Thursday, July 7, 2011

First of all...

WTF is going on with Blogger. I know it's been over a week since I last wrote, but all of a sudden it looks completely different in compose mode and nothing is where it's supposed to be.

Again, I say WTF is going on here?

Which is not really what I intended to write about. What I did intend to discuss is how I was NOT going to do a "so what did Alice do for the last 10 days" kind of post. I'm sorta sick of those.

Instead, I'll bitch about the weather because THAT would be SO VERY NEW.

In a nutshell, it's been HOT, damn HOT and HUMID, really STICKY, ICKY, HUMID.

These are NOT things that a SoCal girl is used to.
Temperature on Tuesday afternoon
Despite the STICKY, ICKY, HUMID, HOT weather, I've been quite active this week. I've run twice already AND rode 18.5 miles yesterday.

On Tuesday, it was about 4 miles in the heat and humidity after I dropped off DramaGirl at a Surf Camp at Mission Beach. It was a pretty slow run, but not too bad for running in the heat.
Tuesday morning at the bay - I'm glowing at 8am, can you tell?
The problem with running on the bay side in the morning? No shade. Not one iota. Not at 8am.

On Wednesday morning, Betty and I rode around the bay (again after dropping DramaGirl off at camp).

OK...this is sorta turning into a "what I did this week sorta post" but at least it has a focus and a theme!
It's really a rather incomplete map...we actually rode around the entire bay (about another 6 miles) but I stopped my Garmin after we got off Fiesta Island and forgot to start it again.

Sometimes when you're on a bike you notice things that you don't notice when you are running.
I have run at the bay countless times this summer, and had never before noticed the pirate watching. I need to look up more often!
After our ride, Betty and I hung out at the beach for the rest of the day.

Lunch at Saskas
This morning, you'll never guess what I did...go ahead...guess...
Yep...went running again. This time, down the beach side walk at Mission Beach, then back on the beach. I got to see DramaGirl, but she wasn't surfing when I ran by. yellow
I was playing with Hipstamatic on the iPhone this morning, so all the pix look like this.
After my, even slower than Tuesday run (blaming the run on the sand, which is always enjoyable but is often slower, I hung out at the beach and watched the tourists. Actually, it was rather windy at the beach, so by about 11am, I left to head east.

By the time I got home about 11:30, the temperature gauge in my car read 97ยบ. I probably should have stayed at the beach.

I've got some blog reading to do tonight. I hope everyone is staying cool and is enjoying their summer as much as I have been!


  1. Oh I miss Mission Bay! But I agree...bay side is NOT good once the sun is up. Much more shade on the beach side.

    I use Windows Live Writer to compose my blog posts. I like it and it seems to offer more editing options than Blogger.

    And, has been HOT. And hazy, which always means muggy. I guess it is a good week not to be running.

  2. I've only run on beach sand a few times, back when I wasn't even trying to become a runner. I would love to try it again. We're planning to go somewhere warm in January, when this work contract is up. Running on the beach will be a must.

    You sent DramaGirl to a surfing camp? Aren't SoCal kids born knowing how to surf. Come to think of it, I'd like to go to a surf camp.

  3. Didn't you complain last year that it was too cold during summer? I think Mother Nature is going through menopause, that would explain the weather fluctuations, right?

  4. I never understood why people who live near the oceans are never in 'em?? With that kind of heat and humidity, I'd never be out of the water!!
    If it ain't snowing, there's no need to be outside! IMO....
    Congrats on all the running you're doing in that heat-it's going to be quite some time before I do any running-probably when the snow flies again!!

    haha! word verification is "anise"....first I love that candy and second it makes me laugh saying it!

  5. It's been humid here too... I can't deal with humidity! But nice work getting in some runs and biking, despite the yucky weather.

    Google is revamping everything. Soon it won't even be called Blogger, it will be Google Blogs or something like that!

  6. I got up at 5:00 a.m. yesterday to beat the heat and still couldn't beat it. Tomorrow is going to be worse and I've got a long one tomorrow. C'mon, we pay a huge "sunshine tax" to live in S.D. I get that, but it's just not fair to pay our cost of living & have humid weather. I'd appreciate if you could do something about that aka Alice. Thank you.

  7. I'm actually loving Summer this year, especially since we had next to no Summer last year.

    That's a great photo of you and Betty in your hats. :)

    Fire Run after AFC! Let's do it and make plans for afterward.

  8. This is character-building weather. And, in true form, you remain quite a character :-)