to cover my forehead. OUCH! 
The video should give you an idea of the conditions by the end of the day...can you say slow and slushy?

Several runs, no falls, and lots of sun later...end of day 1 necessity. 

Day 2 - note the covered forehead and use of goggles over sunglasses (and no, I typically don't wear a helmet. I know. Stupid. Call if force of habit. I started skiing before there were helmets and such. Until recently it never occurred to me to wear them. Of course I do REQUIRE that my children wear them, but they snowboard, which is, in my opinion, a much  more dangerous thing to do) 

On day 2 we decided to go to the "TOP OF THE SIERRA!" I've been to Mammoth several times and have ridden the gondola to the top to see the view, but hadn't skied down. Walter had skied down earlier in the day, and I certainly wasn't going to let him be the ONLY one who did it!
At this point I'm pretty sure I was thinking "What was I thinking?" but as we know, I am unlikely to EVER publicly admit defeat...
Spectacular views! 
At the bottom of Cornice Bowl...I skied down THAT! TWICE!
The next day, Turbo and I drove home (Walter and DramaGirl left the previous day to get back to work/school, but Turbo and I are still on SPRING BREAK! so we took an extra day to drive back and go to Magic Mountain!) While we were driving, Turbo took this photo...
In Lone Pine, I parked next to a car that was THE PERFECT COLOR! 
It took us five hours to get to Magic Mountain. Once there, Turbo won a superman cape. They were all the rage at the park on Monday. EVERYONE was wearing them. Tre' chic, no?
In line for The Batman Ride (I love me a good roller coaster)., but geez we look tired...also see the red forehead? Pretty, huh?
We ate dinner behind a moose's ass in one of the restaurants. There was a cowbell under the animatronic moose's tail.  Not really sure what THAT was about. Magic Mountain is a really odd place.
Another in the annals of a whirlwind weekend. I love skiing and I was really happy to get one more chance to ski this year before the ski stuff goes back into storage. Time to focus on what's ahead...and what's ahead includes two half marathons...the San Diego Rock and Roll half in June and the Napa Valley half in July (we are still hoping to score a bib for Betty who is planning on being there anyway and would like to run...if you know of or hear of anyone who has an extra, please email me!)

Congrats to Chris and Irene and all my SDTC friends who ran and conquered the hills of the La Jolla 1/2 this weekend and to Petra and Meg and everyone else who I'm sure conquered Boston. I'm going to go trolling your blogs to find out how you all did!


  1. Sounds like a great Spring Break!

  2. Too funny! My son was up there too. He drove up from his girlfriend's house in Carmel Valley. He said it was absolutely fabulous (I'm writing this while snacking on some Schat's bread). I love Mammoth!

  3. Thanks Alice. I was bummed not to meet Irene and Hubs. I did tell her to tell you that you should run Encinitas 5k for only $25.

    I love Mammoth. Great, great, mountain and totally cool little town.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun but I have to be honest...the sight of snow makes me shudder (probably because we are getting more tonight!)

  5. There is at least another month of skiing up here. At least. I'm just saying.

  6. Scuttlebutt and Turbo have the same cape!!!!

    I don't ski, but I like the end of the day drink!

  7. Nothing personal, but I'm not feeling all that excited over your trip.....pretty much because I'm way over tired of snow! This has been the loonnnggggeesssttttt winter from hell.....

    Glad you all had fun though!

  8. Looks like a fun break from the ordinary! Skiing down mountains and roller coasters makes in one weekend sounds quite daring...

    Thanks for the props!

  9. great pics, thanks for sharing!

  10. Skiing!1! GAHHH!1! I HATE it.

    Not the activity ... the word. Two i's in a row? GAH!1! Iit just seems so wrong!

    Ii've never been skiii-ing. Probably never wiill because of my prejudiice agaiinst the word.

  11. Oh thank you! I did not even see your shoutout until now. Really appreciate it! What a great skiing trip, sorry about the sunburn though - ouch!