Thursday, April 28, 2011

What the heck?

Oh hell...

WTF is up with Blogger auto-posting?

For those who were counting and wondering how this morning's post somehow, mathamatically counted as "Three Things" and also pondered the relationship between my injured hand and the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon entry, please know that stoooopid blogger ATE about 1/2 my last post. It was a post I wrote on Wednesday night and I had in on "Autopost" to be magically uploaded at 6am on Thursday...but somehow it only uploaded only about 2/3 of the post (which made the 3/3 thing Thursday sorta incomplete)

Anyway, here is part of what you missed, and an update...

Item 1 - Made but somehow, completely lost to the internets... 
TA DA - Pretty, new, colorful, lightweight, tester shoes. 
Clockwise from top: Irene, Walter, Michael (Irene's husband) and I model our new and (Michaels) old shoes. Walter, Irene and I are testing new shoes for Runner's World.  
I've run in my new New Balance REVlites twice now. I think I like them. They have far less cushioning and support than my Saucony Hurricanes, but they are WAAAAAAYYYYY lighter. I thought I'd have HUGE problems with my knees or my feet, but so far NADA...

I'm nervous to take the out for a long run though...Advice?

Item 2 - Partially made and partially lost to the Internets.
My yukky palm...
Cuz you wanted to see THIS again!
Oh yeah...the pretty picture of my hand. That's from when I fell last Saturday trying to run over a bump in the road in Ocean Beach. It hurts like a MUTHA.

Item 3 - Made in total, and not lost to the Internets, but seemingly out of context due to items 1 and 2 being missing, so I will make an update!
Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon - October - San Francisco

I was on that announcement like white on rice...I've already made reservations to stay in the city near (but not on) Union Square.

I's like they KNOW we are coming! All hotels in the Union Square area have a three night minimum AND are semi-not-inexpensive. The hotel where we stayed last summer for the SF 1/2 marathon for $140 a night was up to $300 a night. One hotel I looked at wanted FULL PAYMENT FOR ALL THREE NIGHTS up front, non-refundable...

Uh yeah. We are not staying in either of THOSE places.

Anyway, I booked two rooms for for the herd for three nights, so I'm a happy camper/meeting planner. OK stalkers...this is where we will be staying, because as the herd knows I am a hotel snob/diva and will NOT stay at anything less than a 4-star, but I will NOT pay five gagillion dollars a night for my diva-dom.

So that's sorta/kinda what you missed and I know, I know...two mid-week posts is an ENORMOUS drain on your time, s you should go back to your regularly scheduled programming.



  1. I'm no math wiz, but I counted and thought, perhaps, it was me. I thought I might have missed something. LOL.

    Nice hotel choice. E-mail me. My sister wants to go, not to run but to have fun, and maybe we can bribe her to have stuff for us (or something) mid way or at the end of the race. ;)

  2. I need to introduce you to my wife. "Roughing" it is when she moves down from 4stars.

  3. I've stayed at that Marriott several times and always enjoyed it. Very convenient location too.

  4. I thought I couldn't count...
    The Hilton I stayed at for my half...I had to pay upfront to get that rate. That's why I didn't cancel after G passed. They already had the money.